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One commonsensical way to gain better Google visibility and improve your website's SEO effectiveness is to write blogs. More to the point, blogs are wonderful way to acquire links. As a webmaster, you should anticipate what your target audience should most likely type on the search bar in order to get to your page. It's still the best way to optimize your website.

Making Blog Content Out of Keywords

Keyword-based blog content is one of the most powerful methods of SEO. Here's who you go about it. If your customers want to acquire spa services within the Los Angeles area, then the obvious key phrase there is "Los Angeles spa services". In turn, expanding on that key phrase by making a blog about the topic of "Los Angeles spa services" is a surefire way of gaining better visibility in search engines like Google. Aside from using keywords for your website, using keywords for your blog articles will also yield you an increased amount of traffic.

Besides which, the more websites link back to your website, the likelier you'll get a high ranking in Google's SERP (search engine results page). Creating a blog is quite helpful in encouraging people to link back to your site, especially if you end up making content that addresses a current trend or is of significant interest to your target market or audience. Blog articles are also useful because they deliver fresh, keyword-rich, and topic-relevant content every day that entices regular visits from users all over the worldwide web.

The Virtues of Starting a Blog

Acquiring a blog is a great way to put posts up on the web and participate in the conversations that are happening across on the Internet all the time. If you're one of these businesses that start a blog, you don't need to make it complex or fancy. You can talk about all sorts of simple subjects, even casual things like your weirdest customers or what made you decide to start you business. Topics that are interesting to you may be interesting to your visitors as well.

The simple act of participating in a community and becoming a part of that conversation is useful in gaining more visitors and hits by virtue of gathering people of common interests together. It's a great public relations vehicle to boot because it creates a positive impression on your customers. Doing as something as simple as browsing through Digg, StumbleUpon, Google News, or Reddit, learning the trends, and writing about related topics on your blog will go a long way in garnering the traffic you want for your site.

Targeting Your Blog for More Sales and Traffic

Going back to the topic of keywords and key phrases, it's important to remember that two to three word phrases can be just as powerful in gaining visitors and profits as the typical four word phrases that acquire converting traffic. Targeting your blog discussions to two to three word phrases that offer high-yield traffic and little competition isn't a mere pipe dream.

A study reveals a surprisingly high percentage of search engine queries debuted way back in late 2004. More to the point, as long as new trends, services, products, and developments are popping up, you'll never have a shortage of keywords to take advantage of by using them as topics for your blog. Basic SEO entails predicting what people are going to type on that search bar that will mostly likely lead to your site using those keywords or key phrases to your advantage. In fact, this will make your SEO-based blogging even more effective.

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  1. We use the blog on our website as a gateway to bring in the traffic. While there we try to capture the email and build the communication. Blogs do take time to develop and nurture and the benefits come later down the road…Great article…

  2. This post is very informative. Yes, I truly agree with this post that we should build a website because while establishing our own business, a website just creates the overall presence or outlook of our business and this would definitely help in building up our business. Thanks for sharing such a nice post with us!!

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