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When picking the best way to profit from your website traffic... whether it's search engine optimization (SEO) schemes, Google AdWords, or other pay per click (PPC) systems... you need to be aware of the pros and cons of these methods. To clarify, Google AdWords is just Google's own PPC method; one of many PPC schemes out there, in fact. At any rate, this article will tackle whether you're better off using SEO to drive traffic to your website or if it's more profitable to depend on PPC schemes like Google AdWords to acquire more web exposure.

More Ad Campaign Control versus Expensiveness and Content Policy Restrictions

Google AdWords, in a sense, is a total Internet marketing solution in and of itself. It's a viable advertising method that allows companies to profit from the huge traffic of certain websites. Adopting a PPC-type campaign allows companies to control their advertising budget by choosing which keywords they should use. It's also a rather profitable way of improving the SEO of your website because Google itself is backing you up and you'll always be assured of clicks and traffic (depending on how big your investment is).

However, there are certain businesses that aren't able to profit from Google AdWords. It's also quite expensive. A huge number of websites have availed of the service, such that the ones that get top billing will naturally be those that can invest on it the most. It's also important to remember that Google reserves the right to withdraw their support of certain advertisers whom they believe are breaking their content policy rules. This can range from businesses with sexual content to websites dealing with controversial and divisive issues.

Google AdWords SEO Tools versus Clickbombing Dangers

As opposed to depending on SEO-based marketing wherein you're still at the mercy of Google's algorithm changes and policies, why not just adopt a Google AdWords campaign and allow Google to handle how to best bring visibility to your website? Instead of paying so-called SEO experts to guess what Google considers an SEO-friendly site (while Yahoo and Bing follow suit), hear it straight from the horse's mouth and let Google itself provide you the necessary tools to determine your best keywords, their competition levels, and their traffic.

Nevertheless, Google AdWords can also be attacked via clickbombing from competitors. Clickbombing involves clicking the ads repeatedly, which will automatically lock them down and ban its owner . There are times when you'll be wasting your money paying for clicks produced by clickbombing instead of traffic from actual prospective customers.

The Bottom Line of Google AdWords PPC and Traditional SEO Marketing

Letting Google's PPC program deal with everything from your website SEO to your advertisement of wares sounds good on paper. It even entails allowing the search engine giant to help you research relevant keywords for your site in a Google-approved manner. There's no better backing than Google, especially in light of how many Internet users depend on Google's search engine to browse through billions upon billions of websites.

Who better than Google would know how to best optimize your site in accordance to their policies and search engine algorithms? Nevertheless, it can be quite costly to depend on Google AdWords, especially in light of the fact that you'll be competing against major corporations in order to gain Internet visibility. It may be cheaper to create a campaign centered on SEO than spending on a Google campaign that's susceptible to clickbombing and content policy bans.

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