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Google+ is now upon us and many people who've requested to be invited (or were already invited) into this brave new social network still have little to no idea what it's all about. If you want to gather more information in regards to how to use Google+, then you've chanced upon the right article. For those who are social networking enthusiasts who want to understand just what it is that makes Google+ unique from the two social networking giants of Twitter and Facebook, continue reading as well. You should start with tinkering with your Google Profile, first and foremost.

Your Google+ Profile

After you get your invite and you now have a Google+ account, the first thing you need to do is fill out your about section. Ensure that you add links to other networks, your syndicated content, and even your blog. If you don't want other people to see your buzz, photos, and videos, there are tabs you can turn off on the settings page. As for editing existing profiles, you need to click the blue edit button and choose the section you want to customize. Once you're done editing, click the "done editing" link on top of the page to save your preferences.

Once you're ready to start using your account, here are a variety of ways you can use it to your advantage. By poking around your account, you too will be able to find some neat things to share regarding Google+. Quite a lot of these "hacks" will further bolster your present relationship with Google's myriad of products and services, such as the Google Chrome extension and Android App. A whole new world of possibilities awaits you.

Google+ Circles

Google+ circles feature has been heavily publicized and discussed. More to the point, circles are the groups of people you're linked to; it's another means of further classifying your large groups of "friends" into "family", "acquaintances", "officemates", "business partners", "fan club members" and so forth. Unlike social networks of the past, you can now group the people linked to you as people you want to get to know better, famous people you're following around because you're a fan of them, groups around your business, or your plain ol' friends.

Grouping people is handy because when you send a message, you can choose on whether you'll send it to specific circles, all your circles, or just about everyone linked to you at your behest. This is great way to focus your messages and not "spam" people who are into video games with your latest gossip news (unless of course they're into both). In fact, this new feature is so effective and innovative that a hack has been made for Facebook so that it could do the same thing.

Connected Accounts

There's a reason why even the founder of Facebook himself, Mark Zuckerberg, have gotten a Google+ account of his own. He's not only scoping out the competition, he recognizes the great potential that this latest Google endeavor has should it succeed. Accounts are typically connected to your Google profile, and many of us probably have a Gmail account by now, among many other Google related services like YouTube and so forth.

Google is also intentionally going to use the data it's gathered from your preexisting accounts and the accounts of those linked to you to send relevant content that you and your friends share on the Internet. Socially targeted ads and some such is par for the course. Nevertheless, on the standpoint that your Google account will allow people you know how to find you, it's pretty beneficial.

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