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Taboola is a platform relatively new to the digital marketing game, but with unprecedented impact. Now granting companies like yourself access to valuable corners of the internet across multiple verticals, Taboola has quickly become a must-have in the toolbox of digital marketers across the world.

Here at Marketing Ignite, we believe in the power of Taboola Ads. As a Taboola advertising agency, we’re proud to offer comprehensive services dedicated to helping you cultivate and execute a successful Taboola Ads campaign. Ready to get started on your Taboola journey? Visit us here to book your free, no obligation consultation.

Not ready to commit? No worries. Read on to learn more about Taboola marketing and how Marketing Ignite can help you meet your Taboola marketing goals. Whether you’re based in Bangkok, Thailand just us like, or across the world, we’re ready to make your marketing dreams come true.

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Would my company be a good candidate for advertising with Taboola Ads?

Taboola is an incredibly versatile platform thanks to its massive reach and multiple advertising options. It is especially useful for companies looking to engage consumers at the top of their sales funnels or retargeting those who have already expressed an interest in a product/service. If this sounds like your company, you’re likely to be a good candidate!

Another indication that you may benefit from using Taboola Ads is that you’ve exhausted traditional search and social media advertisements. In other words, you’ve covered your existing marketing bases and you need a new area of expansion to really increase your growth. Taboola is an excellent marketing tool for this, as it allows you to insert yourself seamlessly on major news websites and specific blogs that are otherwise inaccessible.

Still not sure if Taboola is right for you? We recommend consulting with a Taboola advertising company, such as ourselves, to help make the right decision. We can help you ensure that you’re spending your hard-earned money in the right places to meet your marketing goals. If you’re interested in a free, no obligation consultation, click here.

What’s the benefit of advertising with Taboola Ads?

There’s no shortage of reasons to love advertising with Taboola. Here are only a few of our favorites:

  • 1.Focus on data-driven recommended content

    This is truly one of Taboola’s greatest assets. With four ways to disseminate recommended content and an algorithm ready to pick the optimal viewers, you can be sure that your campaign is high impact every time.

    You have the capacity to choose from publisher content, publisher videos, sponsored content, or sponsored videos when selecting recommended content. Not sure which is best for your Taboola Ads campaign? Considering consulting an expert here. We’re happy to take the time to understand your campaign and help you set up your Taboola Ads plan for success.

  • 2.Over a billion monthly active users

    One billion users are no laughing matter- this is a massive marketing opportunity! Coupled with international reach, Taboola Ads have the capacity to help you reach even the largest of marketing goals. If you want big growth, Taboola is the tool for you.

  • 3.Multiple advertising options

    This platform is extremely flexible in terms of how you can market your company. With the ability to choose from videos, product pages, blogs, social media ads, search ads, websites, and positive press, there’s no shortage of creative avenues to take advantage of.

    If you’re overwhelmed with all of these options, or just not sure where to start, one of our Taboola experts can help. You can reach us here whenever you’re ready..

As a Taboola advertising company, how does Marketing Ignite create Taboola Ads campaigns?

  • 1.Consultation

    Before we do anything, we want to make sure that your company and Marketing Ignite are a good match. Together, you can sit down with our Taboola experts to chat about your marketing goals, budget, and timelines. Then, we will make a series of recommendations about how to proceed to create your ultimate Taboola Ads campaign.

    If it turns out that Taboola may not be the optimal marketing tool for you, that’s perfectly fine- we’re also experts in SEO, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo/Bing, Baidu, and more. You can trust us to make the recommendations about which medium is best suited to your goals.

  • 2.Media Plan Development

    We’ll divide your campaign into phases, creative mediums, audiences, budget, and more to create a comprehensive plan. You can be as involved as you like, and we’ll be sure to update you every step of the way. Once we finalize the plan, we can start implementing!

  • 3.Implementation and Monitoring

    Once we review the media plan and gather your approval, we will begin implementing your Taboola Ads campaign. A lot of our implementation is through Taboola Pixel, which allows us to automate conversion optimization, track marketing funnel metrics, track your return on ad spend, create custom audiences, and find lost conversions. That might sound like a lot to do- and you’re right!

    The breadth of possibilities with Taboola is awesome, but only if you have the means (re: time) to take advantage of it. That’s why Marketing Ignite recommends that you let us take the lead. We do all the technical implementation and monitoring, while you get the results you need.

  • 4.Analytics and Management

    The launch of your Taboola Ads campaign is only the beginning. We still have a lot of work to do by gathering analytics and managing the results that emerge. For example, Marketing Ignite will continuously take advantage of Taboola’s audience suppression feature, where once we convert a user to a customer, they no longer see your content on Taboola. This ensures that your ad spend is always targeting people that are the most likely to lead to conversions. This is but one example of how Marketing Ignite can make all the difference in your Taboola Ads campaign.

    Does our process resonate with you? We thought so! We’d love to chat- you can contact us here anytime for a free, no obligation consultation.

I’m looking for a Taboola advertising agency in Thailand. Is Marketing Ignite a good candidate?

We’re more than a good candidate- we’re the go-to Taboola advertising agency in Bangkok, Thailand. In fact, we’re so good at Thailand-specific Taboola marketing, that we’ve dedicated an entire team to managing it. Rest assured that we’ve got an abundance of Taboola experts ready to execute your strategy in a fashion specific to Thailand. By understanding the local culture and online practices, we’re able to craft an impressively effective strategy.

Why should I choose Marketing Ignite as my Taboola advertising company?

We think we’re pretty great, but if you’re not yet convinced, allow us to brag just a little bit. When you choose Marketing Ignite as your Taboola advertising company, here’s a glimpse into the benefits we offer.

  • 1.You get an entire team dedicated to your success

    Every one of our clients has a dedicated account manager who makes your Taboola Ads campaign their top priority. We also offer copywriting, graphic design, and content optimization services, among others, to help make your campaign a success. For a top quality Taboola advertising campaign, trust Marketing Ignite.

  • 2.You are supported every step of the way

    We are perfectionists, so if you ever have a concern or question, we want to resolve it ASAP. You can reach us Monday through Saturday through phone, email, or live chat. When you need us, we’re here.

  • 3.You can trust our expertise

    We began our digital marketing journey in 1998, so you can trust our years of experience as an industry leader. We’re proud to be a Taboola Ads advertising agency and have helped many clients reach their marketing goals. Want to be our next success story? We hope so!

    Ready for your free, no obligation consultation? Let’s chat- you can reach us here.

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