Innovative Social Media Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Presence in Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ are transforming the web by changing the way internet marketing works. The future of the internet is evolving rapidly and social media services are the newest components of internet marketing that are critical to implement into your internet marketing repertoire, in order to capture your audience’s attention, as well as what is being said about your company, business, or industry. Using social media helps companies to develop brand image and gives it the longevity and sticking power needed to generate momentum in establishing itself on the internet. A clear vision is important for a business and the goals can be effectively incorporated into exhibiting attributes of an ideal brand.

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  • Increase your fan base and followers
  • Increase the exposure in Google (Google now uses social signals to rank websites).
  • Permanently establish your business in the Internet Community
  • Let your audience become an Effective Listening Tool
  • Become an “influencer” in your field to build further relationships

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Communication is becoming more integrated and developed and knowing how to position oneself on various social media platforms can greatly benefit any company. Social media services allows a business to be heard as well as listen to its audience and reap knowledge that can invariably be used to anticipate customers’ needs and desires and outmaneuver the competition in its industry or niche. Our Social Media Services Package will increase your business’ productivity by giving you more time to focus on the work to maintain and grow your business while we coordinate the implementation of getting you plugged into the social media community.

Social Media Services Allows You More Time to Do Your Work Instead of:

  • Continually Posting Status Updates to Engage Users
  • Procuring Resources to Create Various Content Forms
  • Spending Time Managing Business Pages
  • Understanding the Intricacies of Social Media Trends

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Sharing and Self-Promotion Using Various Social Media Platforms

The opportunities are endless as social media experts project that SEO will become more dependent on a company’s social media maturity. This means that a company should have knowledge of how to interact with their customers by giving them platforms that are easily accessible and in which their voices become an audience voicing opinions, comments, complaints, and any other feedback. This information is invaluable for a company for self-promotion of its services and it will allow development of a trusting relationship with its customers, creating strong brand loyalty.

Social Media Services enables you as a provider to:

  • Connect with your audience
  • Participate with your audience
  • Assist your audience
  • Become transparent to your audience
  • Boost conversion rates significantly

Creating High Quality Content and Sharing It Connects a Business’ Audience

Our developers will position your website’s content in a way that keeps your audience engaged and interested, giving them valuable information that is useful and insightful by delivering content that is dynamic and unique. Google and your audience will appreciate the natural flow in which page links are structured within your website. The content we create on your website will stimulate user engagement as well as reciprocity via Tweets, Likes, Retweets, bookmarks, etc., resulting in a popular site where users enjoy coming to visit on a frequent basis.

Social Media Services Are The Key to Your Internet Business’ Success and Marketing Ignite, the SEO Company from Bangkok, Will Assist and Guide You Through the Entire Process of Implementing This New Technology.

We don’t just talk results but deliver outstanding value for our clients…

  • image08

    Case Study #1 (Facebook PPC)

    Total Cost:
    THB 40,888.72 (USD 1,249)

    Total Conversions:

    Average CPA:
    THB 56.17 (USD 1.72)

  • image09

    Case Study #2 (Facebook PPC)

    Total Cost:
    THB 85,155.61 (USD 2,601)

    Total Conversions:

    Average CPA:
    THB 209.23 (USD 6.39)

  • image10

    Case Study #3 (Facebook PPC)

    Total Cost:
    THB 21,177.28 (USD 646.84)

    Total Conversions:

    Average CPA:
    THB 192.52 (USD 5.88)

  • image11

    Case Study #4 (Facebook PPC)

    Total Cost:
    8,634.08 HKD (USD 1,100.02)

    Total Conversions:

    Average CPA:
    HKD 5.93 (USD 0.76)

  • image12

    Case Study #5 (Facebook PPC)

    Total Cost:
    HKD 8,656.40 (USD 1,102.85)

    Total Conversions:

    Average CPA:
    HKD 6.80 (USD 0.87)

  • image13

    Case Study #6 (Facebook PPC)

    Total Cost
    HKD 6,899.84 (USD 879.10)

    Total Conversions:

    Average CPA:
    HKD 107.81 (USD 13.74)

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