Oct 26 , 2012

How to Improve Your SEO through SEO Resellers

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If you're an end client, you'd be none the wiser if you're availing of an SEO (search engine optimization) reseller or not. The reason behind this is that most SEO resellers affiliate themselves with white label or private label SEO providers who work under their respective company names, so all the credit for the latter's SEO work will go to the former. All the services rendered by a white label SEO firm are strictly confidential and hidden to the end client, so the backend work credit will naturally go to the SEO agent itself. With that said, it's easy enough to spot an SEO reseller even if it's not at […]

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Sep 25 , 2012

SEO Reseller 101: Why SEO Providers Resell SEO

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An SEO (search engine optimization) reseller or agent is any company that "resells" the SEO services of a primary SEO provider (usually white label SEO) to end clients under one company banner. It's the SEO agent that gets all the credit for the work while the private label SEO firm gets to concentrate exclusively on providing topnotch backend SEO support. Reselling SEO, handling mass work tasks, and focusing on white label SEO backend are the multiple ways for an SEO provider to streamline its services and simply get the job done. In turn, SEO resellers won't have to worry about dealing with gigantic workloads or having a lack of employees […]

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