Learn How to Boost Your Website Traffic and Sales in Google in an Easy Step-by-Step Format From an SEO Expert with 22 Years of Experience in the Industry.

When you know what it takes to position your website in the top of Google search results, you have gained a major competitive advantage compared to your competitors, who may blow all their money on pay-per-click or other expensive internet Marketing strategies that can cost them a fortune. Using intelligent Search Engine Optimization strategies can generate lots of targeted traffic to your website if you know what you are doing. Just look at the small case study below for one of our clients and you can see how SEO still works in real life.

Restructuring The SEO Strategy Drastically Increased The Amount Of Conversions By 1,076.12% And Conversion Rate From 0.25% To 2.93%


This client is in the language translation and localization industry. The total amount of real inquiries were really low and the conversion rate was very poor. However, initially when we started, the client received around 1,000 visitors/per month on average from organic traffic but their conversion rate was only 0.25% (see screenshot below). This obviously sent us clear signals that we needed to change their SEO strategy and targeting methods. For example, before we started, their content was too generic with a clear lack of focus and it clearly did not appeal to their target market. They did rank for certain generic keywords, but they were too generic to convert. In addition, certain generic keywords were not intended for their target market but more for users looking for online and machine translation. Google preferred other categories of websites on the search result pages (SERPs) for those queries they tried to rank for. It was no wonder why they had such poor conversion rate. They lacked many on-site issues on all their landing pages, which had to completely be re-done. We restructured their entire SEO strategy in regards to target and personas of their audience. First the content and in-depth keyword approach was rewamped by using long tail keywords trying to bring in many targeted and long tail keywords in the top of Google’s SERP. In addition more focus was placed on ranking “money making keywords” which are keywords more inclined to convert into real clients. We also helped boosting their domain authority further by using high quality back link building. The combination above along with fixing other on-site issues really helped in boosting the conversion rate, the amount of conversions and organic traffic for this client.

End Results:

Compared from the period (October 1, 2015-March 31, 2016) to the previous year in the same period:

  • The organic traffic increased by 38% from 5,226 to 7,212 visitors
  • The conversion rate increased from 0.25% to 2.93%
  • The total amount of conversions increased by 1,076.12% from 13 to 211

After The SEO Implementations, The Lead Converion Rate Almost Trippled And Total Amount Of Lead Inquires From Organic Search Increased By 34 To 135


This client is in the dental industry. Initially when we started the client had little conversions from organic search in Google. Initially the client only received 34 inquiries and 2,181 organic visitors in the period of Jan 1-Jan 31st 2015 and conversion rate was 1.34%. The client’s website looked old and disorganized, but also had lots of SEO issues in terms of urls, content, canonical issues, keyword approach. We revamped the client’s website completely and restructured the website using better SEO structure and silo, generated more targeted content, better cross linking, wrote laser targeted articles for their target audience, built high quality back links from relevant and high authority websites.

End Results:

Compared from (Jan 1, 2016-Jan 31, 2016) to the previous year in the same period:

  • Organic traffic increased by 54.47% from 2,181 to 3,369 visitors
  • Conversion rate increased from 1.56% to 4.01%
  • The total amount of conversions increased by 297% from 34 to 135

Local Client Boost Organic Traffic From Google By 697.4% And Conversions By 430% From Organic Traffic Within One Year


This client is a local client in the Rehab industry. Before Marketing Ignite took on the project in May 2015, the client received very little traffic from organic search in Google. The client’s lead conversions from Google (organic traffic sources) were very limited. Initially the client only received 309 organic visitors and 10 inquiries/month (May 1st – May 31st, 2015). See screenshot below. Obviously more work needed to get done to boost the amount of organic traffic and conversions. Marketing Ignite re-structured the SEO strategy, making the client’s site more SEO friendly and worked on a number of SEO elements such as doing an in-depth competitive analysis to formulate a winning attack plan for the client with a main focus on boosting domain authority. The urls were vague and not targeted. The overall SEO silo and structure was redone from scratch. Because this client was a local client, more emphasis was built to target high quality and local back links to become more relevant for Google in the local search results. Targeted articles (on-site and off-site) were written and posted in order to gain more momentum in the organic traffic.

End Results:

Comparing from Mar 1-Mar 31 2016 since start (May 1-May 31st 2015)

  • Organic traffic increased by 697.4% from 309 to 2,464 visitors
  • The total amount of conversions increased by 430% from 10 to 53



Because we don’t want to waste your time on theoretical jargon, we will instead teach you intelligent SEO strategies based on 22 years of experience that Marketing Ignite uses to deliver top rankings and traffic in Google. These SEO strategies are the same step-by-step and up-to-date practical approaches that we use for big corporate clients. But because we know that you may not have a “corporate budget”, you will gain access to this at a fraction of the cost. Not only will you learn how to gain top placements for competitive keyword phrases, but you will also learn how to convert more with your search engine optimization efforts. Many companies focus only on getting top placements, but if there is no conversion, it is all a waste of time (except for branding purposes). You can learn online from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. More importantly, it’s designed so that anyone with basic computer skills can learn in depth of important SEO practices that hold true in today’s SEO industry. The training starts out with the more fundamental search engine optimization concepts to ensure that everyone will properly understand the process from the beginning. It then moves forward to more advanced Search Engine Optimization practices, which are necessary to gain higher placements in Google. Once you have gone through all the modules, you will be very knowledgeable, understand the process, as well as be able to position your website in the top of Google. The strategies that you learn are White Hat, meaning they abide by the search engine guidelines. This training course is applicable for webmasters, business owners, affiliate marketers, bloggers, IT students, and basically anyone interested in learning how to gain top placements and traffic from Google. Johan Hedin, the Managing Director at Marketing Ignite Co. Ltd and his team have spent tens of thousands of hours in research, tests and quality control in order to develop an easy to understand Training Course in SEO that teaches anyone in-depth and the process of getting top placements in Google. He has a B.B.A and M.B.A in Marketing from the United States and has worked with the biggest affiliate internet Marketing companies on the web such as ‘Commission Junction/ValueClick Inc’ and other internet marketing companies. He has “lived and breathed” search engine optimization and internet Marketing since 1998 with a passion for helping businesses succeed online. In 1999 he started his own Internet Marketing Company and quickly learned the process of gaining top rankings in Google. He is also often a speaker at internet marketing conferences and he has been producing and distributing ebooks, memberships and other digital products online for many years. Johan and his team at Marketing Ignite have positioned thousands of competitive keywords in the top of Google’s search results for small, medium and corporate clients and have continuously stayed in the forefront of search engine technology.

Once you have completed The Professional’s Training Course in SEO you will…

  • Save lots of money and gain valuable knowledge by doing the SEO yourself
  • Learn how this works and provide high quality SEO services for your own clients, so that you make a nice income for yourself
  • Be up-to-date, educated and avoid the trap of hiring lousy and inexperienced SEO firms, which is a waste of your time and money (knowledge is power)
  • Gain free web traffic and sales to your website for years to come (good business investment)
  • Significantly increase the chance of getting a job in the SEO industry

The Professional’s Training Course in SEO consists of 12 Training Modules along with FREE Ongoing Monthly Updates (Plus Much More-See Below)

MODULE 1 – “Understanding the Search Engines”

– If you are a newcomer, this module will help you to explore the world of search engine optimization.

Module 2 – “How to Set Up a Successful SEO Campaign)”

– In this module, you can learn how to nail it from the very beginning. This is going to be the blueprint for your success!

Module 3 – “On-Site Optimization”

– Everything starts out from here. Learn a bullet-proof way to impress Google and other search engines.

Module 4 – “On-Site Optimization Continued – Part 1”

– Content will play a big role in how your website will be indexed and positioned.

  • Advances cross-linking optimization techniques to boost visibility in search engines (learn how you can be more relevant to search engines and to your loyal visitors).
  • How you can make the job of accessing your website easier for search engine spiders (Google is going to love you for this).
  • Anchor text link is something that is critical when it comes to the ranking process. In this section you are going to learn how to optimize it properly.
  • Do you want to find out how Google “sees” your website? You can now discover the process and check if your website content is properly indexed in Google’s database.
  • Internal site navigation linking (quickly learn the numerous forms of structural navigation options and how you can make your website even more relevant to search engines).
  • Google’s Page Rank Exposed: learn absolutely everything you need to know (history, importance, etc.).
  • Best practices for Google Page Rank sculpting (hoarding) and important data that you should know!
  • Learn why optimizing your URLs to make them more search engine friendly is a good move.
  • Why duplicated (dynamic) content can hurt your rankings. All the negative implications are revealed here in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • You can now standardize your URLs for optimal search engine performance. Plus, easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how you should resolve your duplicate content issues (htacess, canonicalization, canonical links elements, etc.).
  • Learn everything you need to know about the myths and facts surrounding duplicated content issues. There is a lot of confusion out there regarding this important topic, and you are about to finally discover the truth!
  • Put a wall in your website to prevent spammers (copy-scrapers), and arm yourself with the powerful knowledge of how to claim content ownership! (This goes hand-in-hand with module number 7.)

Module 7 – “Off-Site Optimization Strategies”

– Once you have completed all of your on-site optimization, you will need to start looking in other directions, and this module will provide you with all of the necessary tools!

Module 8 – “Off-Site Optimization Strategies – SEO Bad Practices”

– Don’t commit these mistakes that can spoil everything. Learning how to avoid these costly errors will help you tremendously!

Module 9 – “Off-Site Optimization Strategies – Best SEO Practices”

  • How to find high quality back links when executing the link building process (nobody else provides this information).
  • Unleash the power of link baiting and strategies on how to gain back links naturally (without begging for it).
  • How to create content and publish it on other websites in order to gain powerful, high-quality back links that will boost your site to top positions (also several good practices on how to improve your articles so that you gain more relevancy for search engines).
  • If you have the budget, there are a lot of “paid back links”. I will show you the best and safest paid options you can find on the market. Also, I will reveal what you should avoid in order to prevent your domain from being penalized by search engines.
  • Prepare that squeezer! In this section you’re going to discover how to make your back links pass more link juice! Also, important directory quality control factors that are critical components in passing on link juice are presented.
  • Everything you need to know about directories and how they can help you in your business.
  • Top performing submission and optimization techniques to correctly exploit your directory listing (containing a Yahoo directory submission example).

Module 10 – “Off-Site Optimization Strategies – Competition Research Analysis”

There will be a large volume of competitors out there, but, with the right guidance of this module you won’t have to fear anything!

Module 11 – “Off-Site Optimization Strategies – Competition Research Analysis Continued”

  • Learn how to measure web traffic and the popularity of a website using free tools (really useful if you are checking your competition, setting benchmarks, etc. or even for back link advertising purposes!).
  • Free traffic popularity tools that you should use. Everything here is explained in a simple fashion, so you can learn how to use these free tools to your advantage in no time.

Module 12 – “Web Analytics – Performance Measurement”

– If you have traffic, you need to know everything about it. Where it comes from, how many minutes they stay, etc. This module covers everything about web analytics!

What You Will Gain From the Membership in the Professional’s Training Course in SEO

  • The complete step-by-step 12 Training Modules to The Professional’s Training Course in SEO in an easy to understand format (see above what each module includes). Once complete, you will know the systematic approach and how to position websites in the top of Google’s search results.
  • Free Ongoing Monthly updates of the latest and most important Search Engine changes and best practices. We will do the monthly research for you, so you can focus on your business. You will be notified by e-mail every month once the member area is updated
  • Quick, Reliable and Free Online Support
  • Once you have completed the SEO training course, you can take the online SEO exam to ensure that you have understood the concepts and best practices to carry out a successful Search Engine Optimization Campaign. Once complete, the system will automatically calculate your score and let you know what questions you failed. You can then retake this test until you get 100%
  • Share your thoughts and ideas in the member area (using the feedback features), so we can help customize more to your specific needs
  • Most importantly, you will learn intelligent and practical Search Engine Optimization strategies from a credible source and a long time experienced and recognized SEO expert since 1998 to ensure accuracy of information

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