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Google AdWords, in a nutshell, is Google’s own personal paid online advertising tool. It serves as the software and search engine giant’s main avenue of earning money. It’s the advertising product that allows Google to earn billions of dollars annually.

AdWords is also a PPC (pay-per-click) advertising platform that comes in CPM (cost-per-mille or cost-per-thousand-impressions) and cost-per-click (CPC) advertising variants. It uses media-rich ads, text ads, and banner ads while also taking advantage of the fact that Google’s search engine solutions itself can assist in making the ads more widespread within the Information Superhighway (because, let’s face it, Google is the go-to gateway of most people on the  planet when surfing the web).

Is AdWords Influential When It Comes to Organic Search Results?

Google itself is quick to point out that no, organic search results aren’t actually affected by the AdWords product. Then again, you cannot blame others for thinking that it does in light of the fact that the company controls both one of the most successful (if not the most successful) search engine services around as well as one of the most profitable PPC advertising solutions available. Many companies have indeed considered signing up to Google AdWords in order to help improve the standing and SEO (search engine optimization) value of their own sites while also enjoying the perks of Google-powered PPC advertising. However, you need to think things through logically.

People spend a lot of money for those AdWords ads, so companies naturally expect SEO-related compensation. However, if Google really were “selling” SERP (search engine results page) rankings and whatnot via the influence of Google AdWords while leaving those that aren’t availing of the service are left in the dust, then how come those who don’t avail of Google services still get a high ranking by the virtue of their own popularity? The answer is simple. In order for Google to maintain its reputation as a search engine that values relevancy as a search signal above all else, then it wouldn’t start reneging on its own philosophy by letting its (separate) Google AdWords service affect organic results.

No, Google Isn’t Letting AdWords Dictate or Influence Organic Results

Google AdWords is separate from the search engine results of Google. That’s the bottom line. You cannot buy SERP rankings and Google Panda and Penguin updates ensure that any and all astroturfing (artificially boosting rankings and making it look like a site has more customers than it really does by spam-like behavior, hence the term that’s based on astroturf, which is essentially artificial field grass). Google will look like a gigantic hypocrite if it were to give its “paying” customers gain better rankings while espousing how concentrated its search engine is in searching for naturally popular sites that don’t “astroturf”. Advertisers who buy ad space from Google will only get ad space and PPC ads, nothing more.

There is no preferential treatment for those who avail of Google AdWords in terms of organic results because those results are reserved for sites that are naturally popular on their own merit. Just as making a Fan Page on Facebook for your website won’t provide you SEO value (thanks mostly to the nofollow policy of such sites), the same could be said of AdWords and Google SERP.  The only thing AdWords is capable of doing is offer sponsored ad space in the SERP; the search results themselves remain separate from the ads included in every SERP. There’s no special treatment going on, and if you want to get better SEO for your site, you can do so without paying Google for it.

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  1. I have used google adwords for 7 day. Then I stop using adwors due to budget. I watch one thing that after using adwords my SERP rank fall down. Is google do this….So I use their SEO service……….

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