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Facebook boasts over 2 billion active users, which establishes it as the largest social media site in the world. Not only does Facebook have a large, diverse audience to reach, but their members are also consistently active on the platform, spending hours and hours each week perusing their timelines. The magnitude of this platform makes it a fundamental component for any digital marketing campaign. If you’re not using Facebook Ads yet, we guarantee that you are missing out on a great growth opportunity!

Why should you consult a Facebook Ads Agency?

Facebook Ads services come with several options- so many, in fact, that business owners often get overwhelmed by it all. We’re not exaggerating! There are over 1,300 targeting options, 15 objectives, and 7 ad formats that you can use to reach your goals. It can be a lot to handle for even the experts, but especially difficult for those new to digital marketing.

Before we jump into specific Ad types, let’s break down some of the jargon. Facebook ad objectives refer to the goals of your marketing campaign. Objectives fall into three main categories that mirror a classic sales funnel: building awareness, monitoring consideration, and driving conversion. Each category has specific goals, such as building brand awareness, driving engagement, lead generation, and pushing for product catalog sales.

Conversely, Facebook ad formats refer to the aesthetic appearance of your ad. You can select from video, photo, slideshow, carousel, canvas, lead form ads, and dynamic product ads.

Video and photo ads are pretty straightforward- you’ve got the visual, a call to action, and likely also a link to your website.

Slideshow ads follow the format of any slideshow, but Facebook has also added capability to include music and text overlays to help businesses truly tell a story.

A carousel ad is similar to a slideshow ad, except that each visual is a “card” with a new image and link.

Canvas ads are very effective because they are so immersive. This is a full-screen ad experience that combine photo, video, text, calls to action, and interactive capabilities. Some marketers refer to canvas ads as “microsites” because they are so immersive, yet it all happens right on the Facebook platform.

Lead form ads are pretty simple. When a user interacts with your ad, a pre-developed form will appear with fields of information for them to complete. This is commonly used for generating an email newsletter contact list or to increase lead volume.

Dynamic product ads automatically promote your product/service to users that have previously expressed interest in your website (or some other element of your web presence). This is an autonomous feature, as it will continue to target new interested customers until you say stop!

Clearly, Facebook is an extremely comprehensive advertising platform. It has the capacity to rocket your company to the next level, but only if you know how to use its many features effectively and efficiently.

What are the benefits of using Facebook Ads Services?

Increase your fan base and followers

Facebook Ads not only increase the visibility of your website and brand, but also have the capacity to generate massive amounts of traffic to your website. And that’s half the battle to getting conversions! As you know, once you have the sale, brand loyalty and engagement will follow.

Increase Google exposure

Google’s search results algorithm ranks for social media presence (in addition to a myriad of other factors). Facebook Ads can help you move up the ranking ladder for relatively little investment, considering that it can drive conversions at the same time!

Mobile friendly

More and more consumers are accessing the internet using mobile instead of traditional desktop computers. Facebook knows this and has created one of the best performing platforms on mobile. In fact, Facebook is the most downloaded app globally (including both iOS and Android!). If you want to reach mobile users, which now comprise the majority of consumers, a Facebook Ads campaign will be highly effective!

Establish your business online effectively by using smart campaigns

A company with a strong Facebook presence helps reinforce brand recognition and ultimately sales. Facebook has come a long way with Artificial Intelligence, where you can set-up smart digital marketing campaigns such as lookalike audience, and other custom audiences to reach your precise audience.

Precise targeting criteria

Demographic factors like gender, age, interests (likes), jobs, geographical area, languages, workplaces, connections, relationship status, education, and more, make Facebook an awesome tool for companies who want to appeal to very specific audiences.

Would using Facebook Ads Services make sense for my company?

Facebook Ads Services are friendly to all sizes of business- startups and Fortune 500 status companies alike. The reason for this is that they offer cost-effective CPM (cost per thousand impressions) at about $5-10. If you’re not familiar with the technicalities of digital marketing, allow us to assure you that that’s a pretty good deal.

If you’re hoping to grow your company in a measurable and predictable fashion, Facebook Ads Services are for you. They offer the flexibility to grow quickly or slowly and steadily, depending on your business’s needs (and budget!). As a Facebook ads agency, it is rare that we don’t recommend the use of Facebook Ads to our clients.

I want to use Facebook Ads Services, but I don’t feel

comfortable doing it myself. Where should I go for help?

You came to the right place! Marketing Ignite is one of the best Facebook Ads agencies in Thailand. We’ve been proud to offer digital marketing consultations since 1998, so we jumped on the Facebook Ad bandwagon the second Mark Zuckerberg launched it. That gives us over 10 years of experience managing Facebook Ads services for our clients. But that’s not our only claim to fame…

We Have the Experts

Thanks to our many years in the Facebook Ads game, we understand the intricacies of the platform. This not only helps us develop a budget friendly strategy, but also makes your investment more cost-effective. We can help you reach the right audience at the right time, and in the right place. Trust us, if you want results, you want our expertise!

We’re Dedicated to Your Results

When you succeed, we succeed. We make a point of pursuing excellence in every one of our projects. In collaboration with our clients, we set out our standards for success, and then we work non-stop to exceed these criteria.

We also pride ourselves on our accessibility. If a client ever has a question, comment, or curiosity, we have representatives at the ready to offer support and solutions. Our people are available Monday to Friday through email, phone, or online chat. When you need us, we’re here.

We’re Trustworthy

Like we mentioned previously, we have been an industry leader in digital marketing since 1998. We have completed hundreds of successful web marketing projects, with the vast majority including Facebook Ads! Past clients include Thai Airways, Mercedes, Volvo, and Cisco, as well as many small-to-medium businesses. No matter your budget, we can maximize it to create a sustainable and effective marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of using a Facebook Ads agency?

As a Facebook Ads advertising agency in Bangkok, Thailand, we have experts dedicated to Facebook Ads whose primary purpose is to help our clients grow. To deliver results, we consult with each one of our clients to develop a cutting-edge digital marketing campaign. Agencies, like us, are familiar with strategies like A/B split testing, remarketing audiences, lookalike audiences, and conversion optimization.

If you don’t understand that jargon, no worries- we’re just saying that as a Facebook Ads marketing agency, we have the resources and expertise to employ an evidence-based approach to growth. We will determine what works, what doesn’t, and continue to modify our approach until you get the results you need. This requires time that you probably don’t have- let us save you the headache. We can take care of everything on the digital marketing front while you get back to the core business operations you love.

As we like to say, anyone can create a Facebook Ad, but it takes an expert to make it an impressive and successful ad!

I want experts to develop and manage a custom

Facebook Ads campaign. Where do I begin?

We might be a Facebook Ads Agency based in Bangkok, Thailand, but the internet is universal! We service clients from all over the globe - if you have an internet connection, we can work with you to achieve your marketing goals. Contact us today to receive a FREE consultation and Facebook advertising professional will be in touch ASAP to discuss your project. We can’t wait to see your business growth soar!

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