Intelligent Lead Tracking Attribution System Designed To Increase The ROI From All Your Internet Marketing Investments

Marketing Ignite has developed an intelligent lead tracking, marketing and sales intelligence system to help your company better understand which traffic sources deliver (attributes) the best ROI for your business, helps managing our leads more efficiently, and close the deals faster.

Gain Traffic Source Intelligence

Boost your ROI (at a low cost) by knowing where all of your leads come from. For example, if John Doe searched for “xyz” and clicked on your Google AdWords ad, our system will tell you the keyword, adgroup, and campaign where John Doe came from. Our cloud based marketing and sales automation system does this (and even shows the exact referral page where the lead came from) for all traffic sources, including any display advertising and re-marketing campaign.

Discover which sources deliver superior leads for your business. Our system does more than Google AdWords display or re-marketing campaign reports, which only shows a conversion number in the reports (i.e., if someone submitted an inquiry on your website) but doesn’t say exactly anything about the source of the leads. You may think that you got quality leads, when in fact, those could be low quality or even spam. Our intelligent lead tracking attribution system solves all those questions.

Filter fake inquiries so that you can focus on leads that matter. Our system extracts the IP address, geolocation (country, region, and city), as well as ISP behind each lead.

Categorize your traffic sources and locate more through intelligent lead tracking. Our system can pinpoint your “offline advertising” from newspapers, magazines, and other offline display ads and identify the leads behind them. You can also manually import/export leads, such as those that you get from an industry conference.

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Manage Leads With Ease

Update, follow up, and track your leads conveniently. You can easily update the status of your leads (e.g., not qualified, needs contact, needs quote, followed-up, quoted, closed, lost, spam, and so on) and track their progress in the dashboard. You can also create reports based on leads’ status and specific dates to assess where your business is going.

Manage your sales team effectively and efficiently with minimal effort. You can assign leads to your sales reps either manually or automatically (e.g., in a round robin approach). Your sales team can assign scores to leads and focus on the ones that are most important to your business. Sales reps will have their own login access, and admins can regularly track their performance and progress.

Convert more people and close more deals by knowing your leads. Our system will notify your team through e-mail when your leads return to your website, when they are live, which pages they open, and where they submit an inquiry. Follow up when your prospect is “warm” and when their attention is on your website and thus close the deals faster. Forrester Research reports that 70% of mishandled leads eventually buy from a competitor. Our system can help you prevent that from happening.

Get Crucial Revenue Reports

Find out what works best for your business. You can update the quotation and closed amount (for when the lead becomes a client) and quickly run reports to compare revenues with marketing channels. You can also run reports on sales reps to evaluate their performance and find out the types of leads that work best.

Learn which keywords, campaigns, adgroups, and websites bring the best ROI. Find out which regions are the biggest markets for your business. This knowledge can help you get a clear overview of what your real income is based on your investments, helping you make better forecast decisions.

Automate your marketing efforts. You can save a lot of time and generate more business. Believe us: you wouldn’t want to go back to the old ways of doing things.

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Why Choose Our Lead Tracking Attribution System

Summary of Features:

  • Find out the real user behind all your traffic sources for lead qualification, optimization, and revenue reporting (track all your lead sources more efficiently)

  • Google AdWords API Connector lets you find out the campaign, adgroup, and keyword/URL for each user that comes from Google AdWords search or Google AdWords Display/Re-Marketing without tagging your URLs.

  • Track the specific browsing behaviors of your leads before and after the inquiry as well as the lead inquiry page.

  • Know when your leads are live on any page of your website and be notified when they open specific pages (e.g., Pricing page).

  • Set up lead scoring.

  • Automatically extract the geo location (country, region, and city) and organization of the lead.

  • Automatically extract the prospect’s Facebook and Twitter profiles along with photo Import/export leads from the system and manage leads efficiently.

  • Track lead source attribution and manage the ROI of leads from offline activities (e.g., newspaper, magazine, radio ads, trade shows, etc.).

  • Monitoring/update leads from initial contact to sale. Update the status of your leads so that your team can track their progress in the dashboard.

  • Update the lead and closed amount (for projects that you close). Run performance reports such as “leads by traffic source” and “revenue by traffic source” to get a comprehensive view of your performance.

  • Set up access for your sales reps (read-only, user, or admin levels). Assign leads manually or automatically (using a round robin system).

  • Run performance reports of your sales reps to track their performance and see the performance of specific sources. Quick and easy setup

  • Very User-friendly interface (learn it in just 30 mins.!)

  • Reliable support (via telephone/chat/e-mail, Mon-Sat)

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