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White label SEO (search engine optimization), otherwise known as private label SEO, is simply the word used to refer to the services of primary SEO providers that are offered to SEO agents while working under their "label" or company, which means their offerings are credited to the agents instead of themselves. These providers work under the name of the company they're servicing so that the company could attract more clients and handle a bigger workload even though it doesn't have the manpower or size required for the job yet. The entire point of availing of white label SEO (if you're an SEO agent or reseller) is to make the end clients think that you have your own in-house SEO under your command or you have an extended SEO department that deals with all their SEO needs. You'll get to concentrate more on gathering clients instead of worrying about their workloads to boot.

Why Does White Label SEO Exist?

The main reason why white label SEO exists is because it's profitable for all concerned parties. Instead of looking for clients, the primary SEO provider can instead focus on keeping its SEO services first-rate while an SEO agent gathers clients for it. Meanwhile, the SEO agent that serves as the middleman of sorts between SEO providers and end clients will be able to grow as a company and deal with a huge amount of work it wouldn't be able to handle otherwise with the help of outsourced SEO that works under its own company name. Finally, the end clients will also benefit (albeit unknowingly) from white label SEO because it will be dealing with cheaper SEO service rates yet acquire the professional-grade offerings of an otherwise much more expensive SEO expert.

The biggest winner among the three is the SEO agent or SEO reseller, obviously. An SEO reseller can be a company that provides SEO services itself or the liaison agent that doesn't do any SEO services at all and depends mostly on the primary SEO provider to service its clients. As such, the most important task of an SEO reseller is to gather clients and manage their needs with the help of a white label SEO provider. With that said, even though an SEO provider could profit from directly dealing with clients instead of depending on a middleman to take all the credit, having an SEO reseller around is still handy for these companies because they'll be the ones taking care of the task of finding clients and jobs, while the providers can concentrate exclusively in offering high-caliber SEO services.

Does White Label SEO Work?

As far as all parties are concerned, outsourcing SEO through white label SEO does work. This is the reason why private label SEO providers are offering exclusive services to SEO resellers instead of opening its doors to clients (such that most SEO resellers would have a hard time competing with them). As for SEO agents, having outsourced SEO is much more advantageous than an in-house SEO service because it's a lot less expensive, deadlines are likelier met, and they could focus more on gathering clients and managing their outsourced "SEO team" without worrying about whether or not they could handle their workloads.

Handling two tasks at once... gathering clients and providing them SEO services... require effort, money, and manpower, so splitting the tasks between a primary SEO provider and an SEO reseller will make the work cheaper and faster. As such, the end client will be likelier satisfied by having an SEO reseller deal with its SEO requirements with the help of white label SEO than having to directly avail of the (surely more expensive) services of an expert SEO company. To keep SEO offerings at affordable rates, it's crucial that there's an equal division of tasks between the client-gathering SEO reseller and the work-focused white label SEO provider.

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