In the Next 2 Minutes You Will Find Out How to Maximize Website Traffic to Your Hotel/Resort Using Effective Hotel Internet Marketing Strategies

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Imagine advertising your website on the front page of highly trafficked travel related websites FOR FREE. Highly trafficked websites mean traffic in the amounts of hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month (and sometimes more). Wouldn’t that boost your website traffic with lots of new customers and business? For example, let’s say your website is advertised on a travel website with about 200,000 unique visitors a month and 5% are clicking on your ad. This would mean your hotel website would generate 10,000 unique visitors just from this website. Let’s say you have 30 partners such as this, your site could easily bring in about 300,000 unique visitors a month. As you can see, developing many partnerships with highly trafficked sites will make a substantial impact on your website sales and this method is working extremely well with our current clients.

So How Would This Work?

At Marketing Ignite, we have developed many travel website related partnerships willing to advertise your website for free. Once you join us (and if qualified), we will contact all those partners and they will advertise your hotel website on their highly trafficked websites for free. Usually your ad will be placed above the fold (i.e. the place on the top before you scroll down) to ensure maximum benefits.

From our testing, we know what kinds of ads have a high click through ratio, so we will construct your ad accordingly to receive as much traffic as possible. We only form partnerships with highly targeted and related websites to ensure the traffic your website receives is a hot prospect and not general traffic.

So What Is The Catch And Why Is This Free?

Usually, placing ads (especially on the front page) on these highly trafficked websites is extremely costly (as you may know already). Most of the time, ads on the front page of sites like this will cost you $15,000 per month or even more. Paying $15,000 for advertisement on one travel website is a lot of money for most hotel business owners. For your hotel/resort website, this will be free of charge, but as you know, there is no such thing as a “free lunch”.

So in return for getting great advertising exposure, you would offer these partners a free stay at your hotel/resort, which is usually one week, but it depends on each partner agreement. Usually this is not a problem since most hotels are not fully booked 365 days out of the year. Also, these partners allow you to block out your hotel rooms during the high season.

If you are like most other hotel/resort owners, your hotel is not fully booked all of the time and you could therefore give away a week in return for major exposure on these highly trafficked websites.

In addition to this, we will install a tracker on your website, so you can check all the traffic that we send to your hotel/resort website. We use this information to optimize your campaign with each partner to ensure that you will receive the most traffic as possible.

So How Does My Hotel or Resort Qualify For the Hotel Internet Marketing Program?

Based on our evaluation of your website, we will let you know if your hotel is qualified to be included with our partner program. We also only accept one client per city to protect all our clients from conflict of interest, so hopefully your city is not yet taken. However, if this would be the case, we will place you in line and let you know if or when this opportunity would open up again.

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