How Marketing Ignite Co. Ltd Got Started?

johan-imageMy name is Johan Hedin and I have been a passionate internet marketing entrepreneur since 1999 with a big dedication in helping our clients succeed online. Back in 1998, I stumbled across an internet marketing course at Hawaii Pacific University (where I also completed my BBA and MBA in Marketing). I immediately gained a passion for the subject and saw the imminent need and potential growth opportunity for companies to reach a global market quickly and efficiently, using online marketing channels. While still in school I started making websites from my living room and doing SEO for the big players who at that time were Altavista, Webcrawler, Excite, Ask Jeeves etc.

Having gained lots of experience from working with major online players like ValueClick/Commission Junction in Santa Barbara, California, and having managed online marketing programs for companies such as Ebay, I decided to go full time with my business. Since then nothing has been the same again.

This was the start of my internet marketing company, which I later decided to expand to Bangkok, Thailand (2004). With clients in United States, Europe and South East Asia, Marketing Ignite has been able to give solid online marketing advice and support to its clients.

Our Approach to Online Marketing Projects

Our main priority has always been to provide high-quality and long-term, trustworthy relationships with our clients. We treat our clients’ businesses as our own because we firmly believe that success can only be achieved in a long-term mutually sustainable relationship. We actually turn down quite a few clients, when we see limited success can be achieved. Marketing Ignite understands the client’s needs of providing quick, reliable and successful results, which is an essential part to any of our web projects. Therefore, our approach is to focus more on providing solid and transparent services for a few select companies, compared to a mass marketing approach, where quality is usually compromised for the sake of mass volume with less desirable results.

We focus more on selling the results, compared to cheap solutions that usually never generate long-term success. Over the years, the internet marketing industry has seen a tremendous growth, which also leads to more competition in every niche. Thus, in order to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important to launch big and aggressive online marketing campaigns.

Everything that we do at Marketing Ignite is custom-tailored, and we do not use automated software to cut any corners. While we have used many software programs in the past, the manual process takes a longer time, but the results are much better. Currently, all of our clients have top rankings in Google.com for competitive keywords (samples can be provided upon request).

Some of our clients