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The best way to bring consistent, qualified leads to your law firm is through effective digital marketing. An optimized web presence takes time and expertise to cultivate and requires consistent attention to maintain. By bringing a digital marketing agency for law firms onboard your team, you can drastically increase your online traffic. Subsequently, you have the capacity to build a positive reputation in your community and develop excellent brand awareness among potential clients.

Whether you’re an individual lawyer or the proud owner of a legal practice, you have much to gain from consulting with professional digital marketing services. Together, we will improve your SEO, website, and reputation to help you achieve your marketing goals. We’re able to help you maximize your growth, including reaching more of your current target audience or even branching out to a new target audience to grow your client base. Whatever your goal may be, we have the tools and expertise to make it happen.

To explore how we can help you attract leads and turn them into clients, book a free, no obligation consultation with one of our digital marketing experts. We’ll be glad to walk you through our approach to law firm marketing and how you can transform your online presence into a client generating machine.

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What Areas of Legal Practice Does Marketing Ignite Specialize In?

Marketing Ignite has worked with law firms in varying areas of legal practice, including:

  • Arbitration

  • Banking and finance law

  • Corporate law

  • Criminal law

  • Environmental law

  • Insurance law

  • Personal injury law

  • Property law

  • And more!

What are the Top Services Provided by a Law Firm Marketing Agency?

Marketing Ignite is a large, comprehensive digital marketing firm, and as such, we offer a variety of digital marketing services. These services include, but are not limited to:

ROI Driven Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing has been a tried-and-true method for generating high-quality leads for our clients in a short period of time. At Marketing Ignite, we love using Google Ads to reach out to massive audiences and reel in clients for your law firm. As a Google Partner, we’re proficient in all aspects of the entire platform ranging from keyword research, optimized ads and landing pages.

There’s a lot that goes into creating a strong ad: copywriting, graphic design, and of course, proper research about your audience. A proper digital marketing agency for law firms has the technology and personnel required to produce your ad from start to finish. For example, at Marketing Ignite, we have many graphic designers and copywriters on-staff to assist our digital marketing experts in building the best possible PPC campaign.

Search Engine Optimization with Tangible and Real Results

Search engine optimization (SEO) services are especially helpful for lawyers who specialize their practice in specific areas of law. To rank at the top of Google, you need a smart strategy that is tailored to your specific audience and builds upon the foundation of a strong website.

As a results driven law firm marketing agency, Marketing Ignite can help you develop an effective keyword marketing strategy in conjunction with a competitor analysis, so that your law firm can gain quicker results. We can help you to gain traction with a local SEO and International SEO approach to grow your business further. Whether you’re running a campaign for your international or a local law firm, we have the skills and knowledge with the most up-to-date SEO strategies.

As a lawyer, you may want to showcase your expertise and trust. This can be accomplished by a granular blog content strategy.

Here is an example of the results from one single blog post. This is FREE targeted traffic from Google that we have delivered for this client. With a solid SEO strategy for your blog, one single post can sometimes rank in the top for a number of related phrases. This is the reason why we are able to generate lots of organic traffic for our clients. How much would your business be impacted by thousands of targeted visitors to your website?


Impactful Web Design That Attracts Attention and Engagement

Web Design and SEO typically go hand-in-hand, and as such, are equally important in the grand scheme of your marketing strategy. Effective web design can make all the difference in building a positive reputation and client roster, not to mention bolstering your ranking in search engines. At Marketing Ignite, our expert designers will craft a website that’s crisp, professional, and modern. This includes designing the perfect landing page, including calls-to-action to build your sales funnel within your website design, and selecting graphics that connect with visitors.

Build Social Proof with Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools at your disposal, but it takes talent to execute properly. Building social proof and engagement requires carefully cultivating content and strategically sharing it with the world.

Here at Marketing Ignite, we rely on our experience since 1998, coupled with the best software to help us make informed decisions about what, where, and when to share content on social media. We have experience with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Taboola, LINE, and more. Together, we can select which platform is best suited to your goals and audience and then devote our resources to maximizing your engagement.

What If I Manage a Law Firm with Multiple Locations?

When you have several locations, you have a few decisions to make in your marketing approach. You can elect to bring attention to your brand as a whole using tools like social media and SEO, or you can use local SEO to draw attention to each individual location.

Local SEO has the benefit of less keyword competition and the ability to reach a very specific audience. If you have geographical constraints on where you can practice and/or who can realistically access your services, local SEO is an ideal option. At Marketing Ignite, we will begin your local SEO journey by setting you up with a Google My Business profile. Then, we’ll devote resources to keyword research, website optimization, and building up your brand reputation in Google.

Being a law firm marketing agency based in Bangkok, we’re especially proficient in helping Thailand’s lawyers with their local SEO. Visit our testimonial or case studies to learn more!

What Makes Marketing Ignite Different from Other Law Firm Marketing Agencies?

Digital marketing has risen sharply in popularity over the years, and where there’s a lot of business, a lot of companies will follow. That said, not all marketing agencies are built equal. Marketing Ignite has been a leader in the digital marketing agency since 1998. We are very established and have built a solid reputation over the years. In our opinion, aside from our talented digital marketing personnel, much of our success is attributable to our two core values: transparency, and integrity.

When you work with us, we promise to keep you in the loop about that status of your marketing campaign. That’s why we assign each of our clients a dedicated account manager, who is your touchpoint for all things regarding your digital marketing campaign. You can expect regular updates about how your campaign is performing.

Plus, if a strategy isn’t producing the results you need, we will always let you know and present additional options to help you achieve your goals. We will never make a major decision without your informed consent. Your satisfaction and long-term success are important to us!

Can You Help Improve My Law Firm’s Website?

Of course! We know how important a website is in regards to lead generation and acquiring new clients. We have several experts in web design and optimization that can help with ensuring that your website is performing at optimal levels. A great website can be the catalyst to meteoric growth when it’s professional, clear, and concise. Here’s our process for website optimization:

  1. Website Audit

    Before we do anything, it’s important that we evaluate what you already have for a website. We do this to avoid duplication of work and to identify shortcomings and opportunities for growth. Our experts will comb through every detail: content, graphics, branding, layout, site speed, technical SEO issues and more. Of course, we will share the results of this audit with you to identify how you would like to proceed.

  2. Site Mapping

    There is a magic formula for a strong law firm website which should include:

    1. An optimized home page to attract and retain visitors. Ideally, your home page will act as a sales funnel.

    2. An About Us page that includes your origin story, in addition to photos and biographies of your partners and any awards or achievements that clients might be impressed by.

    3. A Contact Us page so that potential clients know how they can reach your team. The more options you are able to provide here, the better.

    4. Pages for each of your areas of legal practice so that clients know where your expertise lies and what services would benefit their situation the most.

    5. Pages for each of your legal services to showcase the talents and capabilities of your team.

    6. A social proof page that contains reviews, case studies, and/or testimonials to develop trust with your clients.

    These pages are important for providing a comprehensive overview of your team and your services. The right content has the potential to help visitors develop trust in your firm and inspire them to reach out for your services. If your existing website doesn’t have these pages and/or optimized content to map onto them, our experts will get you sorted.

  3. Site Design

    We use graphic design best practices to develop a site framework and layout that makes sense and appeals to your customers. In addition, we are sure to program in designated spaces for calls-to-action to reside (see step 6 for more on CTAs).

    Most importantly, we make mobile optimization a priority so that visitors using mobile devices have a pleasant scrolling experience on par with that of desktop users.

  4. Landing Page Optimization

    Your home landing page is arguably the most important part of your entire website. This is why we devote a lot of our time to perfecting it. Your landing page needs to have optimized content that allows it to rank highly, be valuable and inviting to clients, and also align with your brand’s style. It can be a tricky balance, but it’s something we’ve gotten very skilled at over the years.

  5. Optional: Blog Building

    Our clients greatly benefit from building a blog into their website to assist with SEO and client engagement. We can discuss whether cultivating a blog would be a good fit for your goals and budget if you’re interested in pursuing this option. Don’t be shy to bring it up with your account manager!

  6. Add Calls-to-Action

    As a finishing touch on your website, we are sure to insert multiple compelling CTAs to reach out to visitors and engage with them. CTAs we favor include subscribing to a newsletter, following your firm on social media, entering an email to receive a free guide or other document, and inviting visitors to “Learn More”. We have many tricks up our sleeves to helping drive engagement on your website and make a point of incorporating them into every website we create.

  7. Evaluate Results

    Like with all of our digital marketing efforts, the last thing we do is always to check our work. The performance of the strategies we’ve implemented is important to evaluate - after all, how else can we tell if you’re on-track to reach your goals? As a reliable digital marketing agency for lawyers, we regularly check on your website's performance and suggest recommendations to improve key metrics.

    You can feel confident in Marketing Ignite’s approach to website optimization. We’re thorough, but efficient ,and above all, deliver results. To connect with one of our website optimization experts, fill out your details in the form below.

What Niche Services Does Marketing Ignite Offer as for Law Firm Marketing?

We do much more than just provide the overarching strategy for your digital marketing - we implement every piece of it, too. While some digital marketing agencies will outsource creative tasks for completion, we’re sure to do everything in house. This helps us immensely with quality assurance, as the content is always relevant and aligned with your marketing strategy.

Creative services that we host in-house include graphic designers, copywriters, and photographers. We hire only the best of the best talent to ensure that your content is of top-quality. Of course, if you have talent within your own firm or freelancers that you have an existing working relationship with, we can certainly bring them on-board to your project. If this a preference you have, simply let us know and we’re happy to welcome them!

Does Marketing Ignite Offer Reputation Management Services?

Yes, we offer comprehensive reputation management services. We know how important it is for law firms to have a positive perception from potential clients, so we have services tailored specifically to building trust in your brand within your community.

To achieve this, we focus on having an active online presence that appeals to various audiences. For example, we might encourage you to post articles and white papers to establish yourself as a leader in your field among your competitors. In addition, we will build your engagement on social media and promote client reviews to provide social proof of your efficacy. Depending on the current status of your reputation, we may suggest different avenues you can take to improve it.

Why Should I Trust Marketing Ignite to Grow My Law Firm?

We have helped dozens of law firms to grow their client rosters and boost their reputation in the community. As such, we’re confident that we can help you to achieve your marketing goals, but we understand if you need to learn a little bit more about us before committing. Here are some of the major reasons why you can trust us as your law firm marketing agency:

  1. We’re an Industry Leader

    Established in 1998, we share a birth year with Google and have grown alongside the rise of digital marketing. Due to our unique ability to combine our historical knowledge with modern tools and strategies, we deliver amazing results for our clients. Check out our case studies here. Over the years, we’ve developed a winning formula to help you achieve your goals and created quite a name for ourselves in the process.

  2. We Offer World-Class Support

    We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction. That’s why we always ensure that you can reach out to a real person whenever you need to. With the option to contact us via live chat, email, or telephone, rest assured that when you need us, we’re here.

  3. We Have the Latest Technology

    In an industry as fast paced as digital marketing, it is paramount to have access to the latest data, in addition to the experts to interpret the numbers. At Marketing Ignite, we subscribe to all the cutting-edge software that pulls key data from your marketing campaigns to help us evaluate its performance. The ability to make evidence-informed decisions in real time is a huge asset. There’s no guesswork in our strategy!

    If you’re looking for the best digital marketing agency for law firms, we’re your people. We can help you grow your online audience and your client roster sustainably and within your budget. To connect with our digital marketing experts, contact us using the form below or simply give us a call.

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