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An SEO (search engine optimization) reseller or agent is any company that "resells" the SEO services of a primary SEO provider (usually white label SEO) to end clients under one company banner. It's the SEO agent that gets all the credit for the work while the private label SEO firm gets to concentrate exclusively on providing topnotch backend SEO support. Reselling SEO, handling mass work tasks, and focusing on white label SEO backend are the multiple ways for an SEO provider to streamline its services and simply get the job done. In turn, SEO resellers won't have to worry about dealing with gigantic workloads or having a lack of employees to do the job because they have the white label SEO firm to depend on when it comes to the work itself.

The Brave New World of SEO Reselling

An SEO agent basically acts as the middleman between the end clients and the primary SEO provider. A reseller company can either provide SEO services itself or depend completely on the offerings of its white label SEO partner. Once you become an SEO reseller, most anyone can serve as your client. The only thing a client needs to be eligible is a website that requires optimization for search engines or Internet marketing and promotions. A lot of businesses have websites at present because it's practically mandatory to have one nowadays, so most businesses can become your client. It's the foremost goal of the typical reseller to gather as many clients as it (or rather, its private label SEO provider) could handle and offer them a means to become more visible on the Worldwide Web.

The main reason why many SEO companies nowadays are depending more and more on SEO resellers to get them the clients they need is because it makes their services a lot more affordable. If primary SEO providers were to open their doors and compete directly with most of these SEO resellers, then these smaller companies probably wouldn't stand a chance against them (because if agents could handle huge client workloads by themselves, then they wouldn't require the assistance of white label SEO in the first place). However, because these providers want to concentrate more on the SEO aspect of work, they're willing to let SEO resellers deal with client management for them, which allows them to meet deadlines faster and focus exclusively in offering quality SEO and Internet marketing work.

Why SEO Reselling is Advantageous to Everyone Concerned

An SEO reseller is the kind of client that gathers clients. It is the middleman that lets SEO providers collect a steady stream of work so that they could simply focus on offering the end client quality SEO services like content development, keyword research, and further SEO technique updates whenever a search engine decides to change its algorithm. SEO in and of itself is a lot of work, so having to deal with searching for clients or advertising your wares to them complicates matters. Indeed, the acts of SEO reselling and white label SEO aren't just advantageous to the SEO reseller; they're also beneficial to the ones providing SEO services because all they need is a dozen good SEO resellers in order to gain access to hundreds of clients.

As for the end users, an SEO reseller is a godsend to them because they'll basically (albeit unknowingly) get to avail of SEO at discounted or bargain-basement prices, as opposed to availing of (expensive) SEO directly from an SEO expert that works on a commission basis. SEO resellers are able to offer the services of (private label) primary SEO providers at more affordable rates because work is divided between the two of them, which makes it less expensive and more effective. The SEO reseller deals with client search and advertising SEO wares while the SEO provider concentrates on the SEO work itself, which means that deadlines are met sooner, more work is done, the services themselves are more affordable, and everyone is satisfied in the end.

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