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Blogging for SEO

In our previous article we wrote about on page SEO content and about the importance of social engagement and interactivity for Google rankings. We also wrote about blogging and getting comments on blogs from readers as one of the best ways for getting fresh original content and for making our site interactive and socially engaging. Although we use Drupal, if you just going to start blogging, we think you should use Wordpress on your domain as your blog platform. (Example: https://www.marketingignite.com/blog/).

Interesting blog post once a week will attract search engines and visitors to your blog. And now I can hear many of you telling me that you don’t like writing, can’t write, hate writing; don’t know what to write about etc.

There are some solutions to all those writing problems:

1. You can pay someone to write for you.

2.  You don’t have to write, you can just speak.

The first solution is well known. There are a lot of people who will write for you if you pay them. There are quite a few good sites where you can find freelancers who will write articles for you. There are also membership sites like needanarticle.com where writers will write for you.

The problem with this solution is that sometimes the quality of the articles written by freelancers can be quite low and it can be costly to get well written articles. I personally think that if you don’t like writing you should go for the second solution. You can simply read something on the subjects you want to blog about (preferably from a few different sources) and then say it in your own words, recording yourself with Sound Recorder which is free Windows recording software.  Then you can transcribe what you recorded or pay someone to do it for you.

There’s also software called “Dragon Naturally Speaking” that will write for you when you dictate. It’s not free, but it’s worth the price, because it will save you a lot of time. You will need first to speak to it, so it will learn your voice, but after that you can just dictate and it will write for you.

We all like to talk and I’m certain that you can talk about your business, your interests, hobbies, products or services. In this way, just talking you can create content for your blogs. If you can create content for your blog once a week, 300-500 words (the more the better) that will help to improve your Google rankings and it will attract visitors to your website.

Blog Commenting for SEO

Now you must encourage people to post comments on your blog, which will bring you more fresh content and which will show Google that your site is engaging and that people like to interact with your website. How to make people to comment on your blog? I’ll write about it in my next article. Stay tuned for more…

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