On-site Optimization - Part 4

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Oct 26 , 2011

Tips for Title Tag SEO

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If you're looking for a quick way to improve the SEO of your website, then consider making use of your title tags. The title tag is text featured at the top of your browser window. It labels what the page is about, more often than not (e.g., the main page is labeled as the main page and so forth). Arguably, these tags may be the most important SEO tags you have on hand. The majority of search engines display sixty to seventy characters from your title tag. A tag that is too long will be cut off at around seventy characters on the SERP (search engine results page). Why Title […]

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Because tags used to help in garnering top page ranks, webmasters and spammers soon abused them to the point that search engines have placed less importance in such tags. Truth be told, not every website that adds the "California insurance" tag into their keywords tag can attain a top ten ranking within the results for "California insurance. Nevertheless, tags in general are still invaluable when it comes to SEO. History of Tags and SEO In the early days of the Internet, keyword tags have a great impact on a website's ranking within any given SERP (search engine results page). Nowadays, keyword tags have relatively little to no influence on where […]

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Oct 10 , 2011

The Consequences of Google Panda 2.5

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Google's latest Panda update has already arrived, and it has again changed the landscape of the search engine field for the foreseeable future. The blogosphere at large and several technology news pundits are seeing the update as a way for Google to give a boost on its own properties while burying the rest of its competition in the dust. Will antitrust investigators be knocking on Google's doorstep because of the suspicious way this latest algorithm update is behaving for the search engine giant's own benefit? History Repeats Itself Whether the perceived unfairness of Google Panda is true or not, the media rumblings of this update is quite reminiscent of the […]

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Sep 06 , 2011

Is It Bad for SEO to Cross-Link Websites?

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Will there be any adverse effects on your website's SEO effectiveness and page ranking if you cross-link it to many of your other websites? Cross-linking, in many ways, seems like an artifact of the bygone era of Web 1.0 — wherein moving GIFs and hard-to-load flash intros were the norm, and in order for one of your sites to gain traffic, it was considered a good idea to link it to another, more popular site regardless of whether or not they're even tangentially related to each other.

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Before I tell you how to get people commenting on your blog we need to talk about some other subjects concerning your blog. Spam Comments Let me clarify this first. When I talk about blog comments I mean comments that bring some value to the readers of your blog. I’m not talking about spam comments, because it’s easy to deal with such comments, especially when you have WordPress blog. You can install Akismet plugin which is very good at catching spam, which will be automatically deleted once a month. For other comments that are not considered as spam by Akismet, you can go to moderation queue and you can accept […]

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