If you’re familiar at all with international SEO, then you’ll know that one of the key things you should be doing right now is translating your uploaded YouTube videos into other languages. But hey, international SEO might be a foreign concept to you. Or perhaps you’re not entirely sold on the idea of dedicating hours to creating accurate captions and translating them for the sake of your viewers.We’re here to convince you that the simple (yes, it’s not as complicated as it seems – we promise!) act of adding captions and translating them to other languages can increase your YouTube reach exponentially.What we’ve got lined up for you: Table of […]

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Jun 18 , 2020

How to Find Almost Anyone’s Email Address

Comment Posted By: Johan Hedin Category: Blog

Having access to the right email addresses is essential in the realm of digital marketing – if you can’t contact the people you absolutely must be connected with, then your business may take a serious hit. Boosting sales, increasing web traffic, and making connections – all essential aspects to thrive in the field of marketing – can only be achieved if you have the email addresses you need.This situation may sound familiar to you: you know exactly who you want to contact, and you think that scoring a collaboration with them would be mutually beneficial. You’re so excited, you’ve already got the perfect pitch drafted up… but alas, their contact […]

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