Maximize Your Marketing Potential in China with Baidu PPC Services

Baidu is a must-have marketing tool for businesses operating in China. It has over 90% in market share. Unfortunately, unless your business is local to China, there are some linguistic and cultural barriers to participating in this marketing medium. To overcome these requires a significant time investment during registration, research, and development. That’s not to mention navigating special laws and regulations!

Despite the challenges, most companies find the extra work it takes to advertise on Baidu is well worth the return on investment. In fact, many companies looking to capitalize on Baidu Ads turn to Baidu Ads agencies to set-up and manage their campaigns for them. This lets professionals like you get back your core business items, leaving navigating the tricky Baidu platform to the experts (like us!).

Marketing Ignite is a Baidu advertising agency with over 10 years of experience managing Baidu Ads services. We’ve helped dozens of international clients successfully advertise on Baidu, generating leads, conversions, and revenue. If you’re interested in marketing on Baidu, give us a call. We have experts at the ready to conduct a free consultation to discuss how you can become a Baidu Ads company and how we can help.

Want to learn more about how Marketing Ignite acts as a Baidu PPC agency to make your marketing campaign a success? Check out below, or open a live chat with one of our experts.

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Would my business benefit from Baidu PPC Ads management?

If you have untapped marketing potential specific to the Chinese market, you stand to benefit from Baidu Ads management. Marketing Ignite includes native Chinese speakers throughout the ad development process to select the most accurate keywords and create the most effective ads for Baidu’s unique audience. In doing so, we help companies like yours generate more site traffic. In turn, this boosts brand awareness, customer engagement, and perhaps most importantly, your leads and conversions.

Why would I choose Baidu as an advertising platform?

Aside from Baidu being the biggest search engine in China, the platform has several other selling points that make it appealing to advertisers.

First, it’s small-to-medium business budget friendly. The PPC model means that you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad. Impressions are essentially free, which means you get to build brand awareness without paying for it. In addition, Baidu allows advertisers to set a daily and/or weekly spending limit. This is a game-changer for helping companies with limited budgets manage them effectively.

We also love advertising with Baidu because it offers sophisticated targeting capability. This allows companies to select specific keywords, narrow audiences, and even choose a detailed time and location for their ad to appear. Of course, it takes a significant amount of market research to fully take advantage of this feature- but don’t stress, we can take care of that for you!

If you have questions about setting an appropriate Baidu ad spend budget, developing a targeted Baidu advertisement, or just becoming a Baidu Ads company generally, why not set up a free consultation? Click here to chat with Baidu experts and discuss how to develop a strong PPC campaign.

How does Marketing Ignite manage Baidu Ads services?

We want your Baidu Ads experience to be as easy as possible, so we offer a comprehensive approach to Baidu Ads management. Marketing Ignite is happy to take care of everything from registration to data analysis to help you save time and money.

  • Application

    Baidu is notorious for having a rigorous sign-up process because it requires a lot of paperwork to qualify for an advertising account. As a Baidu advertising agency, we know how to make your experience a breeze by jumping through all the registration hurdles for you. The best part? You’ll retain full ownership of your Baidu business registration, so you don’t have to worry about any legal complexities.

  • Research

    Marketing Ignite always uses an evidence-based approach to advertising and our Baidu Ads services are no exception. We do our due diligence to identify the strongest, most effective keywords relevant to your campaign. Of course, we do this directly in Chinese thanks to our resident native Chinese speakers. We do not translate back and forth between English and Chinese like other companies. As such, our advertisements use more accurate (and efficient!) keywords.

  • Creation

    Next, we will develop your company’s custom PPC campaign strategy. We’ll tailor each component to your unique needs and goals. Then, we get started on content creation. We have graphic designers and copywriters on-staff who work with our Baidu marketing experts to develop targeted, effective advertisements. We’ll also dive into your website to ensure it’s optimized for when your new customers visit it.

  • Analysis and Re-Iteration

    As a Baidu PPC agency, we like to keep a close eye on our marketing campaigns to ensure they’re performing as anticipated. Keywords are in constant motion, so diligence is necessary. With a wealth of cutting-edge software tools at our disposal, we monitor each element of your campaign to identify what’s working and what could use some improvement. Then, we’ll make the necessary adjustments to boost the effectiveness of your campaign.

    Of course, we’ll be in contact through every stage of the process to inform you of our progress and any notable developments.

Can Marketing Ignite operate successfully in the Chinese market?

Unlike many digital marketing companies, we have native Chinese speaking Baidu experts on-staff. This truly makes a world of difference when trying to communicate cross-culturally. Our professionals have an intimate understanding of what determines success in the Chinese market, how to develop a culturally relevant ad, and how to understand Chinese search behavior. This localized perspective makes for a campaign that is effective in reaching out to the Chinese demographic.

Unfortunately, many Baidu Ads agencies simply develop marketing materials in English and then translate them for the Chinese market. This often results in a grammatically incorrect and/or culturally misinformed content. In other words, in the best case scenario, you’re not getting a cost-effective campaign, and in a worst-case scenario, you’re actively harming your company’s reputation in the Chinese market. Don’t risk your reputation and don’t waste your money. Choose native Chinese speaking Baidu experts to develop and manage your Baidu Ads services.

Why should I choose Marketing Ignite as my Baidu Ads agency?

Baidu uses several variables to determine the PPC cost of advertising with them. Industry competitiveness, bidding prices, quality of the ad, and quality of your landing page all come into play. While you can’t influence the state of the industry, nor bidding prices, you have control over the quality of your advertising campaign. That’s where involving Marketing Ignite will add significant value- our experts will increase the quality of your Baidu ad campaign, thereby improving its lead generation and conversion rate. But that’s not all that we bring to the table…

  • We have a local advantage

    Not only are our marketing professionals Baidu experts, but they’re also native Chinese speakers. This makes for linguistically correct and culturally relevant content. A campaign that relies on English-to-Chinese translation is not setting you up for success. Choose us for localized, effective Baidu Ads services.

  • We have over 20 years of experience

    Marketing Ignite began its marketing legacy in 1998, two years before the introduction of Baidu. We’ve been around since Baidu’s inception and been working with the platform ever since, so we have a deep understanding of what makes for an effective Baidu campaign. We’re proud to be a long-standing Baidu Ads agency, and we hope to help you benefit from our expertise.

  • We care about your experience

    We strive to do our very best for each and every client. If you ever have a question or concern, we’d be glad to resolve it for you as quickly as possible. You can reach us Monday through Saturday via phone, email, or live chat. Our experts are at the ready.

    If you’re ready for a free, no obligation consultation, we invite you to reach out! We’re available here.

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