May 27 , 2009

Getting to Know Them – Make Friends, Make Sales

Posted By: Johan Hedin Category: Social Media Marketing

Business has changed dramatically in the past few years. More people are relying on personal relationships to influence their buying decisions than ever before. Whether this is just a new trend or a result of the internet being so mysterious, it certainly works if you work it. Part of the basic suite of Web 2.0 marketing tools, social media marketing is a necessary part of any business that wants to survive online today. Using social networks to interact with customers and potential customers is a great way to make sales when you might not have thought you would.

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Social media marketing is a great way to diversify your business marketing techniques. With the changing industry and trends of the world, more and more people enjoy being befriended and ‘assured’ into buying something rather than having a hard sell forced on them. People like to feel like they can trust others. It’s just human nature. Therefore, when you reach out to your customers on a social level and create that bond between yourself and your audience, you are increasing your opportunity to recommend your own product or service for their specific needs.

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As the social media sites is entering the market and the search engines tend to boost websites who participate in these sorts of websites, how can your website utilize social bookmarking websites to your advantage?

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