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Doubling as a social network and messenger system with over 200 million active users (MAU), LINE is a platform that can’t be ignored in your digital marketing strategy. As the top mobile app in Thailand, this is especially true for Thai companies looking to grow. If you haven’t considered incorporating LINE into your digital marketing strategy, you may be missing out on massive growth potential! If you’re looking to break into or expand your reach in the Thai market, this is the platform for you.

Despite the broad reach and appealing marketing potential of LINE, the route to growth with LINE isn’t necessarily straightforward. Companies are required to sign-up to an account or partnership, choose from a variety of LINE marketing services (stickers, exclusive offers, points ads, and more), select from multiple ad formats, and closely monitor metrics to execute a successful strategy. If you’re new to LINE, we recommend consulting with a LINE advertising agency to help you navigate the complexity.

Marketing Ignite is a selected LINE partner agency, which means we’ve been formally recognized by LINE as a superior LINE advertising agency. In other words, we’re accredited LINE super-users with all the necessary technical expertise to help make your LINE ads campaign a success. Interested? Learn more about how we can benefit your marketing by dropping us a line here.

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How can my business benefit from advertising with LINE Ads?

There’s plenty of reasons why your company might choose LINE as an advertising platform. With potential to drastically increase brand awareness, build brand loyalty among a large number of followers, and even drive sales, every business in Thailand stands to benefit from LINE ads.

Furthermore, like any great marketing platform, LINE offers many customizable features to create your ideal ads campaign. You can choose a custom audience, select from many unique ad formats, perform A/B testing, and monitor an in-depth data dashboard, and more. Of course, as a LINE ads agency we’re happy to take care of this for you.

In addition, LINE is constantly adding features to enhance the user experience. As a business, this means a consistent flow of marketing avenues to capitalize on. If you’re too busy to keep up with the constant iterations, Marketing Ignite, a LINE marketing company, can capitalize on these opportunities on your behalf. You can set the goals and leave the execution to us! You can chat with us here if you’re interested in exploring this option.

LINE is popular around the world. Can Marketing Ignite manage an international LINE campaign?

Marketing Ignite is a selected LINE advertising agency in Bangkok, Thailand. With LINE being the most popular messenger app in Thailand, our personal experience and familiarity with Thailand culture and practices is a huge asset to developing LINE advertising.

We’re also familiar with international clientele. In fact, many of our clients are located in the United States. Having successfully executed digital marketing campaigns for clients like Volvo, Mercedes, and Cisco, to name a few, we know what it takes to make an international campaign successful. You can trust us to ensure your business is primed for marketing success on LINE.

As a LINE Ads agency, how does Marketing Ignite manage LINE advertisement campaigns?

We use a transparent, linear approach to make your ad campaign a success from its development all the way through its implementation. Here’s a broad overview of what you can expect if you choose Marketing Ignite as your LINE Ads platform agency.

  • Create Your Ad Account

    There are two types of LINE accounts- “LINE Official” and Line@. Furthermore, there are subtypes of LINE official accounts based on your subscription plan. At Marketing Ignite, we will help you select the account type that is best for you based on your marketing goals and budget considerations. Then, we’ll complete all the pesky set-up tasks on your behalf.

  • Create Your LINE Campaign

    This is the fun part of your marketing campaign! Now we get to brainstorm. This includes selecting your marketing goals (think brand awareness, growing sales, brand promotion, or retargeting), determining your reach and frequency, and setting a timeline and budget.

    This is the step that is especially important to have a LINE Ads agency on-board for. Setting goals, budgets, and key metrics takes technical expertise to do correctly. This is the foundation of your marketing campaign. Build it correctly, or you risk not setting your company up for success. Marketing Ignite will help you ensure that your campaign foundation is solid.

  • Create Your Ad Group

    A major component of your campaign’s success is the identification and targeting of the right audience. At Marketing Ignite, we’ll analyze your core audience by specific location, demographics, devices, and interests to parse out the ideal candidates for your marketing goals.

    LINE also offers the capacity to create “Lookalike Audiences” from a custom audience. This feature is great for promoting growth when leveraged correctly. We can help you make the most of it with our technical knowledge.

  • Create Your Ads

    There are two key elements of ad creation: choosing a proper ad format and selecting an appropriate bidding strategy. LINE offers a lot of ad formats, which can be overwhelming for new advertisers. As a LINE marketing company, we know each of the formats in great detail. You can trust us to help you select those best suited to your goals and budget.

  • Manage Your Ads

    We love data and we’re constantly tracking the key performance indicators of our clients’ marketing campaigns. When you choose Marketing Ignite as your LINE Ads agency, you can be sure that you’ll have a dedicated LINE expert monitoring the performance of your campaign and making adjustments as necessary. We won’t stop until we reach your goals.

What’s the Marketing Ignite advantage?

We are incredibly proud to be a selected LINE partner agency. LINE only recognizes the best of the best as partner agencies, so this accreditation validates our expertise with the LINE platform and our potential to help your company meet its growth goals.

We also offer the unique benefit of being a LINE advertising agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. LINE is incredibly popular in Thailand, so our understanding of the local culture and usage patterns often come into play when designing strategies and campaigns for our clients. In combination with our technical expertise, we’re well equipped to make your LINE campaign successful.

Why should I trust Marketing Ignite as my LINE advertising agency?

  • We’re an established leader in digital marketing

    Established in 1998, Marketing Ignite has over 20 years in the digital marketing business. We combine our years of experience with constant learning about the latest platforms and technologies to make your business the strongest possible marketing campaign. We’ve done this for hundreds of clients. Will you be our next success story?

  • We care about customer service

    We strive for perfection in everything we do, but we may make a mistake every now and then. If you ever have a question or concern, it’s important to us that we resolve it quickly for your peace of mind. With LINE advertising agents on-call from Monday through Saturday, we welcome you to contact us through phone, email, or online chat. If you’d like to contact us now, you can find us here.

  • We can back up our claims

    As much as we say that you can trust us, you might still be skeptical. If so, we invite you to visit our testimonials page and read our case studies, where you can learn about how we’ve gone above and beyond for our clients, from our clients themselves. We know you’ll be impressed!

    LINE advertising can get complicated, quickly. If you want to go in with a plan for success, we recommend consulting with a Line Ads platform agency- like us here at Marketing Ignite. To take advantage of your free, no obligation consultation, click here.

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