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Here at Marketing Ignite, we’re big fans of LinkedIn advertising. As a LinkedIn advertising agency in Bangkok, Thailand, we draw on over 20 years of digital marketing expertise to develop targeted online ad campaigns that get our clients the results they need to grow their business.

We’ve noticed that many ad agencies have a tendency to focus on Facebook and Google ads at the expense of other platforms. While Facebook and Google can be effective, not considering LinkedIn Ads as part of your web marketing strategy can mean you’re losing out on potential customers- and many of them!

With over 630 million active professionals that hold twice the buying power of the average web audience, this is one seriously powerful platform. There is so much marketing potential for your company to take advantage of with LinkedIn.

Want to start incorporating LinkedIn Ads into your web marketing campaign? You’ve come to the right people. We’re a leading LinkedIn advertising company and excited to share our expertise to help your company succeed!

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What’s a LinkedIn Ad?

There are several different types of LinkedIn Ads. We’re going to break each type down for you. If you’re not interested in the details but want to incorporate LinkedIn Ads into your marketing, simply reach us to us! We can review your product or service and recommend the type of LinkedIn Ad best suited to your needs. Let us use our expertise to help you succeed!

Sidebar Ads

Sidebar Ads appear on the right-hand side of a LinkedIn user’s screen. They generally include a small photo, a short headline, and sparse text. These ads can get very granular in their targeting ability, which we adore. However, we recognize that this can be overwhelming for novice LinkedIn Ads users. We can help you fine-tune your target audience, gain meaningful insights, and optimize your budget to reach your objectives through Sidebar Ads.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content is a fancy way of saying that the advertisement is a promoted post. It looks identical to LinkedIn user posts, except there’s a “Promoted” label attached. There are three types of sponsored content ads: single image, video, and carousel. Of course, different ads come with different investments- both in their production and dissemination. We can consult with you to work within your budget and goals to recommend an effective format. Generally, any type of sponsored content will grow engagement.

Direct Sponsored Content is subtype of Sponsored Content (promoted posts); however, these advertisements do clutter your LinkedIn Page or Showcase Page.

Sponsored InMail (now renamed to Message Ads)

This is an interesting method, as your ad is delivered as a message into a LinkedIn user’s inbox. In our experience, we find these ads to be most effective when they are highly targeted and personalized. This requires data. Marketing Ignite uses a variety of optimization strategies to reach your audience and we know all the tricks to writing an engaging message.

Lead Generation Forms

LinkedIn is excellent at generating quality leads thanks to its Lead Generation Forms. These forms are pre-filled with a user’s LinkedIn information, so they don’t need to leave the app to engage with a company.

Text Ads

Text Ads are similar to Google/Bing search ads. This makes them a perfect candidate for testing out different advertising variations and determining your top-performers. We recommend this ad format for those hoping to boost brand awareness.

Dynamic Ads

We love personalized ads! Dynamic Ads are ads that are automatically personalized for LinkedIn’s users to boost engagement and conversions. This creates a very personalized approach, which makes them very effective.

Would LinkedIn Advertising make sense for my product/service?

Maybe! LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, so it’s important that your product or service is appealing to the average LinkedIn user. Their users have professional, career-oriented mindsets, so keep that in mind.

If you’re not sure, consult with us! Marketing Ignite understands the LinkedIn market in-depth, so we’re familiar with all the potential groups you may want to target. We would be happy to make a recommendation about whether LinkedIn Ads is likely to be successful for you and help set up a marketing plan.

I’m a B2B business. Will LinkedIn Ads benefit me?

In fact, LinkedIn Ads are particularly ideal for B2B advertising because of the granularity of the targeting. This platform is built for business marketing, so you can narrow your strategy to find the specific companies that you care about reaching. It is an excellent tool for B2B businesses.

I’m worried about my web marketing budget. Is LinkedIn Ads going to be too expensive for me?

Fortunately, LinkedIn Ads is flexible and suitable to a range of budgets. When using LinkedIn advertising with our clients, we rely on our expertise to maximize cost effectiveness. For example, once a client shares their budget with us, we can determine the advertising strategies that are most budget friendly, while still striving for the desired results. If you’re new to LinkedIn Ads, it may be hard to determine which method is best for you.

It’s so worth it to have an expert’s advice if your budget is tight, as this can avoid costly adjustments if you don’t get your strategy right the first time.

I don’t have time to manage another ad campaign. What should I do?

Running a business is tough and it takes a lot of time investment. Marketing is identical- it requires time and surveillance to perfect a strategy and have it deliver the best possible results. Marketing Ignite is the leading LinkedIn Advertising Agency in Thailand. Let us take LinkedIn Ads off of your plate. Dedicate the time and energy you save to all the other important activities you need to take care of!

Can LinkedIn Advertising help my company create a more targeted marketing strategy?

Yes! LinkedIn Ads has the unique capacity to focus in on the most unique of demographics to find leads that have the highest likelihood of conversion. If you have a super niche product or service, this is an excellent place to be advertising. It offers filters like location, company size, age, gender, groups, job seniority, job title, job function, company industry, company name, degrees, member skills, member school, fields of study, and more. This is a lot to figure out, so we’re happy to step in and create a targeted campaign for you.

Why should I use Marketing Ignite as the LinkedIn Advertising Agency?

Years of Industry Leadership

As the first digital marketing agency in Thailand, we’ve learned a lot in the 20+ years since our induction. We make a point of keeping up with the latest industry tools and trends, so our clients get the best of both worlds: decades of industry knowledge and cutting-edge technologies.

We’d also like to mention that we’re a leading LinkedIn Ad agency in Bangkok and a major competitor in international markets. Trust us, we’re the experts you need to develop and execute your ideal LinkedIn Ads campaign. We’re objective-driven and won’t quit until you get the results you need. Hard work is what made us industry leaders, so we strive to do better with every project.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest levels of integrity and accountability in our work and pursue excellence in every one of our projects, big or small. However, we’re not perfect. If you ever encounter a problem with our services, we encourage you to reach out to us as quickly as possible. We have representatives at the ready to offer quick, reliable support to resolve all of your concerns. We’re available Monday-Friday via email, phone, or online chat.


We’ve completed hundreds of successful web marketing projects, many of them including LinkedIn Ads. Our strategies are compatible with any size of business- we’ve had several corporate clients, like Thai Airways, Mercedes, Volvo, and Cisco, and we’re always excited to work with growing small-to-medium companies. Simply let us know your budget and your growth goals and we’re happy to develop a custom LinkedIn advertising plan that suits your needs. You can trust us to put your needs first to create sustainable, effective marketing strategies.

In truth, who better to tell you how great we are than our clients themselves? To learn more about how we always go above and beyond to help you succeed, check out the dozens of testimonials our clients have shared with us here

I definitely want to create an effective LinkedIn ad campaign. Where should I start?

We love creating LinkedIn Ads campaigns, and we’re really good at it, so let’s work together! We’re a LinkedIn Ad agency based in Bangkok, Thailand but we’re proud to service clients from all over the world. In fact, most of our clients come from Thailand, United States and Europe! We have years of expertise with LinkedIn Ads and we love helping our clients reap the benefits of this incredible marketing opportunity. We might be in Thailand, but we’re only a message away.

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