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Jul 19 2022

2022 Digital Marketing Trends in Thailand

Posted By: Johan Hedin

Thailand has had its share of ups and downs since 2020, when COVID-19 really hit its stride and left the entire world in lockdown.

Now that the lockdowns are lifting, tourism is recovering, and COVID has become a little more manageable due to increased vaccination rates in the Land of Smiles and elsewhere, it's time to take a closer look at the current Thailand digital marketing trends in 2022.

What’s up with Thailand Marketing Trends?

You should pay attention to Thailand trends because it's one of the most desirable markets in Asia and not just Southeast Asia.

  • Trends and New Media: The Internet was a trend that marketers used to great effect, leading to the existence of digital marketing. Marketers did the same with the advent of the printing press via newspaper ads, radio via radio sponsorships, via television and commercials.

  • A Fertile Market to Explore: Thai businesses represent progress, with them speedily turning quite a number of startup companies to full-fledged established big businesses in short notice. You need to pay attention to these trends because it's fertile ground for business growth.

  • Mobile Connectivity: According to studies, more and more people are staying on their phone for more than 9 hours daily. It's become their source of entertainment and social interaction in order to get through COVID-19's social distancing and lockdowns.

  • What Marketing Ignite Brings to the Table: As for our clients, you can depend on us at Marketing Ignite to keep you relevant online, make you stay visible, and find the right content or platforms by keeping an eye at these newest emerging local trends in the digital landscape.

The Internet has become a Thailand person's top source for shopping, socialization, entertainment, and news, it would seem.

So what does the 2020s have in store for Thailand? We've already covered what happened to Thai marketing trends in 2020. Let's now talk about the current 2022 trends of Thailand.

Marketing Technology Stack and Thailand

Another emerging trend in Thailand that was "paused" during the 3-year pandemic scare but remains a viable option in 2022 is Marketing Technology.

  • What is Marketing Technology? Marketers can implement and modify marketing activities by using the Marketing Technology Stack or MarTech, which offers a group of software and technological tools.

  • It can include anything from CRM software to email marketing software as well as content marketing platforms.

  • Is It Just Jargon or a Buzzword? A buzzword is something that sounds nice but doesn't mean anything. Many things, like "corporate synergy", are accused of being buzzwords that don't amount to anything real.

  • You can rest assured that MarTech isn't just jargon or else we wouldn't be adding it into this list. It's an umbrella term for software used to streamline and automate digital marketing. There's also an active MarTech community in Thailand.

  • Marketing Ignite's Experience with MarTech: We've been around the block since 1998 and we've used our fair share of digital marketing technologies and techniques like SEO. We use MarTech extensively in planning, creating, executing, and measuring any marketing campaigns on our hands.

  • What's Involved in MarTech? In other words, MarTech Stack is technology that streamlines, simplifies, and automates campaigns in a way that companies and their digital marketing consultancies could understand. It involves data, analytics, and apps.

It uses different tech to collect data for analysis while giving businesses a multitude of ways to reach and engage their target audience when push comes to shove.

It's a trend you should pay more attention to the same way marketers were taking a closer look at cloud computing and Web 2.0 (the social media version of the Internet) back in the 2010s.

It applies to Thailand businesses, multinationals with Asian branches or Thailand branches, and so forth because we're on the brink of reaching all those markets using MarTech Stack. (Consider attending the MarcTech Summit in Thailand in October 2022 for more details.)

Mobile Internet and Social Media Trends

Hootsuite conducted the 2019 Global Digital Report, and in it they claim that 49 million Thais utilize social media. This is good news for those overly reliant with SEO that are worried by the dip in search engine traffic that should impact their SEO efforts.

Since we're all digital marketers or believe in digital marketing here, this particular trend is good news for everyone across the board. It means several things. To wit:

  • Social Media Boom: This social media boom in Thailand translates to 71 percent mobile user penetration.

  • Currently Crypto: 9.9 percent of Thai online users own cryptocurrency, making them rank second at crypto ownership. The global average? It's at 5.5 percent instead.

  • Mobile Banking: Mobile banking services are accessed so regularly by Thais that 74 percent of their populace have access to it and they're No. 1 at mobile banking service access. Globally, the average usage is 41 percent.

  • Mobile E-Commerce: Thailand has 71 percent of their online users do online purchases through their mobile phone, with the global average being 55 percent. This also makes them rank third in e-commerce via mobile device.

  • (One of the) Most Online People: Local Thailand businesses and multinational businesses that cater to the Thailand demographic definitely have a digital marketing advantage with the Land of Smiles because it has one of the "Most Online" people in the globe.

Also according to the aforementioned report:

  • The average Thai online user spends a total of 9 hours on the Internet every single day.

  • They can even go up to 3 hours on social media daily.

  • They stream music from the likes of Spotify for about 1 hour and 30 minutes daily.

  • They view online videos from the likes of YouTube and Netflix for up to 3 hours daily.

  • The most popular social media channels in the Land of Smiles are Facebook Messenger, LINE, YouTube, and Facebook itself (not necessarily in that order).

Therefore, as a company or as a digital marketer catering to Thai companies, you should renew focus on mobile users and social media advertisements. You need to ride this trend further by becoming more active in your company social media.

How Augmented and Virtual Reality are Thai Trends

The concept of virtual reality has been around since the 20th Century, with it gaining particular steam in the 1990s with movies like The Lawnmower Man (1992) and video game consoles like the Virtual Boy.

However, it seems to be making a comeback in a big way that isn't limited to VR headsets like the Oculus Rift or video games using the tech.

Facebook instituted "Meta" and renamed their company as Meta for good reason. They're anticipating the next boom, and Thailand is already riding that train towards virtual reality. They're anticipating a boom or trend towards the Metaverse.

  • What is Augmented Reality? Has Thailand taken a step towards Augmented Reality or the next evolution of virtual reality? Instead of a fully virtual environment, it involves putting in a user interface graphics on real-life settings a la Terminator.

  • Humble Beginnings in Pokemon Go: There's been some interest in one of the most online users in the world towards AR (as opposed to VR), starting with the rise of Pokemon Go in Southeast Asia (a prime example of the tech in action).

  • The Proposed Use of AR: Through AR, you can get a taste or a preview of a product or service you're scanning by your phone before confirming your purchase of the item through the phone as well. This could lead to a "clickable" or "digitally infused" world.

  • You don't need a large physical inventory to enable your customers to try out or get a feel of your goods and services. Have them in storage and let AR give them the meta information they need prior to purchase.

  • Virtual Reality in Thailand Marketing: Digital marketers are also using virtual reality in their promotions and digital marketing, as seen in this Guided Tour of Thai Islands available in 6K 360 VR. It's wholly possible to experience the world in VR, particularly when it comes to selling goods and services.

  • What about the Metaverse? Thailand has the potential to become a pioneer in the Metaverse as well. They've already gone all-in on crypto and blockchain tech despite setbacks like the crypto crash reminiscent of the Dotcom bubble burst.

  • First Adopters Like The Thai Healthcare Industry: According to the Accenture Thailand consulting firm, several sectors in Thailand are eager to become the first Metaverse adopters.

In particular, Thailand's world-class healthcare industry wishes to use edge computing, A.I., blockchain, and Extended Reality (XR) to become a regional healthcare hub.

Shoppable Social Media Post

Current digital marketing campaigns concentrate on social media, when in the past it was more about web rings, banner ads, and web directories like the original Yahoo.com before it also turned into a search engine.

This is because most people—particularly Thai citizens—spend more time on social media than anywhere else, such as Google search or Wikipedia. The netizens of Thailand in particular are engrossed in e-commerce or online shopping in social media.

  • Social Media Marketing: Even back in the 2010s, Internet marketers were already dipping their toes on social media marketing alongside search engine optimization and email marketing.

  • As far as Thailand marketing trends are concerned though, businesses with ties to the Thailand market should add focus on social media advertising, marketing, and promotions in 2022 and beyond. Now's the time to double-down.

  • Facebook Ads and User Data: More and more people, specifically Thai citizens, who pay attention to these sidebar Facebook ads and click. You can depend on FB to have your ads appear to a specific demographic of Thailand Facebook users to boot.

  • A Better Push Towards a Buying Decision: You're more likely to get a conversion or have a passive visitor become a buyer when going to the shoppable social media post or ads because the FB algorithm already disseminated the demographics for you.

  • These Thai FB users have volunteered their information to be public and searchable, thus making it easier for marketers or their marketing consultancy to only have their ads appear to interested parties.

  • Facebook Users Benefit from Easy Access: Thai Facebook users benefit from this increased attention to them as a market because mere discussion of their interests among friends as well as their activity (the posts they like and the posts they themselves offer) will have the algorithm figure out the best available products they're most likely to buy.

  • No wonder Facebook ad expenditures in Thailand amounted to approximately 6.56 billion Thai baht!

  • How Can You Take Advantage of This Trend? Marketers change up ads or make seasonal campaigns because audiences from the time of print ads to radio to television to the Internet all don't like looking at the same ads for months'-on-end.

  • Therefore, the best way to take advantage of this increase in social media visibility in today's generation of Thai consumers is to make personalized custom ads via Facebook to ensure conversion and a buying decision.

  • Give Facebook Users What They Want: FB users, even the ones from Thailand, should be given FB ads that cater to their specific interests in accordance to the personal data they're freely and publicly revealing by being an FB user.

  • The Power of Targeted Advertising: What's usually the hard part when making a campaign—appealing to your target audience with a (for example) Super Bowl commercial that has a general audience of most American viewers—has now been solved by the nature of social media.

  • As your marketing consultant, we can keep you on top of the trends and help you achieve goals by knowing about specific emerging trends in Thailand and knowing when to target them in 2022.

  • Messaging Apps: Also pay attention to your FB messaging app and how you can use it for advertising but not in a spammy way like you'd normally see in Instagram with random followers and bot accounts.

We at Marketing Ignite will assist you in making actionable ads on the FB and FB messenger platforms to truly get those conversions going or at least add interactivity as another method of building brand loyalty among your consumer base.

Smart Bidding in Thailand

Smart bidding has something to do with Google Ads and bidding for specific keywords. Even in the era of Web 2.0, the number one web page and homepage in the world remains Google. Yes, this applies to Thailand too.

The newest trend when it comes to Google Ads is smart bidding or automating your keyword bids to achieve specific targets or goals such as maximizing conversions, increasing conversions, or getting a targeted return on ad spend.

Smart bidding is beneficial to the average company or marketing consultancy because:

  • It uses machine learning and A.I. to optimize conversions at every auction.

  • You're partnering with the Google algorithm via your Google Ads account to optimize your bids and budget to make your ads more effective in every aspect.

  • It covers all your favorite Google Ads acronyms such as Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Cost Per Conversion (CPC), and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

  • Asian business consultants like Marketing Ignite have mapped out ways to approach smart bidding and even Google Ads auditing.

The Dynamic Nature of Marketing

Marketing, even digital marketing, evolves continuously and dynamically because trends change in accordance to technological advancements and generational preferences.

In the last decade of the 2010s, the Thailand marketing trends have come and gone at breakneck speeds, which can really keep us marketers on our toes when push comes to shove.

  • Seeking New Trends: Whether it's Thailand or elsewhere, you should always seek new trends and techniques to appeal to a given region and demographic because those always change by the season or by the year.

  • You can use it to connect to the Thai audience, market to them better, use their interest in a specific trending topic to have them pay attention to your related product and so forth.

  • Pick the Right Tactics: Digital marketing tactics appear and disappear like bubbles as time passes by. However, some tactics stand the test of time in converting a passive audience to loyal customers. Even when dealing with things like the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Ever-Green Marketing Tactics: Every tactic has its pros and cons. Not all of them are cure-alls when it comes to bolstering your digital marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, the evergreen tactics are best used when taking advantage of emerging trends.

  • It's also important to identify short-lived fads with more long-term recurring trends as a business or business marketer.

  • Playing Keep Up Isn't the Tough Part: Playing keep up isn't always enough. It's crucial that you also pay attention to emerging trends before they emerge instead of just adapting to the change of the times and an already established trend.

Boost Your Marketing with Marketing Ignite

Create your digital blueprint of success with the fiery techniques of industry veteran Marketing Ignite. You can depend on us and our experience when dealing with all things related to digital marketing, from smart bidding to Google Ads audits.

We've established our company specifically to fulfill the digital marketing needs of our international clientele. We know the ins and outs of the Google algorithm and can keep you updated on any new developments or evolutions it has for SEO purposes as well.

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