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Marketing Ignite is a trusted social media agency based in Bangkok, Thailand that has helped hundreds of clients to bolster their social media strategy. The result? Accelerated growth, increased traffic, and improved branding for companies online. We develop and implement tailored social media services that enable your company to reach its marketing and sales goals. By leveraging popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Taboola, LINE, TikTok and YouTube, we can help you meet your audience where they already are and develop meaningful interactions through organic content.

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Is Marketing Ignite a social media marketing agency?

We are not just “a” social media marketing agency- we arethe social media marketing agency in Thailand. We work hard at what we do, and we like to think that we are the best social media agency around. We will not only help you to audit your existing social media strategy, but we willalso develop a custom, cutting-edge marketing strategy to make drastic improvements. If you want to learn more about the specific services we offer, keep reading!

We don’t just talk results but deliver outstanding value for our clients

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Case Study #1 (Facebook PPC)

Total Cost:

THB 40,888.72 (USD 1,249)

Total Conversions:


Average CPA:

THB 56.17 (USD 1.72)

Example Image 1
Case Study #2 (Facebook PPC)

Total Cost:

THB 85,155.61 (USD 2,601)

Total Conversions:


Average CPA:

THB 209.23 (USD 6.39)

Example Image 1
Case Study #3 (Facebook PPC)

Total Cost:

THB 21,177.28 (USD 646.84)

Total Conversions:


Average CPA:

THB 192.52 (USD 5.88)

Example Image 1
Case Study #4 (Facebook PPC)

Total Cost:

8,634.08 HKD (USD 1,100.02)

Total Conversions:


Average CPA:

HKD 5.93 (USD 0.76)

Example Image 1
Case Study #5 (Facebook PPC)

Total Cost:

HKD 8,656.40 (USD 1,102.85)

Total Conversions:


Average CPA:

HKD 6.80 (USD 0.87)

Example Image 1
Case Study #6 (Facebook PPC)

Total Cost:

HKD 6,899.84 (USD 879.10)

Total Conversions:


Average CPA:

HKD 107.81 (USD 13.74)

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What services does Marketing Ignite offer as a social media agency?

  1. Boost Your Profits Through Facebook

    Facebook is arguably the biggest social media giant in the game. If you want to reach a massive virtual audience, Facebook is the place to be. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Facebook marketing services. Build a loyal following and generate interactions, and you have got your target audience in the palm of your hand. Of course, having an expert marketing team on your side helps you to make the most out of your resources!

  2. Increase Your Instagram Follow Count

    Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms. It is wildly popular among marketers thanks to its built-in features that enable you to reach your target market, develop a following, and manifest strong branding. With Facebook as a parent company, you can be sure that Instagram will only continue to grow in scope. With over 100 million photos shared daily, rest assured that your potential customers are already on Instagram and waiting for you to interact with them. It is up to you to get their attention! Not sure how? We provide goal-oriented Instagram management services to help you connect with your audience and reap the benefits.

  3. Gain a Bigger Audience with YouTube

    YouTube is home to thousands of high-definition videos. Thanks to a wide variety of genres, there are tons of audience segments to take advantage of. By curating your own content, you have an opportunity to develop a following, generate traffic, and even make sales. If you have ever wanted to go viral, YouTube is one of the best platforms to do it with. We have got the magic formula to help you refine your content and push it to your target audience.

  4. Leverage B2B Customers with LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is beloved to marketers for its unique ability to target other companies. This is a lead generation machine if you know how to properly leverage your company page and content. We know how to convert your existing page into a pipeline for leads that is conversion focused. If your current LinkedIn page only serves to provide information about your company, that is a wasted opportunity. Let us help you make your LinkedIn page valuable.

  5. Take Advantage of a Comprehensive Approach

    The most successful companies are making use of several social media platforms at once. This is where a social media marketing agency really comes in handy. Unless you have a full-time marketing team, it is incredibly difficult to execute everything required for a successful social media presence. If you do have a full-time marketing team, that sounds expensive. To get all the benefits of multiple experts working on your platforms without the price tag, you need a social media agency like us!

How does a social media management agency actually manage social media?

Social media agencies use rich, original content creation and targeted network building. This helps businesses like yours to attain their marketing and branding goals. While you can retain as much control as you’d like over your marketing, you have an opportunity to focus your efforts on other critical components of your business when an agency takes over.

At Marketing Ignite, we view social media management as an opportunity to drive organic growth for our clients. While we do offer paid ads services, you can often get most of the benefits from social media without spending a dime on ads! Naturally, this requires expertise of how to cultivate specific content to engage an audience. Luckily, our team is stacked with experts!

What is a social media management agency?

As the internet has so rapidly evolved, and social media platforms continue to grow in breadth and depth, social media management agencies have emerged out of the woodwork to meet the needs of corporate users. To stand out from the crowd online, you need time and resources. Unfortunately, a lot of companies do not have the capacity to hire a full-time team of marketers, yet, they still require expertise to execute a successful organic marketing strategy. Social media marketing agencies have risen to meet this gap.

Comprehensive social media agencies like Marketing Ignite provide both organic and paid services. Organic services include custom content creation and implementation to drive traffic, improve brand awareness, and even boost conversions. Agencies cover all social media platforms; we are talking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more.

If you are still feeling unclear about how a social media marketing agency can help you, why not ask one of our expert team members? We are happy to chat about what it means to invest in organic social media growth and consider whether it is a good option for your company.

Why do you need a social media marketing agency?

There are actually many reasons why our clients ask us for help. More often than not, there are multiple areas of their marketing that they wish to improve. Organic social media marketing management is great because it allows you to bolster several areas of your online presence at once with the same actions. Here are some of the core benefits that our organic social media management services offers to our clients:

  1. Develop better brand awareness

    Want to become an “influencer” in your field? You need to become a social media tycoon. By increasing your following base and interactions, you gain more credibility. Before you know it, you’ll be the biggest in your industry and your competitors will be modelling their social media strategy after you!

    In addition, consistent, meaningful online interactions with your clients helps to build brand loyalty. Not only will your target audience become aware of you, but they will also prefer you when it is purchasing time. That is a huge asset.

  2. Drive improved engagement

    A strong social media presence requires constant attention. This includes consistent posting of status updates/posts to engage followers, interacting with comments/reviews, and using current topics to generate continued interest. Creating all of this content and managing it across several platforms requires a lot of time and effort. At our agency, we take the hassle out of organic marketing so that you can reap the benefits without the headaches.

  3. Improve website traffic and conversions

    In an ideal situation, your social media presence serves as a step in your sales funnel that drives potential customers to your website. Our favorite way to achieve this is by generating viral content. It only takes one extra-special post to launch your brand into the mainstream. As we work together to achieve this, you’ll still gain website traffic along the way. Great content leads to engagements, which leads to website visits and sales.

  4. Rank better in Google

    Now that Google has adjusted its ranking algorithm to include social signals, a strong social media presence has become integral to a strong SEO strategy. Companies with solid interactions across various platforms will actually rank higher. This fact alone has made organic growth marketing worth it for many of our clients.

    As you can see, there are benefits galore to organic marketing. With multiple important impacts, it is no wonder that so many companies are turning to social media to refine their marketing strategy.

What does a social media management agency do?

Every social media management agency has their own ways of doing things, but Marketing Ignite uses a tried and true method that is been proven to result in client satisfaction and marketing success. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Assign a dedicated account manager

    You’ll have an entire team working behind you, but you do not need to worry about coordinating everyone. That is our job! Instead, we will connect you with your very own account manager. They will be your main contact and will keep you in the loop about the latest updates on your projects. We strive to match our managers with our clients so that their expertise aligns with your needs. This is a major reason why we have such impressive testimonials!

  2. Curate a custom social media strategy

    We will discuss your existing strategy, your unmet needs, and our recommendations to improve your social media presence. We will let our experts develop a plan, and then connect with you to ensure it meets or exceeds your expectations. Then, we are ready to launch and let the engagements start rolling in.

  3. Develop engaging content

    You are free to use existing content, but we do have excellent copywriters on staff who can develop custom content for your profile. If you are unsure, we recommend going with our staff writers. They know these platforms extremely well and know exactly what to write and how to write it so they can help you achieve your marketing goals.

  4. Maintain growth optimization practices

    We implement daily management and growth optimization practices to ensure we are running the most efficient and effective strategy. This includes monitoring all interactions (comments, direct messages, and reviews) to respond in a timely manner and employing regular organic activities like hashtags, new content, and other following boosting methods. You can visit your social media profiles at any time to see what we are up to that day, or just reach out to your account manager to learn more.

  5. Check in and report regularly

    We will never leave you in the dark about how your social media is being managed. It is important to us that you are happy with your results, so we always take the time to report back to you with key insights and recommendations. If you would ever like an update, or have a specific question or concern, you can always reach out to your appointed account manager. They’ll be happy to help.

    We pride ourselves on our process. Each of our clients is provided with a customized approach to organic marketing, consistent improvement, and regular reporting along the way. We want you to feel supported in every part of your marketing journey, from ideation to implementation.

How much does social media management cost?

Social media management varies by agency, but we are proud to offer a flexible approach that suits most budgets. With organic management, you are not paying for advertisements, so it tends to be a much cheaper approach. During your consultation with your account manager they will address any budget concerns and assist you in developing an approach that makes sense for your company. Again, our consultations are entirely free and no-obligation, so you can feel supported as you explore your options.

Does Marketing Ignite offer social media management in Thailand?

Marketing Ignite is actually a social media marketing agency operating out of Bangkok, Thailand! We love local customers, but we also offer international services. If you asked us, we would tell you that we are the best social media agency in Thailand- all we need is a chance to prove it to you!

Why should I choose Marketing Ignite as my social media marketing agency?

It takes a truly talented team to transform your company’s social media profile into a lead generating machine with a mass following without using ads. We love to boast about how we have done this for hundreds of clients before, and while some like to go the extra mile to paid ads, many are satisfied with the results from an ads-free, organic approach! Content creation and audience engagement are keys to success, and we know them well. Here’s why you can trust us:

  1. You can read our testimonials

    As much as we like to toot our own horn, we know that you may prefer to hear from our clients themselves about our services. If you are curious about how we have helped out companies similar to yours, visit our testimonials page and read our case studies. Visit any link to learn more about the services we offer and the impressive success stories we have cultivated.

  2. You can learn our history

    With the advent of social media, there are tons of social media marketing agencies popping up on the internet. This has made it harder for the average company to determine who is a trustworthy agency and who is just trying to capitalize on a trend. Our history dates all the way back to 1998- and we have stuck around for a reason! We are exceptionally talented at social media marketing and have worked with all sizes and stages of companies. Whenever you are ready for our experts, they’re ready for you.

  3. You can rely on our customer service

    We are proud to offer you customer support from Monday through Saturday. You can call or email us, and we will connect you with a social media management expert to discuss your needs and identify how to improve your existing strategy. Bring your questions, comments, and/or concerns, we are ready to chat at a moment’s notice!

    Are you ready to transform your social media presence without having to pay for ads? Give us a call! We have social media experts on the line ready to help you develop an action plan that meets your goals.

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