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Are You A Chump or a Trump? (2/2)

Posted By: Johan Hedin About the author

In the first segment of this article, we talked about various ways that you can improve your website sales conversion. Without further dallying or wasted time, here are some more tips that might be helpful in your business success and improving conversion rates.

In order to contact people or companies that you want to work with, you have to gain permission. There is this thing called privacy, and people take it very seriously. Cold calling is a fine sales tactic, but only after you have gotten the number from the actual visitor themselves. Otherwise, you’re not being a good businessperson. Plus, a lot of information isn’t offered by tracking tools. You can’t just search for John Doe and expect his information to pop up. You need to get his permission to have that information. While you’re at it, you should offer him the peace of mind that you’re not going to sell or give out his information, so that he feels more secure in doing so.

There are many factors that have an impact on the total website sales conversion that you experience. First, you have to be different, which should start with the domain name. Make it something fun and something easy to remember. Skip hyphens and slang when you can, because people far more likely to remember jewelrywarehouse.com than the-jewelry-wear-house.com. You need to focus on target marketing, as well. Take your copy, your website design, and your advertising and marketing tools, and attack the people who need or want your services. Make them want to find out why you’re so special, and convince them that you’re a worthy investment for them to make.

Trust is essential. Website sales conversion will never happen if your target customers do not trust you and the services or products that you offer. You need to offer as much information up front as possible, including your privacy policy, shipping rules, encrypted forms, and other things that customers will want to know. Hide nothing, and they will trust because they feel like they know you. It doesn’t matter if you have the best website and the most effective tools, because if you don’t have trust, you will have nothing. All of these different tips are definitely going to help you with your website sales conversion if you take them to heart. Just put yourself in the visitor’s shoes, and ask yourself what would make you convert.

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