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Why an SEO Audit is Critical Right Now

Because of the nature of modern technology, it’s absolutely critical for your company to perform an audit to see where your website stands, what improvements can be made right away to stay up to date, and how much potential isn’t being realized.

Three other important reasons are as follows.

Constantly Evolving Search

From small updates with big impacts, to substantial updates that change the internet marketing game, regular audits ensure your website stays in compliance.


The Changing Complexity of
Webmaster Tools:

The tools major search engines make available to webmasters also continue to change in response to ever-smarter and more elegant algorithms.


Outdated Content &

Those landing pages, articles or SEO strategies might’ve been top notch in 2016, but not anymore. The most important digital assets companies have, are always in a state of adaptation.


Marketing Ignite’s SEO Audit Services

Should you desire to get deep down into the highly complex and technical webs of SEO work, we’re happy to go there with you in person or on a conference call with your team. For now, though, below we’ll go through the three overarching or umbrella-benefits of leveraging the power of a professional SEO audit agency.

To help reinforce these benefits, we’re including one of our actual internet marketing Client Testimonials (noted in quotes) with each one which we feel sort of helps capture the experience.

Reveal Weak Links
for Easy-Revenue-Jolt Wins

Some wins are much bigger than others of course, it really depends on where you are within the matrix of your niche. Over the years we’ve worked with plenty along the entire spectrum from brand new website concepts in need of an entire suite of SEO services for fresh-faced entrepreneurs and startup teams, to extensive platforms looking for dramatic systemic optimization.

What Are These ‘Easy Wins’ You Speak Of?

Easy wins in our industry are easy optimizations that lead to relatively small to large improvements in your website’s overall health, performance, and ranking. Some take a few hours to implement, while others take a lot longer, but once live they produce real quantifiable ‘money in the bank’ results.

     Marketing Ignite are the real deal when it comes to PPC and SEO management. In a short space of time our conversion rates increased by over 200%. They are highly responsive, professional and transparent. Well recommended  

Steven Bussey – EQHO Globalization Pte. Ltd

We’re not insinuating we can waltz in and produce a 200% boost to your company site’s entire SEO performance overnight, but maybe this one component can be optimized, or this one hole you didn’t see can be quickly filled. And so on.

A ‘Spotlighting’
Competitive SEO Analysis

No company is an ocean unto itself – everyone has competitors these days. In our globalized and hyper-interconnected world there’s always somewhere we can turn and say, “They’re similar to you, and wow, look at the results they’re achieving through X, Y, and Z.”

We pinpoint these strengths then customize, curate,  and help your brand capitalize.

These wins are often a vibrant mix of easy, to moderate, to more difficult long-term goals to shoot for (often due to budget constraints when looking at much larger more funded competitors).

     Marketing Ignite enabled me to grow my business into the largest facility services firm in Myanmar. We landed two large contracts within 3 months of signing onto Marketing Ignite’s SEO and Adwords campaigns…most helpful along the way – extremely consultative and hands-on. Highly Recommended  

Brett Miller – Scipio Services Co. Ltd

Spearheading New
Refined Focus for Your SEO Strategy

Based on this updated look at how your company’s web presence is structured and built from a seasoned SEO agency’s perspective, along with cutting-edge competitive analysis, we build a way forward where each step is clearly communicated and results are demonstrated on a regular basis.

For a closer look, feel free to browse our SEO Case Studies which can directly show you the core stats and figures; most annual, showcasing increases of over 100% to total visitor traffic and conversions.

What would that mean for your company on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis?

     Marketing Ignite provided a very professional, effective service to our business in Thailand. They spent the time to get a real understanding of what we needed and then put successful SEO and PPC plans in place to achieve ever-improving results. It was a pleasure dealing with the team and I have no hesitation recommending them.  

Jeff Heaver – Language Express Co. Ltd

Why Our SEO Audit Agency is Thriving After 20 Years

How many agencies involved with SEO Audit Services have come and gone since 1998?

Why is Marketing Ignite still around and thriving, helping clients from across the globe take the guesswork out of SEO and make search engines powerful allies instead of consistent annoyances (re: profit-sinks)?


First and foremost is our ability to increase revenue and marketing/advertising ROI. We get results. Without those consistent results, built upon professionalism and industry authority, we would’ve never made it this far as an SEO audit agency.


Feel free to visit our Clients Page where we’ve made it easy to see at least 40 of the brands we’ve collaborated with in the past or continue to serve today – four examples are Mercedes-Benz, Wimdu, HerbaLife, and Samitivej Hospitals.


We’re flesh and blood with a great attitude for our work and friendly, but we also know how to get down to business. Because of this we build rapport quickly and this makes it easier to get fantastic results across the board.

Whether you’re building a new site and need to ensure it ranks well or is built with professional SEO baked in, or your site’s fallen in rankings dramatically and you need to recover then exceed them, we’ll help with a smile on our faces.

Let’s transition into what easy wins often look like.

Examples of Easy Wins | SEO Audit Services

Imagine your platform is a visual one, with plenty of gorgeous high-production value images sprinkled among core pages and web-based marketing content (vs. assets users can download like PDF brochures or ebooks).

  • What if we see no proper XML sitemap and far too much duplicate content?
  • What if you’ve never invested in quality backlinks before?
  • What if we discover your blogs have tons of optimization potential (titles, meta-descriptions, URL structure, keyword usage, etc.), especially when we get a grip on your competition’s blogging styles and SEO strategies?
  • What if your primary keyword list hasn’t been updated in X years?
  • What if the core navigational structure of your website or webstore, including product and service pages, are lacking proper SEO optimizations?
  • How about this, you’ve been in business for X years and haven’t invested in professional SEO audit services before (you’ve been winging it well)?

The list of these kinds of easy wins could go on and on. For you, the only way we can list out what your easy wins are and how much value they offer your business now and through the 2020s, is to reach out through the link below and make a connection!

Marketing Ignite, a premier SEO Audit Agency based in Bangkok.

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