Grow Your Manufacturing Company to the Next Level with Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

If you want to grow your manufacturing company efficiently online to increase leads and sales, you need a strong, reliable manufacturing marketing agency at the helm. Fortunately, you don’t need to look any further: Marketing Ignite is a digital marketing agency based in Bangkok, Thailand and has helped dozens of manufacturing companies to transform their online presence using custom, targeted strategies. You won’t find any one size fits all approaches here, but you will find success after success thanks to our advanced digital marketing strategy and techniques. Impatient? Skip right to our case studies and testimonials!

When you work with us, you can expect a completely customized experience. Whether you want to leverage SEO, PPC, social media, your website, or more, we can make it happen. Together, we’ll explore your target audience and goals to determine which marketing strategies make the most sense for you and your budget.

You’re here because you know it’s time to make a change. You’re either spending too much on your current marketing techniques without seeing sufficient results, or you don’t know where (or don’t have the time!) to start. Marketing Ignite can change that.

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What Types of Manufacturing Companies Does Marketing Ignite Work With?

We’ve acted as a digital marketing agency for manufacturers across a broad range of industries. This has granted us a strong understanding of the niches within each area of expertise, as well as knowledge of which strategies are best suited to the audiences of each area. Here are but a few of the manufacturing industries we have experience in:

  • Clothing and textiles

  • Electronics and metal

  • Food production

  • Natural resources (wood, leather, paper)

  • Industrial fans

  • And more!

Don’t see your area of manufacturing listed? We have additional experience not listed here, so reach out to our experts to learn more about how we’ve made an impact in your industry. We’re open to working with all kinds of manufacturing companies.

What Key Tenets of My Marketing Strategy Can Marketing Ignite Help With?

Typically, companies come to us because they’d like an expert opinion on how to improve their branding, reputation, or analytics. We’re quite familiar with the digital marketing strategies required to elevate these areas for manufacturing companies, and while we can’t give away all of our secrets, we’re happy to provide you with a glimpse into our process.

  1. Branding

    Branding will make or break a company. Period. As such, investing in building a trustworthy, likeable, sustainable brand is one of the best things you can do for your company’s longevity. People don’t do business with companies that they don’t trust. In addition to building trust, branding can create quite a competitive advantage in your area of manufacturing by making you stand apart from other manufacturing firms. As for the downsides? We don’t know of any, and we’ve been helping companies improve their branding as a manufacturing marketing agency since 1998!

    Improving branding is a comprehensive effort. At Marketing Ignite, it first involves building a strong visual presence and integrating it into every marketing effort of the company. This can be a specific logo, tagline, typeface, or even colour palette. Next, we ramp up outreach so that we’re exposing as much of your target audience as possible to your refined branding. This can involve advertisements, blogs, media stories, and more, depending on your budget and goals.

  2. Reputation Management

    Reputation is very similar to branding, however, sometimes companies with excellent branding have poor reputations. If you’ve suffered an unfortunate PR incident or simply don’t have the quality of public opinion you’re striving for, we can help.

    The first thing we’ll work on is improving the customer experience. It is so important to retain existing customers when obtaining new sales is challenging. Therefore, we’ll audit current engagement with your customers. Are you engaging with them on social media? Do you reply to negative reviews to make it right and show that you care? Are you consistent in delivering quality products and services (and doing so on time)? These are but a few of the areas we’ll investigate when improving your reputation.

    Once your relationship with existing customers is strengthened, you’re in the position to reach out to the broader public. At this point, Marketing Ignite will leverage various digital marketing strategies, including advertisements, organic social media, and SEO, to gain positive exposure. The content of these will be context-dependent, but you can trust that our professional copywriters will produce high-quality, strategic copy no matter the situation.

  3. Analytics

    Sometimes we have manufacturing companies join us who have stellar marketing techniques but aren’t sure if they’re working properly to deliver results. Other times, we work with companies who are dropping way too much of their budget on marketing trying to get results and failing miserably. Producing and interpreting analytics is fundamental to building an efficient marketing strategy!

    At Marketing Ignite, we have access to a number of analytics tools at our fingertips, in addition to our own developed marketing intelligence software called Lead-IQ. Our marketers use their expertise to evaluate the performance of each element of the strategy in relation to its cost. Understanding the ROI’s attached to your marketing strategy can make all the difference in creating an effective campaign. After a comprehensive evaluation of your marketing data, our experts will outline a series of recommendations to help your campaign lean out and improve metrics. You’re welcome to adopt as many or as few as you desire, and our experts will get straight to work making the changes.

    The next step? Another round of analytics to see how the new elements are performing. Improvement is cyclical and continuous, especially given the rapidly changing nature of digital marketing and online spaces. We always report regularly on your marketing campaigns to keep you in the loop and to proactively manage any issues that may arise.

What Marketing Strategies Can I Expect from a Manufacturing Marketing Company?

We can’t speak for all manufacturing marketing agencies, but at Marketing Ignite, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of marketing strategies. Of course, every campaign is unique, but we do find ourselves circling back to tried-and-true strategies that are very effective in increasing reach and sales. Let’s explore some that could be relevant to your company:

  1. Search Engine Optimization

    SEO allows your site to rank higher in search engine inquiries, meaning that you get more exposure to potential customers the better your SEO is. We build strong SEO using several strategies, including content creation, keyword research, website development and design, and more.

    Google has a very specific algorithm that selects which websites rank where on the results page. One of Google’s top priorities in the current algorithm is selecting websites that are mobile friendly, so naturally, we provide “mobilization” services to help you keep up with the times. This can be a dealbreaker for customers, as more and more people choose to access websites using mobile devices instead of desktops.

    In addition, search engines care about the volume of content, uniqueness of content, and usefulness of content. It’s important that you present the right information in the right way. To help you achieve this, we’re staffed with a team of professional copywriters who create SEO-tailored content. You can trust Marketing Ignite to bolster your on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to maximize your odds of achieving that coveted #1 spot in search engine results.

  2. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    Pay-per-click marketing requires ongoing investment, but it can also produce an ROI like no other. The secret to an excellent PPC campaign is comprehensive research. At Marketing Ignite, our experts use software and data to determine the ideal keywords for your campaign. Then, our copywriters and graphic designers come onboard to create an eye-catching, effective advertisement. Next, we launch the campaign, inclusive of lead tracking and data collecting.

    We offer Google Ads, Bing/Yahoo Ads, Baidu PPC, LinkedIn, LINE, Taboola, Facebook/ Instagram and other social media ads in our fleet of PPC services. Regardless of the platform you choose, we will adopt a data-driven approach to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy and constantly improve it to increase your ROI.

  3. Social Media Management

    The power of social proof is incredible, so it’s no surprise that social media is one of our top performers when it comes to manufacturing marketing. Consistent communication with potential customers keeps your company top-of-mind, and the right content builds a relationship and customer loyalty. What more could you ask for?

    Marketing Ignite has extensive skills with all major social media platforms that are applicable to the manufacturing industry. In addition, however, we pride ourselves on the strength of our ability to organically grow a company on social media using strategic copy and engagements. For example, cultivating customer reviews is an excellent way to bolster social proof without paying a dime.

  4. Website Design and Development

    If you haven’t re-designed your website recently, it could be costing you customers. Everything from navigation to branding and layout needs to be perfect to draw in customers and retain them on your site until they make a purchase. Part of this includes ensuring that your website is up to par with current SEO expectations and creates an appropriate volume of conversions.

    Our team of copywriters and designers can revamp your existing website so that it looks good and performs even better. Everything, down to the metadata, will be optimized for search engine rankings. In addition, the customer experience will be improved by reducing long loading times and improving navigation flow. One of the most important elements of your new site will be the calls-to-action dispersed throughout to motivate your readers to inquire. When done correctly,you can see huge improvements in website and SEO traffic, as well as an increase in leads! Your website can be a seriously powerful marketing tool, but you need our experts to help make it happen.

    Here is an example of the performance from one single blog post for one of our clients.

  5. CRM Lead Management and Marketing Automation

    Having developed our own lead management tool, Lead-IQ, we can help sync all inbound marketing leads to one single platform for analysis. Next, we follow up with each lead to turn them into real clients. We are also a Hubspot Certified partner (which is another CRM and Marketing Automation solution), so if you take this route we would be happy to create and manage the integration.

    Email marketing is a great relationship-building tool to connect regularly with potential customers. However, cultivating a contact list and maintaining their interest is no easy feat. At Marketing Ignite, we’ve honed our email marketing craft. We know exactly when to schedule emails so that they’re well-received, and precisely what to say to get a click-through to your website.

    Newsletters can be an excellent choice of sustainable marketing practice; however, they are known to be time-consuming to develop. Let us take care of everything from design, to copy, and successful delivery, so you can save time and get back to your core job priorities. We’ve launched thousands of successful email marketing campaigns, including for manufacturers.

Can I Combine Marketing Services in My Strategy?

Of course! In fact, diversified marketing strategies are often the most successful because they cast the widest net for reeling in your target audience. One of the most popular combinations is PPC and SEO, but what works best is always context dependent. Curious about which strategies are best suited to your goals? Chat with one of our manufacturing marketing agents today.

Why is Marketing Ignite the Manufacturing Marketing Agency for Me?

Nobody knows digital marketing like we do. Since we were established in 1998, we’ve spent decades helping manufacturers build a strong online presence to better reach their target audience. We couple our expertise with cutting-edge technologies to ensure we deliver the most efficient strategy possible, meaning you benefit from the highest possible ROI. Having worked with local clients in Thailand and international clientele alike, there’s no project we can’t tackle. If you’re ready to improve your online image, promote your services, and gain new clients, we’ve got the right people and tools to make it happen.

Digital marketing is exploding in popularity and growing consistently year over year. If you’re not leveraging the power of an online presence, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with potential clients. Choose a reliable manufacturing marketing agency that has proven results to improve your own marketing metrics.

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