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Are you one of these guys who got hooked on selling online but nothing happens? As you read on, you will discover how to maximize your profits online with the five most up-to-date Internet marketing strategies for your online business. But first, there are two important facts you need to know before you even get started. First, ensure your website conversion-ratio is high. This means you need to know how many orders you get per 100 clicks. For instance, if you receive 100 clicks and get 2 orders, this means your conversion ratio is 2%. Without knowing how you convert, you could be wasting lot of money on advertising and nothing or very little will happen on your website. Later on, you will find out how you can improve this on your website. Once your website conversion is high, start generating massive and targeted visitors to your website using the four strategies below.

The first strategy is to optimize your website in natural search engines (akaorganic search) and get top placements in google, yahoo, msn, aol etc. The key here is to focus on around 1-3 keyword phrases per page. The keywords obviously need to be popular and targeted for optimal results. You can check a keyword's popularity and competition by going to www.overture.com or www.wordtracker.com and type in a keyword term to see how many searches there have been per month for a particular keyword. Once you have determined which keywords you want to optimize for, it is time to implement those keyword phrases on strategic places on your website. The most important places are the title tag, headlines, and words on your website, alt tags and links tags. Some search engines still consider the meta-tags, which are the keyword and the description tags. You also need to build a link campaign for your website because search engines love websites who have many websites pointing to them. But a word of caution, make sure to exchange links with websites who have good rankings themselves in the search engines, are related to your website category, and have a high google page rank. Every website has a google page rank from 0-10 where ten is the best and zero is the lowest. Ensure to exchange links only with websites with a high google page rank, which will help to get a high pr and top placements with google.

The second strategy is to utilize affiliate marketing. This has become one of the most attractive advertising methods because you only pay when websites send you visitors that generate an order/sign up. This means free traffic and you pay the affiliate partner a commission that will be tracked by a third party. The key to a successful affiliate marketing campaign is to locate and recruit top affiliates (a.k.a super affiliates) who can generate hundreds and even thousand of orders per month from their websites. In return you have to provide the affiliate with a decent commission or he/she will go elsewhere.

The third strategy is to utilize multiple auto responders. Most of your website visitors will come to your website and never to return. But with multiple auto responders you will be able to get then back again to your website for those that were interested but never signed up. Implement a place on your website where they can enter their e-mail address and name in return for five free reports automatically sent to them on a topic that would be interesting to your target audience.

In the free reports, include useful information about the topic you decide to use, links to your company website, promotions, and other call to action links that would give the user a chance to come back again. You will be surprised how many will do this and sign up on your website, which is why some of the most successful Internet marketers are still using this effective marketing tool. You can set the free report to be sent out in intervals at set dates and it's all automatic and free, so it will save you lots of time and advertising cost. So for instance, the user who requested the free report would receive automatic reports on day one, day four, day eight, day twelve and day eighteen or whatever dates you set.

The fourth strategy is to use Pay Per Click search engines. Because natural search engines can be very time consuming, the PPC engines have grown tremendously in popularity the past years because you get immediate results (top placements appear immediately) compared to the natural search where it can take weeks and months to appear in the top. The PPC works like an auction, so the more you pay per click the higher your ranking will be in Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Google etc. However, you will only be charged when someone clicks your listing. The key to PPC engines is to find popular keyword terms but with little competition. Also, it is crucial to implement strategies to ensure only potential customers will click on your listing. One example is to use your price to screen out the general visitors that won't sign up. For instance, by stating prices starting at 2000 baht, you ensure only potential prospects who are willing to pay 2000 baht will click on your listing.

Lastly, as important as generating traffic is to your website, you continually need to work on your website conversion to maximum results. By making an a/b split run test you test which web page (a or b) performs the best. One example is to make a “web page a” where the price is to set to a certain price and “web page b” which is identical but with a different price. You would then rotate these web pages and you will soon discover which performs the best. Then continue with the best performing piece and make another test. This time you could do another price point test or anything else that you think could make a difference. However, only make one change at the time or else you will never know which change made your website perform better or worse.

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