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As the search marketing industry is getting increasingly competitive, below are some tips to help you understand your current position in the market and what to expect.

Implementing an effective and robust search engine optimization campaign is one of the most efficient ways to drive targeted but also massive volume of traffic. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about search engine placements and what to expect from your employee or company who handles your search engine optimization efforts. As the search engine marketing industry is getting increasingly competitive, it’s almost becoming impossible to rank high for various competitive terms. Before you make calculations on what to expect you have to make an initial situational analysis of your website. This includes your current Google Page Rank. To check your Google Page Rank score, (which is Google’s measurement of how important your website is in their eyes), you can download the toolbar here http://www.google.com/tools/firefox/toolbar/FT3/intl/en/index.html Once you have installed this on your computer, you can check what page rank your website have (a scale from 0-10). The higher score your website have, the better. If your website page rank is very low (such as 0-2) you really need to get some quality links from websites with a High Page Rank.

One way to do this is to purchase links on website which possess a high Google Page Rank. However, be very careful as Google now actively tracks down on websites who actively purchase text link for the purpose of boosting their page rank score. If the site where you purchase a link from is very open about selling links, please stay away from them as Google may have red flagged this website already. Linking from them will just boost your spam score in Google and could cause your current positions to slip and prevent your optimized keywords from appearing in the top results.

Another important initial analysis of your website is to determine how many links are pointing to your website. A quick way to check how many websites link to yours and your competitor’s websites is to install the Firefox Extensions on your browser (Firefox). When you search for one of your keywords in Google, you can view much valuable information such as how many links are pointing to yours and your competitor’s site, age of domain, Alexa Rank, Directory listings such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory and BOTW and much more. If your competitors have lots of links pointing to their websites, this tells you that you really need to work on your link popularity. However, quantity of links is not the most important anymore but the quality is what Google is looking after nowadays. One great way of building one way links quickly is article syndications. If you write highly quality articles, many websites would like to add your information source on their websites. However, you need to implement a RSS feed on your website before. So to summarize, if your website have a low Google page rank and if your site is not linked up well, do not expect immediate results. It is impossible to say how long it will take to gain measurable results but a ballpark figure would be around 6 months depending on your industry.

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