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Marketing Ignite is a local SEO agency in Bangkok with experience since 1998. As such, we feel confident in saying that we’re the experts in local SEO in Bangkok. If you’re looking to expand your marketing to include local SEO, you’ve come to the right people!

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Want to use local SEO
services to attract customers
in your area?

Of course you do! According to Hubspot, 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. So, if you aren’t using SEO to target local customers, you’re missing out on almost half of potential consumers. Using local SEO is non-negotiable in the modern business world if you want to compete. Keeping it local is still a growing area of SEO optimization, so if you act now, you could be one of the leaders in your industry and area with local SEO.

We are Bangkok based, so we specialize in offering local SEO services in Bangkok, but we also provide SEO services to international companies. You know what they say- the early bird gets the worm. Use local SEO to go get those customers before your competition knows what hit them!

Why is local SEO different from
regular SEO?

Local SEO agencies optimize your SEO so that you appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) in the location(s) of your choice. Regular SEO is country-wide in scope, which is really only useful for businesses that provide services across the country.

This makes local SEO ideal for small businesses that may only have a handful of locations in a specific region. You can maximize your bang for your marketing buck by ensuring each and every time you appear to people, they’re actually a potential customer. For example, regular SEO might have a New York City based company advertising to Dallas consumers. We both know that that’s not going to amount to much. To be SEO smart, small businesses should be using a local strategy.

Would using local SEO make
me more competitive?

Nowadays, massive, multi-billion-dollar online companies like Amazon and Alibaba have become a threat to the little guys, no matter what your business is. If you’re doing business online, you are inevitably competing with these online giants.

Local SEO services actually help you to be more competitive against larger companies. Big businesses tend to focus on optimizing for broad keywords and brand recognition in an attempt to appeal to everyone, everywhere. Local SEO narrows your geographical scope, so you can really tailor your SEO strategy to be more enticing to a specific audience. Ultimately, this makes your business more appealing and better able to compete with the big guys in your area.

What are some local SEO strategies?

As local SEO evolves as a strategy, there are endless ways to optimize. We’ve compiled the top 9 that we’ve discovered to consistently generate more website traffic, leads, and conversions.

We’ve got experience since 1998 behind us, so trust us, these are some of the best strategies in the game.


Google My Business Account

Google My Business accounts automatically gives your business a presence within the Google search engine and makes you show up in Google Maps. The Maps part is especially important, as proper optimization could allow you to pop up in the map section all the way in the top of a Google search. Marketing Ignite has all the tips and tricks to getting on the top.

This strategy is ideal for cultivating a trustworthy online presence. Customers can leave reviews, businesses can comment back, and businesses can publish content with Google Posts. It takes businesses an extra step closer to develop brand name recognition and trust with consumers in a specific area.


Mastering the Art of the Review

This goes hand in hand with establishing a Google My Business presence. Positive reviews can help you rank more highly and bring in more customers as a result. Many people consider online reviews before interacting with a business, so neglecting this area of your SEO can mean customers pass you up for the competition. For example, would you go to the burger place with countless of five-star reviews or the one with no reviews at all? Exactly. Reviews drive consumer decisions.

Here at Marketing Ignite, we know how to drive reviews ethically and respond appropriately to strengthen your Google My Business presence. A common mistake we see small businesses make is not responding to reviews or responding negatively if the review isn’t so great. Professionalism is key to any business’ online presence and responding in a classy and positive manner shows genuine care for customers and trustworthiness.


Voice Search Optimization

Thanks to our robot friends Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, many consumers are now navigating search engines verbally. When it comes to local SEO, it is important to understand the local lingo to optimize for the right search terms. This requires some audience research. For example, how do you know whether it’s better to optimize for “coffee near me” or “cafe near me”? It’s all about gaining insider knowledge about local speaking patterns and applying those to improve SEO.

Here at Marketing Ignite, we use advanced keyword planner tools to conduct this research and then strategically add our findings to our client’s content.


Local Stories

This is about as personable as SEO can get. This often involves strategically selecting local news stories, local events, and other local activities that can be related back to your business. Another strategy we favour is creating a local story by partnering with a local cause and showcasing your philanthropy to the world- this is more complex, but we’ve found it to be totally worth it in our experience!


Mobile Optimization

More people are using their smartphones than ever before, so if you haven’t optimized for mobile, you’re ignoring the needs of your customers. To get mobile right, it’s really important to have a flawless and enticing user interface that creates an amazing user experience. This is how you get repeat customers coming back again and again to your website, so it’s one of our core services.


Location Specificity

When honing in on improving local SEO, one of the most important things you can do is to specify your location and other relevant contact information. This can be done with About Us pages and by using high quality and credible online business directories. We’re always sure to broadcast all the ways customers can reach our clients to make it as easy as possible for them to convert potential customers.


Online Business Directories

We are experts in Yelp, Foursquare, MapQuest, and YellowPages, among other business directories. We maximize your exposure on these platforms to boost your visibility and make sure all of your important information is included. This also does wonders for local SEO.


High-Quality Link Signals

A link signal is just a backlink that goes to your website. We help companies develop high-quality content and develop industry relationships to get others linking back to their site, thus increasing their backlinks. This is another surefire way to boost local SEO rankings!


Page Multiplicity

This can go one of two ways: either new webpages for each of your locations, or new web pages for each of your products and/or services. Regardless, developing SEO optimized web pages that are specific in scope is one of our favorite tactics for bolstering local SEO.

If any of those strategies seem a bit advanced, that’s because they are. Luckily, you don’t have to figure them out alone. In fact, Marketing Ignite provides each and every cutting-edge SEO tactic we just raved about. Let us take care of your local SEO service needs- after all, we’ve been the SEO experts since 1998. We have helped companies all over the world to launch and improve their local SEO strategies… we’d love for you to become our latest success story!

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