Jan 11 , 2012

Links versus Content Quality in SEO

Comment Posted By: Johan Hedin Category: SEO

Which is more important, links or content? To be true, in order to make your link building worthwhile, you have to also make a site worth linking to, or else you efforts at popularizing your site won’t grow or naturally develop among the denizens of the Internet. Then again, you shouldn't neglect links and all the other things that make your site SEO-friendly either, because no visitor will be able to have a chance to take a look at your all-original and interesting content either. Simply put, link and content building should go hand-in-hand. You shouldn't concentrate exclusively with one or the other if you want to ensure the success […]

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Jan 09 , 2012

How Many Are Too Many Links?

2 Comments Posted By: Johan Hedin Category: Off-site Optimization

In SEO terms, you can never have too many links as long as the content of your site itself remains interesting, relevant, and high quality. When you're link building, your best case scenario is acquiring organic links that are being attracted on their own on the basis of merit or how interesting your content is. By meeting all these conditions, you should be able to make as many links as you like without any particular limitation whatsoever. There's no cap or limit to the number of links you can acquire as long as you keep everything organic and natural. As long as you're abiding by the guidelines and not spamming […]

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Dec 20 , 2011

Can People Build Too Many Links?

3 Comments Posted By: Johan Hedin Category: Off-site Optimization

There are those that insist that too much of a good thing is bad for you, and everything must be done in moderation. With that in mind, can people build too many links? According to Google and its Webmaster Guidelines, as long as you follow the rules properly, you shouldn't worry about building too many links at all. No, you will not be banned from building too many links, especially if you're doing so while following the rules. Google has noted time and time again that websites can never have too many links, so people shouldn't worry about "abusing the system" or being penalized for building too many links, especially […]

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