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Modern businesses know that if they want to reach a huge market of target customers, they need Facebook social media management to make it happen. Facebook truly is the place to be, however, as more companies join Facebook to build their corporate presence, competition for consumer attention is increasing. To stand out, you need a Facebook page that is built for growth by a Facebook management company. Simply adding a few details about your company and your contact information won’t cut it anymore. You need the best Facebook marketing company to turn your company’s page into a lean, mean, lead generating machine. The best part? You don’t have to spend a single penny on ads!

It's true- Facebook can increase your website traffic and even sales without you spending a single penny on ads. With over 2 billion active users on the platform, this is an opportunity you don’t want to pass on. Think of the growth potential! You essentially have free access to connect with a massive audience, if only you leverage your page correctly. Unfortunately, few business owners have the time to carefully cultivate and manage their Facebook Business page- and that’s where we come in.

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Why would my business need organic Facebook page management?

Your Facebook Business page is a goldmine for building brand awareness, engagement, and leads for your company.If you can spark meaningful interactions through organic posts, you have access to virtually unlimited leads. If you’ve established your Facebook Business page and it’s not delivering the results you hoped for, it’s time to re-evaluate your content strategy (and possibly your Facebook management agency!). This is essentially free advertising but should be treated with the same effort and care you pour into paid ads. Let us be clear: Facebook Business pages are not a marketing tool you can set and forget. Successful organic growth requires strategy and constant optimization.

If you don’t have the time to execute and maintain a strong Facebook presence on your own or aren’t sure how to capitalize on the latest Facebook content algorithm, that’s where we come in as a Facebook management company. We can work within practically any budget to dramatically increase your organic growth and engagement thanks to our industry expertise and talented staff. You don’t have to worry about a thing and can be as hands-off (or hands-on) as you'd like.

One of the most underrated benefits of Facebook page management is the consistency it offers to your audience. You don’t have to post every few hours on your Facebook Business page to be successful, but you can’t exactly be sporadic either. A Facebook management company helps you build a sustainable content strategy to allows you to build trust with your customers. As a constant and consistent presence on their timeline, you are cultivating a relationship, and thus achieving organic growth.

What services does Marketing Ignite offer as a Facebook management agency?

Shuffle Post Formats

If your business is capable of deploying stories, images, polls, blogs, and more as part of your Facebook organic growth strategy, good on you. Unfortunately, this level of time commitment just isn’t feasible for most growing businesses and can be filled with organizational headaches when it comes to execution. Marketing Ignite, as a Facebook management agency, can streamline your format shuffling, such that you’re always posting something new and exciting to interact with your followers. The same old content day in and day out doesn’t drive likes and shares, but diversity in your posts does.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers are becoming increasingly important tools to help companies build a loyal following. They wield a ton of power over different audience segments, so just pick out a few that suit your target audience and collaborate! You can drive a ton of traffic to your page using this strategy. At Marketing Ignite, our links to social media influencers are strong because we’re a well-established Facebook management agency in Thailand. We know which influencers are the best for growth hacking and how to negotiate reasonable rates, which saves you time and money.

Leverage Peak Times

You could have the best content of the year, but if you post it at the wrong time of day, it won’t reach its full potential for helping you grow your Facebook presence. Believe or not, there are best times to post to social media, but they vary greatly based on audience, location, and industry. Marketing Ignite keeps track of all the key metrics you need to know when to post to maximize your traffic and growth. Due to our extensive Facebook social media management, we have access to key data science. Backing up your content strategy with data can make all the difference in the reach of your posts.

Schedule Content

Consistent content is mandatory to building a loyal customer base. Disappearing for months at time and then reappearing at random just isn’t appealing to consumers and actually disincentivizes them from following you. Creating a clear, reliable communication cadence is important to building your relationship with customers. We can help you develop new, interesting content to roll out on a schedule to help you build and retain momentum in your organic Facebook growth.

Eliminate Clickbait

Facebook actively seeks out and demotes sub-par content like clickbait. When you’re desperate to build your interactions, clickbait is an appealing option, but it comes with great risk. Don’t take the easy out. Instead, protect your company’s reputation by working with Marketing Ignite to create high-quality, engaging content without any shady practices. As an ethical Facebook management company, we will never resort to clickbait to get you likes or shares.

A/B Testing

Without getting too technical, Marketing Ignite has several rigorous testing procedures for new content. We will evaluate the performance of each of your Facebook posts to determine what is resonating best with your audience. Next, our experts will alter your content strategy to mirror what is being found in the data evidence. A/B testing is just one of the procedures we use to separate good content from the exceptional.

Humanize Your Content

If keeping up with your Facebook organic content is exhausting you, the odds are good that you’re not able to connect with your audience as effectively as you’d like. Marketing Ignite has an entire team of digital marketers who are experts in Facebook management services and ready to breathe life back into your Facebook presence. We’ll personalize responses to customer comments, connect with consumers in direct messages, and initiate meaningful interactions with your audience. The more human your brand, the more shareable your content becomes.

What if I want to use paid Facebook ads instead?

Many companies deploy paid Facebook ads alongside their organic growth strategy. Marketing Ignite is a certified Facebook management agency that has deployed thousands of successful ad campaigns for a wide variety of clients. If you’re interested in taking a double-pronged approach to your Facebook marketing, you can check out our Facebook Ads page for more information. Of course, you can always phone, email, or live chat with one of our representatives for more information if you prefer!

Does Marketing Ignite cater to international clientele?

While we are best known as one of the top Facebook marketing companies in Thailand, we have gained international notoriety for our social media management services. For example, we’ve catered our services to global brands like Mercedes, Volvo, and Cisco. Of course, you don’t have to have global reach to benefit from our services. We frequently consult with small-to-medium sized businesses around the world to help them leverage their Facebook pages to grow their audience.

Wherever you’re based, we can help. All that stands between us is an internet connection!

What steps does Marketing Ignite take to manage my company’s Facebook page?

Every company gets the red-carpet treatment at Marketing Ignite, whether you’re a large or small business! Here’s the workflow you can expect if you decide to work with us:

  1. Set up your Facebook page (or optimize your existing one!)

    You don’t need to have an existing Facebook page to use our Facebook page management services. In fact, sometimes it’s beneficial to be able to start from scratch! This way, we have the ability to custom design each and every piece of your corner of the internet.

    If you already have a Facebook page, we focus our efforts on optimizing what you’ve already created. This can involve wiping out old content that no longer fits your brand or sales funnel,updating your photos and contact information, and other tweaks. We want to polish what is already there so that we can built upon it for sustainable success.

  2. Consult with you on management strategies

    Once we’ve set up or cleaned up your Facebook page, it’s time to get to work on the bread and butter of Facebook page management: content strategy! We’re talking everything from how to manage your interactions with your community to what messages you should be sharing. We may recommend that you begin replying to customer reviews, introduce a new audience engagement tool, set up a content schedule, and more.

    Each of our strategic recommendations are customized for your company. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach is a waste of resources, which is why your dedicated account manager will always provide tailored action items. No cookie cutter business here!

  3. Implement management tactics

    We will never implement management strategies without your approval. The power over your page always remains vested in your company. If you love our action plan, we’re happy to implement it on your behalf, but if not, we can go back to the drawing board until you’re satisfied. Your happiness is paramount, so you can choose how hands-on you’d like to be.

  4. Monitor success and recommend adjustments as required

    We use state of the art monitoring software to evaluate how your Facebook page is performing. This allows us to objectively determine how the management strategies are performing and any remaining areas of improvement. Your account manager will share these results with you and provide you with recommendations if your Facebook page could use a little more TLC. As long as you need Facebook management, we’ll be here to evaluate your page’s progress and help it level up to achieve more.

  5. Promote your page

    You can grow your audience and engagements without ads, but if you’re gunning for rapid, massive growth, you want Facebook Ads in your marketing strategy. As a top Facebook Ads Services provider in Thailand, we provide comprehensive ads services to build targeted ads that deliver the results you need. If you’re interested in combining Facebook page management with ads services, Marketing Ignite can help!

What’s the benefit of using Facebook page management services?

In one word, competitiveness. Every modern business has an online presence, and if yours isn’t delivering results, it’s a wasted opportunity. Your competitors are likely online and connecting with your target audience. It’s never too late to snatch back your audience’s attention by investing in your Facebook page. The result? Boosted sales without paying for a single ad.

Think about it: it’s really hard to drop anyone into your sales funnel when you can’t even get their attention. Set your company up for success by meaningfully engaging and interacting with your followers, so that when they’re ready to buy, you’re right there with them to offer your product. When you choose Facebook page management, you’re choosing to prioritize building your brand loyalty and customer relationship quality. That’s never a bad investment!

Why should I choose Marketing Ignite for organic Facebook page management?

Marketing Ignite is one of the best Facebook marketing agencies in Bangkok, Thailand, boasting a wide array of international clients. We know that we can turn your Facebook page into a lead generating powerhouse if given the opportunity, but in case you’re not convinced, here’s what you can look forward to if you work with us:

  1. Expert Organic Growth Marketers On-Staff

    Each of our clients is matched with a dedicated account manager to help set, track, and execute your goals. Your account manager will check-in with you regularly with status updates so that you’re never left in the dark. They will also coordinate any other experts on your team to execute Facebook management services, whether that be copywriters, graphic designers, or otherwise. You can focus on your core business operations and leave the team coordination and strategy implementation to us!

  2. Unparalleled Customer Support

    We encourage your questions and comments at any stage of your digital marketing journey. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we will go out of our way to help you meet your goals, whatever they may be. You can contact your account manager at any time. Alternatively, you can receive instant support from one of our customer service agents Monday through Saturday through phone, email, or live chat. Whenever you need us, we’re only a few clicks away!

  3. Years of Digital Marketing Experience

    We launched in 1998, before Facebook was even invented. We’ve been in the digital marketing space as Facebook has grown and evolved, and as such, no other company understands the platform quite like we do. You’ll benefit from our years of expertise as a Facebook management agency to create the optimal Facebook page to meet your goals. We don’t have over 20 years of experience for no reason- we’re really good at what we do!

    Want to learn more about how Facebook social media management by Marketing Ignite can take your Facebook page to the next level and improve organic growth? Get in touch with our group of experts by submitting a Contact Us form. An organic growth expert will connect with you ASAP to get you well on your way to digital marketing success. While you’re at it, don’t forget to take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation!

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