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Apr 16 , 2020

UPDATED: 2020 Digital Marketing Trends in Thailand

Comment Posted By: Johan Hedin Category: SEO

Projections for 2020 digital marketing trends in Thailand made in the last few months of 2019 seemed interesting and optimistic: there’s going to be an increase in video consumption, more people using voice search, and a jump in social media shopping.But in late February, the coronavirus outbreak burst into the scene and disrupted the economy on a global scale.Every digital marketer in Thailand right now probably has a common question in mind:How is the virus outbreak shaping digital marketing, and how long will this last?In this blog post, I’ll be discussing key digital marketing trends in Thailand in 2020 that are shaping and will shape how we do business. Here […]

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Apr 15 , 2020

Dynamic Keyword Insertion: The Pros and Cons

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You’re searching for something oddly specific on Google – let’s say, where to find the best tasting pistachio-flavored ice cream in your area. You highly doubt your search will lead you to the exact object of your desire, but it can and it will. Somehow, you discovered an ice cream store nearby that sells your next favorite pistachio ice cream, all because of an ad that seemed strangely targeted just for you, just at the right time. How did that happen? Dynamic Keyword Insertion. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so strange at all! So what is DKI and what makes it so special? It’s actually very interesting – DKI allows advertisers […]

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May 24 , 2019

How Much Should You Spend On Digital Marketing?

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I’d like to think that by now, most companies know how crucial digital marketing is for growth. And if you’re here reading this, it means that you’re already convinced of the power of digital marketing to boost your business.The growth of digital marketing is fast accelerating, with no signs of slowing down. In the face of the growing opportunities in the web, many marketers are wondering how they can effectively tap into the trend while staying on top of their expenses.Maybe it’s your first time trying to figure out how to create a digital marketing budget. Or maybe you’re wondering if you’re spending enough on digital marketing. Whatever the case […]

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Imagine sitting in your office on a fine Monday morning, sipping your coffee and feeling great about yourself. It’s just 10 o’clock in the morning, but already you’ve got 3 phone calls from qualified leads. All this from your Google Ads campaign! And you didn’t even have to break a sweat. Six months ago, you decided to hire a Google AdWords agency. Now, you’re getting a steady stream of inquiries and getting more clients on board while you still have time to exercise and live like a decent human being. Sounds like a dream? It doesn’t have to be! I’m Johan Hedin, the CEO of Marketing Ignite. I’m an entrepreneur […]

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Have you ever heard of Quench? It’s a Philadelphia-based company that produces eco-friendly bottleless water coolers. Pretty cool right?But their product is not the only interesting thing about them. In 2009, they decided to try Google AdWords (now Google Ads) and within two years, they experienced phenomenal success:Revenue growth of 100%Grew from 15 local markets to 35 of the top US marketsIncrease of 75% in employee baseMajority of Quench’s sales are now generated onlineThat’s the kind of result that you can get for your own business if you use Google Ads correctly.When used properly, Google Ads can give you more leads and sales than you’ve ever seen. But the key […]

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