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The Best Free Keyword Tools for SEO

Posted By: Johan Hedin About the author

There are multiple free keyword tools for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes available on the information superhighway. Coming up with keywords is important because keyword selection determines the potential search terms that your target audience will come up with when searching for websites like yours. Picking the right keywords is your stepping stone to Internet visibility and success, so choose wisely. With that said, here are the best free keyword tools for SEO available.

MultiRank Checker

The iWebtool.com MultiRank Checker is a keyword tool that checks your Alexa ranking and Google SERP ranking. You can even do this for your competitors to see how well you're doing against them SEO-wise. What's more, you can also use this for your clients if you're offering web development and Internet marketing services for them as well. The MultiRank Checker is easy to use and it saves you a lot of time and effort because it checks the rankings of websites in bulk instead of one by one.

Keyword Density & Prominence Tool

Ranks.nl's Keyword Density & Prominence Tool has a unique function you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else (much less for free). It's capable of precisely analyzing the keyword density of a particular page by crawling through its content and tags. If you want to increase or optimize your site's amount of keywords, then Ranks.nl's Keyword Density & Prominence Tool can help you streamline the entire process.

Ranking Checker

SEOmoz.com's Ranking Checker enables you to examine your SERP rankings for up to five keywords daily for free. What's more, it keeps an archive of your activity as well. This is a useful tool because knowing how well you rank with a given keyword will certainly streamline your search for the best, relevant keywords out there for your website. The only thing that's required of you is to sign up for free at SEOmoz.com. You can even download your archived rankings in CSV form. Every month, you'll be able to check around 150 keywords that you can use for your site.

The Google Keyword Tool

Even Google itself offers a practical and free SEO application in the form of the Google Keyword Tool. This program is capable of helping you out during the early stages of your web development process by establishing some general keywords and terms surrounding the main target phrases relevant to your site. It also offers a set base of Google keywords as well. Furthermore, this freeware is also capable of assisting you in thinking outside of the box and coming up with keywords that will ultimately help your website shoot up the Google SERP rankings the proper way.

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