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May 11 , 2011

Blogging for Search Engine Optimization

Posted By: Johan Hedin Category: On-site Optimization

Blogging for SEO In our previous article we wrote about on page SEO content and about the importance of social engagement and interactivity for Google rankings. We also wrote about blogging and getting comments on blogs from readers as one of the best ways for getting fresh original content and for making our site interactive and socially engaging. Although we use Drupal, if you just going to start blogging, we think you should use Wordpress on your domain as your blog platform. (Example: https://www.marketingignite.com/blog/). Interesting blog post once a week will attract search engines and visitors to your blog. And now I can hear many of you telling me that you […]

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Content Is the King You have probably heard it many times: “content is the king”, but actually in the world of SEO that is probably the number one statement that is always true. The SEO gurus can argue about a lot of things, and they can have different opinions about almost any aspect of SEO, but everybody agrees on the importance of the content. So, in this article I would like to give you a few tips related to content that could improve your website’s rankings and generate more traffic to your site. Social Engagement and Interactivity We already know that quality and relevancy of the content is one of […]

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In this post, I will show you how to best optimize your website using on-site optimization strategies. To become more relevant in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, you have to work on the on-site optimization techniques, which means the elements you optimize on your pages. The off-site optimization factors include the link building techniques you use to gain more quality and quantity link partners from high Google Page Rank and Authority partners, which plays a very important role to gain top placements.

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