Digital Marketing Consultation – Learn How To Set Up Your Internet Marketing Campaigns Successfully

We have 22 years of consulting experience in internet marketing. We offer High Quality Results, Quick Turn-Over at Very Affordable Rates at International Standards

We Can Show You Step-By-Step How We Do It So You Can Learn Everything By Yourself And Save Money!

Many business owners jump into the internet business industry with little or no internet marketing experience with hope of making big money. To launch, manage and successfully implement a website that attracts lots of website traffic and sales takes lots of experience, knowledge (know-how), and testing.

Wouldn’t you agree that having many years of internet marketing experience would greatly enhance your chances of a successful outcome? Wouldn’t you get up and running quickly, save lots of time, hassles, and make more money in the end than if you have to go through all this by yourself? Still many companies still try to make money with their website by themselves despite the fact they have never launched a successful website before in their lives. As a consequence, more than 99% of them fail, but could have been successful if they would let an internet marketing expert guide them step-by-step.

With more than 22 years of internet marketing experience, we can show you all of our secrets, effective internet marketing strategies and tips, how to avoid costly advertising mistakes, how to set up, implement, and manage successful internet marketing campaigns and more. At the end of the sessions, you or your staff will have all the necessary knowledge on how to set up and successfully run your internet business. Our digital consulting services will get you up and running quickly and you will gain invaluable knowledge about how to gain top placements in the search engines (organic results), make the most out of your pay-per-click marketing campaigns, set up and run a successful affiliate marketing program, boost your website sales performance, set up link campaigns with high quality partners, launch successful partnership programs, write effective website ad copy and more. We will constantly monitor your performance and ensure you are on the right track.

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Digital Marketing Consulting Program

  • Situational analysis and detailed evaluation of your business goals and objectives
  • Save time and money by avoiding all the costly mistakes and frustrations we have done in the past
  • Learn how to get top placements in natural search engines such as Yahoo and Google
  • Learn how to effectively manage PPC search engines
  • Learn how to set up multiple auto responders
  • Learn how to improve website conversion rate to maximize sales
  • Learn effective and crucial web psychology techniques
  • Learn how to set up effective and spam free e-mail marketing campaigns and e-zine advertising
  • Learn how to market your service in forums
  • Learn how to maximize performance using affiliate marketing
  • After the consultation your in house staff will be fully and properly trained to perform your online marketing campaigns
  • Learn how to apply web 2.0 technologies into your marketing campaigns.
  • Follow up to check progress of your online marketing campaigns, advice how to optimize, and improve your current and future campaigns.

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