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As you may know already, your website can instantly receive top positions, highly targeted website traffic and sales using PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising in Google Adwords, Yahoo and MSN PPC. At the same time, since your advertisement will get charged per click, this could easily make or break your budget if your campaign is not optimized and tracked correctly. Many companies get into the PPC advertising game with little or no experience and usually end up losing money on their campaign. Unfortunately they conclude that the PPC model does not work, when in reality, it would have worked if using proper implementation and PPC management.

So How Can Your Company Get the Most Out Of PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
Advertising in the Major Search Engines?

To set up and execute a successful PPC advertising campaign requires in depth search marketing knowledge, experience and testing capabilities. Moreover, for some industries, the PPC model is not applicable because the profit margin is too slim to make money from it. However, for the majority of industries, the PPC model is a gold mine and will generate lots of new orders/inquiries if implemented correctly.

If you are new or have little experience in this area, we strongly recommend you to use a highly experienced PPC advertising company to manage and maximize the performance on your account. This will not only make your website more money, but it will also save you lots of time it otherwise would have taken to set up and run a successful ppc advertising campaign by yourself.

At Marketing Ignite, we will first check whether you are a good candidate for a PPC advertising model. If accepted, we will discuss your products/services in depth and then set up an advertising campaign to effectively reach your customers. We will optimize the adpiece as well as the landing page for optimal performance. Ignoring any of these factors will ultimately result in unsatisfactory performance.

Boost Your Website Conversion and R.O.I. in Your Pay-per-Click Advertising Campaign By Implementing Effective Marketing Elements and Webpsychology

Your landing page is extremely important since that will either make or break the sale. Let’s say your website receives 100 unique visitors and you pay the PPC engines $20 but only 1 person signs up. This would mean your landing page conversion rate is 1%. Now, let’s say you implement proven and effective marketing elements on your landing page, which results in 5 signups (5% conversion). All of a sudden your sales went up by 400%. Having a low conversion rate on the landing page is a major reason why many businesses fail in the PPC game. The landing page needs to contain elements such as AIDA (A=Attention, I=Interest D=Desire A=Action). You have about 3 seconds to get the visitors attention. If implemented correctly, he/she will keep on reading, but if not, you just lost the sale. Many websites lose the user here, which can cost them lots of money.

However, if your site gets the person’s ATTENTION, the next step is to develop interesting webcopy, as well as other marketing elements to keep his/her interest on the page. Just like the “attention element”, many websites will lose the user here because they fail to implement INTERESTING sales copy and catchy elements. The way you market your products/services as “benefit driven sales copy” (compared to feature driven sales copy) will result in whether the user will develop a DESIRE for your product. Again, this is another step where you can lose out because you failed to inject effective benefit driven adcopy to create a DESIRE.

If implemented all three elements successfully, you will notice that your website is starting to sell more than before. Just like a sales person needs to be a great listener (to understand the customer and therefore be able to sell), your website needs to communicate in a manner, where the user feels you are listening to his or her needs. At the same time, you need a systematic method and inject web psychology, which will take the user from point to point and finally to the sign up button on your website. Inject webpsychology to your website is extremely important and is a topic way too big to cover on this page. At Marketing Ignite, we will hold you by the hand to ensure your campaign contains ALL necessary elements from the click to the conversion on your website.

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