On-site Optimization - Part 3

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Jul 03 , 2012

The Characteristics of a Great Website

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In order to truly go about the proper search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, it first needs to be a great site from the start. As Google itself would emphasize time and again, a great site with interesting content, a wonderful user experience (user-friendliness, if you will), and functional design with few bugs or glitches will always rank well in the search engine results page (SERP) rankings of any given search engine. A Great Website Produces Great SEO To be true, in order to improve the SEO of your site, you should have a webpage that deserves a good ranking in the first place. Forcing SEO on a low-quality […]

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May 29 , 2012

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

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Creating SEO friendly blog posts is a different game altogether. More than your excellent writing abilities it needs a few technical skills to let it rank high in search engines and make it generate heavy traffic towards your blog posts. We have discussed here the basics that are required for creating SEO welcoming blog posts. Take a look and improve your knowledge. The titles of your posts The first thing that you must pay attention to in order to make your mark in the sector of SEO is to create apt titles. Each post of yours must be accompanied with a chic and professional title. It is not required at […]

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Dec 15 , 2011

SEO Fixes and Duplicate Content

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Duplicate content can be a hassle even though it's not necessarily a punishable offense. It's as legal yet ripe for spamming abuse as bold tags, to be honest. Besides which, because Google is all about gathering unique and original results, the search engine has a tendency to group together pages that essentially contain the same material into just one result, which sometimes leads to a low SERP (search engine results page) ranking and a needlessly long and unfriendly URL full of parameters and special characters. Why Duplicate Content is Bad for SEO Dilution of SEO: It's much more effective in SEO terms to have twenty back links leading to one […]

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Nov 17 , 2011

Google’s Duplicate Content Conundrums

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From the get go, let this one fact be clear: Duplicate content isn't a punishable offense in Google search result terms, but the act of spamming duplicate content is. For instance, if some spammer comes along and makes a page that contains plagiarized content from Wikipedia or other similar sources in order to drive up traffic for ecommerce's sake without so much as marking it up or adding valid content, then that's spamming by definition. This attempt at manipulating the system is a disservice to Google and its users. These are the sites that get punished and have their rankings reduced or revoked altogether. To be sure that your rankings […]

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Web content and search engine optimization techniques mostly revolve on how original or unique your content are in light of search engine policies concerning duplicate content. To be more specific, search quality depends on the uniqueness of your site, although duplicate content in and of itself isn't something that's penalized, despite possible belief. Even on Google's Webmaster Guidelines on duplicate content outright acknowledges that most duplicate content has been made without deception in mind, so Google has no intention of penalizing each and every last instance of it. The thing is, because plagiarizers, spammers, and scammers typically use duplicate and redundant content, people have begun associating it as a punishable […]

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