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Keywords form a vital part of any writing assignment. It is only the keywords which can boost your rankings or show you the door when it comes to climbing up the page rank. This increases the relative worth of keywords and makes them an important part of your writing process. However, at times you might have noticed that keywords get repeated or duplicated. This is a precarious situation, especially if you are managing a PPC account.

However, all is not lost yet and you can take corrective measures to ensure that your PPC account is clean of duplicate keywords. Before we dwell on the process of removing the duplicate keywords from the PPC account, it is all the more relevant to understand as to why you need to clean up the duplicate keywords in the first place.

The Need for Cleaning up the Duplicate Keywords

Do not panic if you see your PPC account full of duplicate keywords. You must remember the fact that it is almost impossible of sorts to have a PPC account which does not contain duplicate keywords. This situation becomes more complicated in case you have multiple people working on a single account. They may be frequently adjusting the match types or making changes in account settings, leading to duplication of keywords in the PPC account.

At times, some advertisers use duplicate keywords intentionally. This is done under the misconception that the advertisement can make its appearance twice for a single auction.

This is a misconception and you can lose your worth if you fall prey to any such initiative. AdWords is intelligent software and will only showcase one advertisement per advertiser, every time a search is initiated.

Duplicates are always dangerous and the same applies to keywords. If you promote the strategy of using duplicate keywords, you will be playing on the quality aspect as your trust graph will go down. In case you bid for the same keyword more than once, both get entered into the same auction and you will end up competing with yourself only.

Another point which needs to be highlighted here is that most of the time confusion prevails among advertisers on what falls under the preview of a duplicate keyword. These keywords can cause irreparable damage to your endeavor if they are same in action and target relatively the same audience repeatedly.

Let us understand this with the help of an example. Online Jobs from Home and Jobs from Home Online are virtually the same kind of keywords and can be considered duplicate. Avoid using these kinds of keywords in a single content as this can harm your initiative causing professional and financial losses to you.

Is It Acceptable To Have Duplicate Keywords in Certain Conditions?

You might be surprised to know, but it is true that in certain exceptional circumstances, it is considered as acceptable to have duplicate keywords. Let us consider few such scenarios before we come to finding ways to removing the duplicate keywords from the PPC account.

1.)  Duplicate keywords can be used in circumstances when a campaign has been set to serve advertisements in distinct geographic locations. Most advertisers who use duplicate keywords in their PPC account use this strategy. This way one can bid on the same keyword in each of the campaigns undertaken as no duplication will be noticed in the same auction.

2.)  Similar keywords can be used in search campaigns and display network campaigns. These keywords are all set to be utilized in distinct circumstances and these will never affect the account performance.

Finding and Removing Duplicate Keywords in the PPC Account

After debating on the need to clean up duplicate keywords from a PPC account and discussing scenarios where it is acceptable to have duplicate keywords, it is time to find ways and means of removing duplicate keywords from the PPC account.

When you embark on the task of identifying the duplicate keywords in any PPC account it might seem like a challenging task. However, by using the AdWords Editor Magic, finding and removing duplicate keywords from the PPC account becomes extremely easy.

1.)  In case you do not have AdWords Editor, you will be required to download the same. This is a free tool from Google and works offline too. It is a must have if you are using the PPC account on a regular basis and can be used with extreme ease.

2.)  As the account gets downloaded, it is time to head to this tool’s dropdown and thereafter select “Find Duplicate Keywords”.

3.)  Distinct types of duplicate keywords have different impact on the PPC account. The duplicate keywords can be identified and selected through the AdWords Editor too in following four ways:

a)  By Word Order

b)  Through Match Types

c)  Through Location of Duplicates

d)  Hiding the Duplicates Option

Identifying and selection of duplicate keywords by Word Order

When you choose this option, two distinct options in form of Strict Word Order and Any Word Order crop up. You can tick any of the two depending upon your imperative requirement.

Identifying and selecting duplicate keywords through Match Types

You can alternatively identify and select the duplicate keywords through match types. Once you select this option, you can tick either on the same match type option or different match type option. In both of the scenarios, the duplicate keywords get removed from the PPC account.

Identification and selection of the duplicate keywords through Location of Duplicates

If you choose this option for removing the duplicate keywords from your PPC account, three distinct options show up. These include duplicate keywords in the same ad group, duplicate keywords in the same campaign (these might be scattered across various ad groups) and duplicate keywords across selected campaigns. You can choose any of the options as per your imminent requirement to remove the duplicate keywords from your PPC account.

Hiding the Duplicate Options

This is an option feature in the AdWords Editor tool. By using this option you are in a position to select duplicate keywords in deleted and campaigns which have ended in the past. The option can also be used for finding duplicate keywords in campaigns which have been paused owing to any of the reasons.

Duplicate keywords in your PPC account are a grave danger to your professional presence. Remove the same and reap the benefits of being a true professional.

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  1. There’s definitely a lot to learn here. Duplicate keywords can surely hurt a campaign, so it’s a must to do an inventory before moving forward. The tasks of deleting them is not that easy, but doing so is a guarantee that your PPC account’s quality score will not be put at risk.

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