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Before I tell you how to get people commenting on your blog we need to talk about some other subjects concerning your blog.

Spam Comments

Let me clarify this first. When I talk about blog comments I mean comments that bring some value to the readers of your blog. I’m not talking about spam comments, because it’s easy to deal with such comments, especially when you have Wordpress blog. You can install Akismet plugin which is very good at catching spam, which will be automatically deleted once a month.

For other comments that are not considered as spam by Akismet, you can go to moderation queue and you can accept or delete them. Generally spam is a problem, but with the Akismet plugin,  you don’t need to worry about it too much.

DoFollow or NoFollow Links

One of the easiest ways to attract people to comment on your blog is to reward them with DoFollow links. But before you do it you need to decide if you want to use DoFollow or NoFollow links in your blog comments.

People, who think that NoFollow links are better, argue that giving people DoFollow links will dilute your blog’s page rank. I think that the page rank is not so important nowadays, and that having people commenting on your blog is more important.

Matt Cutt from Google when asked if having DoFollow links can hurt your page rank said that yes, they can, if you link to some spam sites. So, the solution is simple, before approving a comment you must check if the comment is valuable, and make sure that you don’t link to any spam sites. If you do that, you’re safe. You can watch Matt Cutt’s video  and decide if you prefer to use NoFollow or DoFollow links.

Top Commentators Plugin

OK, if you decided to use NoFollow links I would advise you to install Top Commentators Wordpress Plugin. This plugin rewards people who comment most on your blog by showing their name with a link to their website. This will encourage people to comment on your blog.

If you decided to use DoFollow links and you want to get comments to your blog, we will give you some very good tips on this subject in our next post. Stay tuned for more …

If you have some interesting comments or you would like to join the NoFollow versus DoFollow links debate, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Great info about commenting, for increasing commentators, you have to much active and you have to approve those comments which are good and which are posted by good comment posters.

    Also, you can use top commentators widget so that it would give benefit to commentators and their comment would be listed on your blog.

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