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Should I be using international SEO to attract consumers from international markets?

If you have an international corporate presence, you absolutely need to have an international SEO strategy. If you’re not actively working on your international SEO strategies, you’re not only missing out on potential customers, but they’re getting acquainted with your competition instead!

How is international SEO different from regular SEO?

International SEO uses strategies like translation and localization of website content and regional optimization for messaging content. Regular SEO doesn’t concern itself with regional levels but more on the national level. This is moderately effective, but it’s not a very effective approach if you want to expand internationally.

We believe that a targeted approach is a more effective approach. If you have international markets, you want an international SEO service-equipped agency to devise a detailed international SEO plan. This will drive more results than any generic SEO plan. We have the expertise in international SEO to bring you success no matter where your audiences are, so with Marketing Ignite, you’re in good hands.

What are the top international SEO strategies?

Conducting Competitor Research

With an international audience, strategizing your SEO can get complicated. The good news is that your competitors might have already forged a path for you. They already know which keywords are best for ranking, the URL structures to use, and what kind of content consumers like to interact with.

Let Marketing Ignite do the heavy lifting when it comes to competitor analysis- we can research, organize, and implement everything from audience segmentation to the perfect keywords. This strategy takes time to master, so leave it to us (you know, the ones with over 20 years of experience) to get results.

Voice Search Optimization

Have you ever asked Siri or Alexa to Google something for you? Most people have. The rise in verbal navigation of the internet means that your SEO strategies need to reflect local speaking patterns. Our team of experts were strategically selected because they have local experience in regions across the globe. They understand the nuances of conversation in different areas, so your Voice Search Optimization is sure to reflect them- and be much more successful as a result!

Mobile Optimization

Smartphone use is rising exponentially all over the world, so optimizing your website for mobile users becomes more important every day. We can help you develop a mobile user experience that’s engaging, informative, and conversion oriented. If you’re not mobile optimized, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re missing out on revenue. Let us help you connect with mobile users.

High-Quality Link Signals

“Link signals” is a fancy lingo for a backlink that directs a consumer to your website when they click it. By collaborating with international companies in your industry and creating positive relationships, we help to implant high-quality link signals in content that your consumer base is already interacting with. Consumers simply browse the internet as they always do, stumble across a strategically placed backlink, and just like that, you get website traffic!

Page Multiplicity

We offer two targeted strategies related to page multiplicity. First, we can help create new webpages for each of your international locations. Second, we can create new webpages for each product and service you offer. Used singularly or in tandem, this does wonders for your SEO ranking.

Regional Specialization

With the right web marketing strategies, you can draw in international customers from the most lucrative countries into your revenue streams. To do this, we use regional specialization strategies like regional language options and country targeting to create effective, targeted messaging.

For example, as an international SEO services company in Thailand, we know that many Thailand companies wants to have their website content available in Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese, German and French to appeal to the broad linguistic preferences of their customers. So, if you’re a Thailand-based company whose presence is exclusively English online, you may want our help in creating a more holistic presence.

What’s Marketing Ignite’s advantage as an international

SEO company?

Decades of Leadership

We were the first digital marketing agency in Thailand. Now, we’re not trying to age ourselves here, but we’ve been industry leaders since 1998. That means we’ve seen it all, so we know the exact strategies your company needs to succeed. Let us draw on our 20+ years of experience to set you up for success.

Although we began in Thailand, we do offer international services. In fact, most of our clients come from the United States, Europe, Singapore, and Hong Kong in addition to Thailand. So, even if you’re from a different corner of the world, we have expertise in your area.


We have over 200 successful projects, ranging from big corporate brands like Thai Airways, Mercedes, Volvo, and Cisco, to small-to-medium businesses. We can proudly state that most of our clients build long-term working relationships with us - many over 5 years and counting! We only focus on providing high quality international SEO services for our clients. Lastly, we’ve worked with pretty much every kind of business.

You can trust in our expertise - we’ll dream up your ideal international SEO strategy and help you implement it to your most precise specifications.

But we don’t want you to just take our word for it. We have dozens of testimonials and case studies from our satisfied clients. Feel free to learn about how we have gone above and beyond to create positive client experiences and bring success to companies all over the globe.


Case Studies

If you’re still not convinced, consider that Marketing Ignite was rated the #1 digital marketing agency in Thailand for SEO and PPC by Even other SEO experts believe in the great work we do!

Ashish Kapur
Global Online Marketing Manager: SEO

Servcorp Australia

Marketing Ignite, SEO Company in Bangkok, has been running a successful SEO campaign for Servcorp over 6+ years. Johan and Kris have been very professional and helpful during the course of the SEO campaign. Their commitment to deliver the tasks on time and agility approach helped us achieve the SEO KPIs. Servcorp has experienced lots of organic growth in the Thailand market through white-hat/best SEO practices implemented by the Marketing Ignite team. One of the best SEO Agencies in Bangkok, Thailand I have worked with. I would recommend Marketing Ignite SEO services to anyone.
Michael Williams
Marketing Director

Diplomat Exotic Car Rentals

Marketing Ignite is an amazing company. Our company has seen a huge increase in profits and web presence both SEO and PPC. Even though I’m in a different country they do all my web updates faster than the previous company that’s actually in the US. Johan and the crew are a class act. I would highly recommend theses trustworthy guys!

Marketing Ignite also goes to great lengths to protect our client’s data. We use White Hat strategies to comply with Google’s Terms of Service to ensure your rankings and visibility are always secure.

No Yearly Contracts

We’re so confident that you’ll going to love your results, that we operate without yearly contracts - unlike most international SEO agencies. Most of our clients return to us for long-term working relationships (over 5 years in many cases). So, while we hope to see you again, we don’t feel the need to contractually obligate you to do so.

If non-commitment is your thing, you’ll probably also be a fan of our free strategy consultation. Before working together officially, we can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your international SEO service’s needs. If you like what you see, we’re excited to help you implement the plan.

Custom Strategies

We spend a lot of time studying the latest international SEO strategies and trends, so we’re always at the top of our game. We also go the extra mile to test new strategies before recommending them to our clients, so you can be sure that you’re getting an evidence-based approach to your SEO every time.

With every client, our team of experts collaborates to devise an international SEO strategy specific to your company’s needs. Each international SEO plan we develop is custom-made for the client to ensure maximum success and ROI.

We’re Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Integrity and accountability are core principles of our business operations. We will always go the extra mile to transform a modest success into an incredible success.

While we strive for excellence in every single project, we’re not perfect. If you ever encounter a problem, we offer quick, reliable support every Monday-Friday via email, phone, or online chat. Help is only a message away, and we promise to work diligently to resolve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This sounds expensive.

Can I afford to use an international SEO agency?

Here at Marketing Ignite, we recognized that digital advertising costs can add up quick and that there was an opportunity to make digital marketing more efficient and economically viable. In response, we developed our own lead tracking, marketing, and sales automation platform: Lead-IQ. This data-driven approach to international SEO services has revolutionized how we strategize each of our clients marketing campaigns, leading to larger ROIs from all campaigns. It’s incredible, and we would be excited to share it with you as a client.

Click here to learn more about Lead-IQ.

I want an International SEO agency to help me.

How do I start?

There are several international SEO agencies and companies, which can make it difficult to choose the right one for your web marketing needs. To help you decide, Marketing Ignite offers a free strategy consultation before you commit to working together. Take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation today by filling out your details below. You’ll be glad you did!

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