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In our modern world, simply having a working website is not enough. If you want your business to succeed today and prosper even more in the years to come, you need effective search engine optimization (SEO).

Why? Because effective SEO is sustainable and pays dividends over time. For instance, good content can consistently help your website rank high for important keywords, bringing you consistent valuable traffic. This is a clear advantage of SEO over PPC or other advertising methods, which require nonstop spending to keep bringing people to your site. In fact, from our experience, an intelligent SEO campaign can drive more traffic and business opportunities than Google Ads if executed properly.

Marketing Ignite is an SEO agency in Bangkok and offers a complete range of proven, effective SEO services in Thailand, Australia, the United States, and everywhere else in the world. Established in 1998, Marketing Ignite Co. Ltd is the first ever SEO company in Thailand and one of the pioneer digital marketing consultants in the Asian region.

Backed with an incomparable record of over 22 years in the digital marketing arena, Marketing Ignite is the best and only seo company you’ll ever need. We offer completely customized SEO services that give the best bang for your buck… not just in terms of driving more traffic to your site but – more importantly – better results for your business.

Why You Need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of increasing the number as well as the quality of your website visitors by appearing in organic (which means advertisement-free or non-paid) search engine results. SEO also automatically leads to improved brand visibility, leads and ultimately sales.

The point of having a website for any business is ultimately to boost sales, but that’s not possible until you actually find a way to drive people to your website. But how can you do that when there are over 1.7 billion other websites (as of August 2019, according to the Internet Live Stats) fighting for the same attention?

Marketing Ignite can help skyrocket your site’s search engine ranking so that it’s shown among the top results for the most crucial search queries (or keywords) to your business. Google alone processes roughly 70,000 search queries every single second, or roughly 5.8 billion searches every day. Imagine just how many people and sales those search traffic can bring to you. Our reliable and highly experienced SEO agency in Thailand is all you need to maximize your digital marketing ROI.

Get Results-Oriented SEO Services in Bangkok

As a pioneer in digital marketing, we are knowledgeable and skilled in all the elements required in performing effective SEO. We are well-versed in implementing both off-site and on-site SEO, and we use only white-hat techniques for all our clients.

Since we were established in 1998, we have worked with numerous businesses across virtually all industries in over 200 SEO projects. Our clients include leading brands like Herbalife, Servcorp, and Volvo, as well as many rapidly growing small to medium-sized businesses in different countries that serve various markets.

With our constantly updated and refined SEO knowledge and skills, we can help your business grow with increased web traffic, boost the number of your leads, and achieve the ultimate goal: to increase your revenues. Many of our extremely satisfied clients are located in the United States, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and all over Europe, but we are capable and eager to serve your business wherever you may be and whichever market you’re targeting.

What to Expect From Our Full-Service SEO Company in Thailand

Marketing Ignite provides a complete range of SEO services, with each service customized for your specific business and targeted to meet your specific objectives. Our SEO offerings include (but are not limited to) the following:

Background Research and Audit

Our suite of SEO services includes a preliminary consultation for us to learn your business’s background, target market, competitors, products and/or services, and goals. As the most experienced SEO company in Bangkok, Marketing Ignite will also do a comprehensive review of your site and determine your online rank for multiple relevant keywords. We will likewise conduct a thorough audit to discover your site’s current strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement, and potential SEO challenges.

Strategy and KPI Setting

We then take the time to examine all of the data we collected from our discussion plus independent research. Armed with these, we will create an initial SEO plan for your business. This plan lists SEO tactics for your website that are aligned with the best practices in Google. Our complete set of SEO services likewise include a thorough keyword research for the most important phrases that you should aim to rank high for in order to grow your business.

When people talk about SEO, more website traffic is almost always cited as the desired outcome. However, for us, we consider web traffic only as a means to an end. From our decades of experience in digital marketing, we’ve observed that simply getting more traffic does not automatically lead to improved business outcomes. For example, you can get 1 million website visitors, but if only 10 people purchase from your website, do you think it's a success? Wouldn’t it be better if you got 1,000 visitors yet 100 of those actually made a purchase? At Marketing Ignite, we prefer to focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will truly maximize the return on your SEO investment. Some examples of KPIs that we usually focus on are these:

  • email signups

  • number of downloads

  • contact form submissions

  • inquiries

  • phone calls

  • and, of course, completed sales

Again, keep in mind that effective SEO services should help increase not just the quantity but also the quality of your traffic. We will help you get not just more visitors but more qualified leads to bring higher sales in the long run.

On-site SEO Services

After we conduct a thorough research, analysis, and audit of your site and set smart, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (or SMART) KPIs for your SEO campaign, we will begin conducting on-site SEO. This involves a meticulous review of whether your website follows the best SEO practices and fixing technical errors (if any). At this stage, we will also improve your site’s existing pages and content structure. Our list of on-site SEO services also includes a thorough review and update of all of your meta data (such as meta titles, descriptions, headers, etc.) for optimal SEO results.

We can also help revise your web copy to enhance keyword relevance, especially since content is long regarded by experts as a crucial element of effective SEO. If you’re looking for a sustainable high search engine results page (SERP) ranking, our expert copywriters can help you regularly update your site with original, high-quality, and informative content for your target keywords. Marketing Ignite has veteran copywriters who create engaging content for people in various stages of the buying cycle: Awareness, Consideration, Intent, and Decision.

Our SEO agency in Bangkok will also make sure that your website is responsive, as this helps websites rank higher. Being responsive means that your site will automatically adapt to the device or browser where it’s viewed on. Google awards higher rankings to mobile-friendly websites, and an increasing number of Internet users prefer to use mobile devices instead of desktop computers.

Off-site SEO Services

Marketing Ignite will help improve your web ranking even more through off-site SEO. This includes the creation of useful backlinks (also referred to as “incoming links” or “inbound links”) to and from other reliable websites. We do this because having links to websites that have high domain authority is proven to improve your own site’s authority and boost your SEO ranking. In addition to this, we offer guest post outreach services or guest blogging. We can also assist in social media marketing and influencer marketing (KOL).

Please bear in mind that all of our SEO campaigns are unique and tailor fit to each business and targeted to specific objectives, so only some of the abovementioned techniques might be used for your campaign if those are the ones projected to bring maximum ROI. We are open to discussing all feasible marketing strategies for your business in order to come up with the most effective SEO campaign that will meet your goals.

Detailed and On-time Reports

The success of an SEO campaign will never be witnessed overnight. It takes at least several months to see improvements in your web traffic and meeting your business objectives. That’s why continuous and regular monitoring is essential. Our SEO agency in Bangkok delivers on-time reports and analytics on the performance of your site. Our reports include (but are not just limited to) your up-to-date ranking for relevant and targeted keywords, traffic per month (or bi-monthly if requested), conversion rate, and other important indicators. We also provide the outcome of split testing campaigns that we used for the SEO campaign. Last but not the least, we offer feedback as well as ideas to improve your future SEO campaigns.

We Don’t Just Talk Results But Deliver Outstanding Value For Our Clients…

Example Image 1
Case Study #1 (Google SEO)

The results compared to the last year (same period):

Total Visitors:

Increased by 110.60% from 37,250 to 78,448.

Total Conversions (Inquiries):

Increased by 100.18% from 1,669 to 3341.

Example Image 1
Case Study #2 (Google SEO)

The results compared to the last year (same period):

Total Visitors:

Increased by 102.01% from 29,625 to 59,866.

Total Conversions (Inquiries):

Increased by 112.10% from 1,487 to 3154.

Example Image 1
Case Study #3 (Google SEO)

The results compared to the last year (same period):

Total Visitors:

Increased by 188.18% from 2,952 to 8,507.

Total Conversions (Inquiries):

Increased by 48.79% from 123 to 183.

Example Image 1
Case Study #4 (Google SEO)

The results compared to the last year (same period):

Total Visitors:

Increased by 110.42% from 1,602 to 3,371.

Total Conversions (Inquiries):

Increased by 514.29% from 7 to 43.

Example Image 1
Case Study #5 (Google SEO)

The results compared to the last year (same period):

Total Visitors:

Increased by 46.65% from 60,020 to 88,017.

Total Conversions (Inquiries):

Increased by 69.48% from 937 to 1,588.

Example Image 1
Case Study #6 (Google SEO)

The results compared to the last year (same period):

Total Visitors:

Increased by 44.53% from 55,891 to 80,782.

Total Conversions (Inquiries):

Increased by 50.87% from 924 to 1,394.

Example Image 1
Case Study #7 (Google SEO)

The results compared to the last year (same period):

Total Visitors:

Increased by 48.36% from 65,927 to 97,810.

Total Conversions (Inquiries):

Increased by 95.53% from 1,097 to 2,145.

Example Image 1
Case Study #8 (Google SEO E-commerce)

The results compared to the last year (same period):

Total Visitors:

Increased by 81.70% from 26,863 to 48,811.

Revenue and Transactions:

$105,059.47 and 2,211.

Example Image 1
Case Study #9 (Google SEO E-commerce)

The results compared to the last year (same period):

Total Visitors:

Increased by 58.28% from 35,782 to 56,636.

Revenue and Transactions:

$205,450.14 and 3,696.

Example Image 1
Case Study #10 (Google SEO E-commerce)

The results compared to the last year (same period):

Total Visitors:

Increased by 112.42% from 19,871 to 42,209.

Revenue and Transactions:

$85,382 and 1,886.

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Why We’re The Best SEO Company For Your Website

Marketing Ignite is not just the first SEO agency in Thailand – we were also awarded as the #1 Digital Marketing Agency for SEO in Thailand by, and Best in Search for the year 2019 by TOPSEOs. As a Sortlist verified agency, certified LINE partner, and 5-star business in Google Business, you already have a handful of good reasons to rely on us in providing the most professional and effective digital marketing services for your business.

Here are even more reasons why Marketing Ignite is the best SEO agency in Thailand:

  • 22 years of demonstrable success.

    Being the pioneer digital marketing company in Thailand, we have acquired and honed decades of knowhow, skill sets, and experiences that are all beneficial in helping your business grow. Since we began in 1998, we have witnessed the evolution of the Internet and the growth and developments in digital marketing, including SEO. While newer agencies may know SEO skills, they simply don’t have our competitive advantage: 22 years of proven track record in promoting hundreds of businesses using customized online campaigns. We have demonstrated amazing results time and time again. Check out our actual case studies as evidence of our successful SEO results for businesses in various industries on this page.

  • Reliable, trusted partner.

    Through the years, we’ve gained the honor of providing digital marketing services to more than 200 businesses from all over the world. Our roster of delighted clients includes huge brands such as The World Bank, Mercedes-Benz, Cisco, Volvo, Servcorp, Dusit International, Herbalife, Tim Hortons, and Thai Airways. We have also helped dozens of nationally known brands as well as startup businesses. Our incomparable set of experiences in digital marketing and SEO will give your business the unique gift of our foresight in creating and managing campaigns that will maximize your ROI.

  • Completely tailored campaigns.

    We at Marketing Ignite believe that each business requires its very own customized digital marketing and SEO campaign. That’s why we provide SEO services that are 100% customized based on the unique background and objectives of your business. We will work together in determining the optimal timeline, target audience, most feasible and ideal results, as well as most affordable budget that can meet all of those. Our extensive knowledge and experience as a 22-year-old SEO company in Thailand can deliver your anticipated results within the shortest amount of time and with the least possible expenses.

  • Long-term partnership.

    Our success and continued existence as the leading SEO company in Thailand is dependent on our clients’ own success. Acknowledging this fact drives our continuous hunger not just for good or better, but for the best marketing results for our clients. We are dedicated to providing consistently professional and effective SEO services to build a long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnership with each and every client. We are proud to reveal that the majority of our clients have been enjoying our services for five (5) years or more. A handful of them appreciate how we go the extra mile in helping their business, which you can read in their testimonials and our case studies here.

  • No yearly contract.

    You would be hard-pressed to find any other SEO agency in Thailand (or anywhere else for that matter) that does not lock clients into a yearly contract. We are extremely confident in the wonderful results that we can bring you, so we give you full control in deciding whether you’d like to keep working with us. Without being tied to a yearly contract, you can be guaranteed that we’re giving our best in each and every campaign.

  • 100% white hat and all good.

    Integrity is paramount to our success, both in delivering the work we promised and in ensuring that all our methods are completely white hat. Marketing Ignite’s SEO services are fully ethical, comply with search engines' policies, and are directed toward a human audience – rather than aiming simply to get a high ranking in search engines. We uphold the values of transparency, accountability, and honesty by using a variety of SEO tactics that abide with all of the best practices and are free from illegal “black hat SEO” tactics, which are not only ineffective and unsustainable, but could also penalize or even completely ban your website in Google.

  • Excellent client support.

    We have a team of dedicated and well-trained customer support personnel who can assist you from Mondays to Fridays. You may get in touch with us for a free consultation, questions, or feedback through email, chat, and phone.

  • Full-service digital marketing agency.

    Our full-service SEO company in Bangkok also offers other digital marketing services . We have gained in-depth knowledge and a variety of experiences in online marketing, and we continue to update our knowledge base and learn current and upcoming trends to remain as a leader in online marketing.

    The non-SEO services that we offer are (not limited to):

    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu or other PPC platforms

    • Online Media Buying

    • Lead Tracking, Lead Marketing, and Sales Automation

    • Web Copywriting

    • Social Media Consultation

Get Maximum ROI From The Best SEO Company in Thailand

Whether you have a spanking new website, but have no clue how to do SEO, or you’ve already done SEO campaigns but got less than your desired results, Marketing Ignite can be your trusted partner in using SEO to reach your business objectives.

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