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Mar 05 , 2012

Anchor Texts Guide for Best SEO Practices

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Here are the things you need to remember when putting in anchor texts. First off, multiple anchors from the same page don't offer more value. Putting the same link on the same page doesn't at all help in the SEO (search engine optimization) side of things, and users aren't too keen about them either. There's no additional value in being redundant with the same anchor texts. As such, anchor text link diversity provides the strongest benefit for your website's overall SEO visibility. Keep in mind that while having anchor text from multiple addresses is helpful, they're not as beneficial if they come from multiple domains. You should get anchor text […]

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Feb 23 , 2012

SEO Training – How to Choose a Good SEO Training

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Search engine optimization (SEO) entails the generation of traffic to a webpage from search engines through organic results. SEO is the most powerful tool you'll ever need for garnering online traffic as well as translating that traffic into new customers and added profit for your company. Statistically speaking, more than a third of web users depend on search engines when browsing for services, products, and content, which explains why it's in the best interest of many a company out there to learn everything they can about optimizing their websites for search engine indexing so that they can immediately target their respective consumer bases. Naturally, your choice of SEO training will […]

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Jan 17 , 2012

Search Plus Your World and Its SEO Consequences

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Just recently, Google launched "Search Plus Your World", a new search initiative designed to make sweeping, board changes in the way Google goes about delivering its search results. In general terms, Search Plus Your World is a more "sociable" way of conducting searches. To be more specific, searches will not only be considering factors such as factoids and data, but also user relationships and personal interests. It takes into account the ever-growing social media trend into search engine form, which once again makes Google Search a one-of-a-kind engine that caters to every aspect of user search. The Newest Frontier in Google Search  Although Google search has always been renowned when […]

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Jan 11 , 2012

Links versus Content Quality in SEO

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Which is more important, links or content? To be true, in order to make your link building worthwhile, you have to also make a site worth linking to, or else you efforts at popularizing your site won’t grow or naturally develop among the denizens of the Internet. Then again, you shouldn't neglect links and all the other things that make your site SEO-friendly either, because no visitor will be able to have a chance to take a look at your all-original and interesting content either. Simply put, link and content building should go hand-in-hand. You shouldn't concentrate exclusively with one or the other if you want to ensure the success […]

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Sep 23 , 2011

Future Expectations for Google’s Web Spam Team

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The question in everyone's minds at this point is "What are the current issues and projects that the Google Web Spam Team will choose to tackle for 2011? All indications point to Google making the decision to go back to basics. What this means is that the search engine giant is now concentrating on improving the services of what made it into a multinational conglomerate known the world over: Providing organic search results with little to no spam and unrelated websites included in its index. What Going Back to Basics Entails Blog comment spam, keyword spamming, and so forth has long been a problem with Google ever since it became […]

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