Sep 08 , 2011

Video Sitemaps and Google Video Index

Comment Posted By: Johan Hedin Category: SEO Strategy

Google TV—a Google service that combines video, apps, and TV together in a SmartTV format using the Android Operating System— is already upon us, so the question in everyone’s mind is whether or not Google is also increasing its focus on video content indexing. With that said, that’s a rather loaded question, because it implies (directly or indirectly) that Google hasn’t been focusing enough on indexing video content, which is far from the truth. Google and Video Content Indexing Google is the type of company that lives and dies by how comprehensive its search engine is. Acquiring as much web data as it could possibly have is part of the […]

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Sep 06 , 2011

Is It Bad for SEO to Cross-Link Websites?

3 Comments Posted By: Johan Hedin Category: On-site Optimization

Will there be any adverse effects on your website's SEO effectiveness and page ranking if you cross-link it to many of your other websites? Cross-linking, in many ways, seems like an artifact of the bygone era of Web 1.0 — wherein moving GIFs and hard-to-load flash intros were the norm, and in order for one of your sites to gain traffic, it was considered a good idea to link it to another, more popular site regardless of whether or not they're even tangentially related to each other.

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