Oct 31 , 2012

The Bottom Line of Google Penguin 3

3 Comments Posted By: Johan Hedin Category: Off-site Optimization

Here's the bottom line in regards to the latest Penguin update: It's not the end of the search engine optimization (SEO) world as we know it, but change has to be observed in order for businesses to survive these latest developments. To be quite frank, SEO isn't dead in the water at all; as long as search engines exist, there will always be a way to make your website more visible for them, because indexing sites is what they're mainly used for anyway. For sure, the Penguin update is controversial, but in order for companies to stay afloat in this brave new world of strict standards in search engine algorithms, […]

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Oct 11 , 2012

The SEO Impact of Google Penguin and What to Do about It

Comment Posted By: Johan Hedin Category: SEO

If you're wondering why your hard-earned SERP (search engine results page) ranking has plummeted since April 24, 2012, then it may have something to do with Google's new brainchild: Google Penguin. Unlike Google Panda, which covers Google's search engine algorithm in general, Google Penguin was specifically created in order to deal with spam. The good news for Google users is that they're less likely to end up in irrelevant sites soliciting all sorts of unrelated products for keywords barely even related to what they're selling. The bad news for many webmasters out there is the fact that their rankings will now go tumbling down due to false positives and the […]

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