Marketing Ignite Co. Ltd. is an online marketing company based in Bangkok, Thailand and has helped companies all over the world to achieve internet success. Because we have a team of very talented, experienced and knowledgeable marketing individuals and based from the fact that we are based in Bangkok , we can offer very effective online marketing services at very affordable rates. We build our internet marketing campaigns based on strategies that are working well with our clients. With 19 years of online marketing experience and with continuous research and development, we ensure that our clients will receive the best possible ROI. We also serve our clients in the long haul since this serves the best for both parties and which is why we have been able to stay profitable throughout all these years. We also don’t want your money but we only work with companies that we see have the potential to succeed with us. This is the reason why we turn down about 20% of companies requesting our service. This policy is implemented because it serves the best for both parties. We don’t want you to spend money and it won’t bring a nice return (ROI) since this will only cause frustrations for both.

This depends on many different factors as each business is unique. We develop marketing campaigns based on your business needs and goals. Once this is established we will recommend the appropriate strategies that would suit your business needs.

This depends on how aggressive you desire your marketing campaign to be.If you look at our home page, you can see the different marketing strategies in each box and each comes with a different price. For pricing please fill out your contact information below and we will get back to you usually within 24 hours.

Please take a look at our testimonial page. We do not publically disclose our clients due to client’s privacy issues and for competitive reasons. However, we do disclose our clients to potential clients as we deem qualify for it.

Some of our clients