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Can People Build Too Many Links?

Posted By: Johan Hedin About the author

There are those that insist that too much of a good thing is bad for you, and everything must be done in moderation. With that in mind, can people build too many links? According to Google and its Webmaster Guidelines, as long as you follow the rules properly, you shouldn't worry about building too many links at all. No, you will not be banned from building too many links, especially if you're doing so while following the rules. Google has noted time and time again that websites can never have too many links, so people shouldn't worry about "abusing the system" or being penalized for building too many links, especially if most of these are produced organically and through word of mouth.

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Organic Links are the Key to Linkage Success

By organic links, Google means those that have been build naturally and virally. It's pointless to buy links or to astroturf (i.e., artificially build a movement) in order to get as many links as you can. Imagine the most visited sites of the web at present: Twitter and Facebook. These are sites that people visit all day without them paying people to do so or advertising themselves in all corners of the worldwide web. More to the point, people spend their time on these sites because they're filled with interesting and "cool" content (or at the very least they like the material being posted there). There's absolutely no reason for you to fret as long as you build your links on the basis of merit and relevancy, not deception.

These links are given on the basis of merit; in other words, these are editorially based links. People link and visit these pages because they like to visit them. Facebook certainly didn't email random people with spam propositioning a trade off between links (like amateur websites used to do back in the Web 1.0 days). Neither did Twitter suggest purchasing links from so-called link providers in order to pass Google SERP rankings through them. These social media giants instead concentrated on their content first, and the links and increased SERP rankings followed. By creating interesting content on a media platform like the Internet, you'll be getting all those links back to your site free of charge.

The Viral Power of the Information Superhighway

A webmaster's top priority is to make a highly relevant website full of original, unique content that interests its target audience; that's the best way to get as many links as you can possibly can. If your audience or customers themselves are spreading the news concerning your site, telling their friends and families what a wonderful site you have, then you don't have to force the issue on them when it comes to visiting your site anymore. They themselves will do your marketing for you. This is the true power and advantage of the Internet over traditional means of marketing; viral marketing is marketing boosted by the enthusiasm of your own consumer base.

Natural linking propagated by the users themselves is the best kind of advertisement and link building you can have for your site. Regardless of what kind of site you have or your objective for making it, you should aim to make the links come naturally through the virtue of your content quality. That way, you can go about building links to your heart's content without worrying about appearing like some sort of spammer redirecting users to your website to gather traffic unnaturally. Gaining popularity and high SERP rankings still all boils down to your content's quality; the links are nothing more than gateways to that content.

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