Google's search algorithm has received a new important update that deals with its Page Layout filter. This planned update on the filter was first publicized back in January 2012. The Top Heavy update eventually came about within a two-week period. Throughout those 14 days, Google did the twentieth Panda update, the first EMD update, the third Penguin update, and the second Top Heavy update. With that said, the layout algorithm update has little to do with either Penguin or Panda. Furthermore, the Layout Algorithm of Google helps improve the user experience by finding websites that have more web content than ad content. For the longest time, people kept ending up at sites that […]

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May 14 , 2012

Latest Google Updates and Google Panda 3.4

11 Comments Posted By: Johan Hedin Category: SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts had their hands full between March and April. The reason? No other than Google’s new updates to its algorithm, the most important of which is Google Panda 3.4.  Even though the sweeping changes and regular updates can be troubling to companies that are still using outdated SEO tactics, they're still done for the betterment of the product in the long run. While it may be difficult to take all the new changes, in the end, SEO experts would be smart to adapt to these updates because Google remains the leader in the field of search engine technology, and wherever it leads, many websites follow and […]

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