Restructuring the SEO Strategy Drastically Increased the Amount of Conversions By 1,076.12% and Conversion Rate From 0.25% to 2.93%


This client is in the language translation and localization industry. The total amount of real inquiries were really low and the conversion rate was very poor. However, initially when we started, the client received around 1,000 visitors/per month on average from organic traffic but their conversion rate was only 0.25% (see screenshot below).

This obviously sent us clear signals that we needed to change their SEO strategy and targeting methods. For example, before we started, their content was too generic with a clear lack of focus and it clearly did not appeal to their target market. They did rank for certain generic keywords, but they were too generic to convert. In addition, certain generic keywords were not intended for their target market but more for users looking for online and machine translation. Google preferred other categories of websites on the search result pages (SERPs) for those queries they tried to rank for. It was no wonder why they had such poor conversion rate. They lacked many on-site issues on all their landing pages, which had to completely be re-done.

We restructured their entire SEO strategy in regards to target and personas of their audience. First the content and in-depth keyword approach was rewamped by using long tail keywords trying to bring in many targeted and long tail keywords in the top of Google’s SERP. In addition more focus was placed on ranking “money making keywords” which are keywords more inclined to convert into real clients. We also helped boosting their domain authority further by using high quality back link building. The combination above along with fixing other on-site issues really helped in boosting the conversion rate, the amount of conversions and organic traffic for this client.

End Results:

Compared from the period (October 1, 2015-March 31, 2016) to the previous year in the same period:

  • The organic traffic increased by 38% from 5,226 to 7,212 visitors
  • The conversion rate increased from 0.25% to 2.93%
  • The total amount of conversions increased by 1,076.12% from 13 to 211

After the SEO implementations, the Lead Converion Rate Almost Trippled and Total Amount of Lead Inquires From Organic Search Increased By 34 to 135


This client is in the dental industry. Initially when we started the client had little conversions from organic search in Google. Initially the client only received 34 inquiries and 2,181 organic visitors in the period of Jan 1-Jan 31st 2015 and conversion rate was 1.34%. The client’s website looked old and disorganized, but also had lots of SEO issues in terms of urls, content, canonical issues, keyword approach. We revamped the client’s website completely and restructured the website using better SEO structure and silo, generated more targeted content, better cross linking, wrote laser targeted articles for their target audience, built high quality back links from relevant and high authority websites.

End Results:

Compared from (Jan 1, 2016-Jan 31, 2016) to the previous year in the same period:

  • Organic traffic increased by 54.47% from 2,181 to 3,369 visitors
  • Conversion rate increased from 1.56% to 4.01%
  • The total amount of conversions increased by 297% from 34 to 135

Local Client Boost Organic Traffic From Google by 697.4% and Conversions By 430% From Organic Traffic Within One Year


This client is a local client in the Rehab industry. Before Marketing Ignite took on the project in May 2015, the client received very little traffic from organic search in Google. The client’s lead conversions from Google (organic traffic sources) were very limited. Initially the client only received 309 organic visitors and 10 inquiries/month (May 1st – May 31st, 2015). See screenshot below. Obviously more work needed to get done to boost the amount of organic traffic and conversions.

Marketing Ignite re-structured the SEO strategy, making the client’s site more SEO friendly and worked on a number of SEO elements such as doing an in-depth competitive analysis to formulate a winning attack plan for the client with a main focus on boosting domain authority. The urls were vague and not targeted. The overall SEO silo and structure was redone from scratch. Because this client was a local client, more emphasis was built to target high quality and local back links to become more relevant for Google in the local search results. Targeted articles (on-site and off-site) were written and posted in order to gain more momentum in the organic traffic.

End Results:

Comparing from Mar 1-Mar 31 2016 since start (May 1-May 31st 2015)

  • Organic traffic increased by 697.4% from 309 to 2,464 visitors
  • The total amount of conversions increased by 430% from 10 to 53