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If you're an end client, you'd be none the wiser if you're availing of an SEO (search engine optimization) reseller or not. The reason behind this is that most SEO resellers affiliate themselves with white label or private label SEO providers who work under their respective company names, so all the credit for the latter's SEO work will go to the former. All the services rendered by a white label SEO firm are strictly confidential and hidden to the end client, so the backend work credit will naturally go to the SEO agent itself. With that said, it's easy enough to spot an SEO reseller even if it's not at the liberty to divulge that it's outsourcing its services to bigger and better primary SEO providers; they're usually the ones with the most affordable SEO services despite the fact that their packages feature advanced SEO methods and top-of-the-line Internet marketing techniques.

What Are SEO Resellers?

An SEO reseller's main job is to gather clients. The more clients it gathers for a white label SEO firm, the bigger its fees are; the more repeat customers it gets, the more commissions it will receive. If it can make the client become a loyal patron of the SEO provider (although most of the time, this happens unwittingly, and the client believes he's instead patronizing the SEO reseller) for many, many years to come by getting them to sign under contract, then the reseller will be receiving a regular stream of fees from the client until their contract expires. That's what SEO reselling is all about. Instead of dealing with the SEO firm directly, end clients will be dealing with a middleman in the form of the SEO agent or reseller.

There are many reasons why a company would decide to become an SEO reseller, chief among them the fact that it lacks the manpower, skills, training, or experience to offer its clientele the SEO services that they deserve by itself. It could be a startup SEO company that has been forced to avail of the services of a white label SEO firm up until the time it becomes big enough to deal with its clients directly (or become a white label SEO firm itself). It could be a company that doesn't do any SEO services at all but is great at finding SEO clients for its primary SEO providers. Whatever the case may be, the SEO reseller has become a welcome addition to the SEO world because it has helped make SEO services more affordable to clients everywhere.

SEO Reselling is a Gift that Keeps on Giving

Even though they present an extra cost to SEO providers in the form of fees and commissions, many white label SEO companies are availing of partnerships with SEO resellers because SEO reselling is a gift that keeps on giving. To be more specific, SEO resellers help satisfy both SEO providers and SEO clients by streamlining the task of supply and demand. They serve as liaisons for both parties. With them around, SEO companies have an easier time when it comes to looking for clients. The SEO reseller also makes SEO services cheaper exactly because they handle client gathering for SEO companies.

To SEO firms, SEO reseller fees are cheap when compared to the trouble of finding new clients while handling SEO work of existing clients at the same time. An SEO reseller allows the primary SEO provider to exclusively concentrate on bringing forth premium-grade SEO services. As for the end clients, they'll also benefit from SEO resellers by getting cheaper services from the SEO provider; that is, because the SEO provider is most concentrated on work than client gathering, its services will now be more affordable and faster to boot, which means a lot of savings for the typical client. With the simple addition of the SEO reseller, the business paradigm between SEO providers and clients has shifted for the better.

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