Jan 07 , 2013

SEO 101: The Importance of DoFollow and NoFollow Tags

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Linking is important in search engine optimization (SEO), whether it's getting your website linked by other, more popular sites or having to link other websites so that they would link back to your site. In fact, web crawlers are able to crawl and rank your site not only in accordance to the relevancy of your site, but also through the amount of links and positive recommendations of other sites that help make it more notable in the Internet at large. How your site goes about linkage is vital because search engines base their crawl findings through this particular standard as well. With that said, does your site use NoFollow and […]

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Because tags used to help in garnering top page ranks, webmasters and spammers soon abused them to the point that search engines have placed less importance in such tags. Truth be told, not every website that adds the "California insurance" tag into their keywords tag can attain a top ten ranking within the results for "California insurance. Nevertheless, tags in general are still invaluable when it comes to SEO. History of Tags and SEO In the early days of the Internet, keyword tags have a great impact on a website's ranking within any given SERP (search engine results page). Nowadays, keyword tags have relatively little to no influence on where […]

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